A ‘quiet’ weekend

So I’ve had a quiet week, and have followed that with a quiet weekend. I guess I needed a bit of a rest to catch up after the last few months. Work was four days of medium amount of stuff to do. I kept myself out of mischief but didn’t get actually any kind of occupied let alone busy.

Saturday Red went in for her first service. It was an 0800 appointment and she was dine by 0900, no recommendations from the mechanics. I hear that as ‘you drive great, keep doing it!’ hehe, I guess we’ll see whether idrive fast or super fast when the cops catch up with me.

While Red was being tended to I strolled up for a coffee.  By the time I got back – all done.  I have some super sad news though.  Lovely Don is no longer with Subaru!  That’s why I had to leave the building, there was no one there to keep me occupied … chatting with Don is always fun.  So about a month ago Don stood me up for lunch, turns out because he had a tooth infection and was at the dentist.  The poor bloke then had a huge infection thing in his jaw and multiple surgeries later he’s okay.  Of course he was missing so much work that he felt badly for them and gave up his position.  Since then he’s been working on his second love (his first being his missus of course) and getting a car ready to race.  I guess his first race will be mid-August.  I’ll have to remember to check in and see how he’s doing.

So Red returned and I went to the store for tomato sauce and salad.  Turns out this place has no such thing as tomato sauce (okay, I knew that, but I still like trying) and I had to get ketchup.  Not at all the same on Aussie made Aussie pies, but hell, gots to have something.  The pies were awesome, and I think I have managed to convert Anna to the awesome-ness of a good meat pie.  You should have seen her face though when I was talking about wanting to put kidney in them – she was so scared!  Pity I couldn’t find any… I asked the supermarket and they didn’t have any so they’re ordering me some.  Next weekend I’ll go and get some and pop it in the freezer ready for the next time I have the drive to bake steak and kidney pie.  Hell, they’d go in stew too – I may need to get a few.


Okay – so the shopping happened and the girls came over for lunch, Anna and Uma.  Thoroughly enjoyed my time with them.  Would have been better with Jac but she was busy hiking with her mom.  I can totally ignore the fact that she missed yummy pies when she’s out and about adventuring, especially after all she’s been and is going through!  Right – pies lunch….oh…CAKE!  I also tried baking for the first time.  I made both Nougat Bar and Mud Cake.  The cake was pretty bloody good.  Different, it had a thicker layer of crunch, but the middle was still perfectly muddy.  It took a little longer than the recipe says to cook too…I guess its an altitude thing.

At higher altitudes, the atmospheric pressure is lower. Starting around 3,000 feet, that difference can affect baking. While there is no universal solution, there are several things to try. Start with minor adjustments, and keep notes on what works and what doesn’t. To counteract faster evaporation, try increasing the liquid by one or two tablespoons per cup at 3,000 feet, and up to four tablespoons per cup at 10,000 feet. Evaporation concentrates the sugar, so decrease each cup of sugar by one to four tablespoons. Increasing the baking temperature by 25 degrees may also help. To keep baked goods from rising too much, too quickly, reduce the amount of baking soda or baking powder by 1/8 teaspoon at 3,000 feet and up to 2/3 teaspoon at 10,000 feet. – Martha Stewart

I guess I tried a little of everything but nothing specific (ugh, how do I replicate that?!?).  I used a little less butter; a decent amount less sugar; set the oven about 15°F higher; adjusted the ratio of plain to self-raising flour very slightly towards the plain flour (though there is precious little self-raising anyways); and then had to leave it cook for an extra 20-30 minutes as well.  Erk, so much going on, so little of it actually measured!  Regardless, it looked positively awesome, and tasted damned good too.  I was so so pleased it was the right muddy consistency and good flavour!

After devouring cake and making the girls super fat I headed a little ways south for a hair cut.  Anna recommended me to a lady who works out of her house but has the whole set up, Amber.  Amber must be in her 40s, she’s got a decent smattering of tattoos, and is a little rough around the edges.  I really like her!  Her youngest daughter was around, Sophie, making cake pops.  I’m not sure how many pops Sophie made vs ate, but she diabetic, so shouldn’t have been eating too many.  Though we had a big chat about Sophie being super fussy with food – only carbs, not even vegetables, just pasta, rice, bread, not even PBJ sandwich nor pizza!  Hilarious.  She had a good giggle about my brief vegetarian phase, thanks to Millie.  Hair cut is good – its been about 8 months, so very much overdue.
Saturday evening I considered going to a movie, but by the time I got around to looking it up I wouldn’t have been home until 2100 or so.  Much too late for my Sunday morning date.

*****52 New Things *****

Sunday morning I was up before the crack of dawn…okay, I woke before the alarm, but still, early!  And met with Michelle and Cat for a hike.  I guess the girls need a little more practice as they struggled quite a bit.  I was fine.  A fairly easy 6 mile stroll, 1300ft elevation gain.  We had the best ever excuse to take it easy though, Michelle had brought home a puppy, Yankee!

Sunday afternoon I took it easy. Cooked for the week, etc. Yay sorts of stuff. Bring on the new week!


So I’m trying to get into this Country Music thing.  I’m not hating it, though there are an awful lot of morose sounding songs.  There are also plenty that are all about the dog / horse died, or the missus pissed off, or somethings generally broken.  On the plus side I don’t listen to the words terribly often, just the tone of the song.  So there are plenty of hilarious lines that I tune in to every now and then.  This is a little list of the lines that made me giggle, I guess they’re mostly the title and I guess I notice them because they’re repeated ad nauseam in the chorus:

  • You ain’t worth the whiskey (from You Ain’t Worth the Whiskey, by Cole Swindell).  That’s pretty bad – whiskey is darned cheap here!;
  • She thinks my tractor’s sexy, it really turns me on, shes always staring at me as I’m chugging along…she’s the only who really gets me (from She Thinks My Tractors Sexy by Kenny Chesney).  I’m pretty sure it isn’t the tractor she’s admiring;
  • Everybody says save a horse ride a cowboy (from Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy by Big and Rich);
  • There’s something about a truck in a field and a girl in a red sundress with an ice cold beer to her lips begging for a kiss (from Something about a truck  by Kip Moore).  This one is more about the build up, a stanza for each something culminates in a funny chorus;
  • God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy (from People are Crazy by Billy Carrington).  Slightly morose sounding song, I was about to press skip but then I heard that line and almost laughed at my desk!

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