Rafting and Mustangs

So after my weekend adventures last weekend I had nine hours of safety training on Monday.  Heck, it wasn’t even the proper training, it was a preparation course! Madness. The bloke running the training had so many wonderful stories that it really wasn’t that bad; I guess being really quite tired didn’t help the whole ability to stay awake and concentrate thing.  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, heck and Friday nothing particularly interesting happened at work. I feel bad about this quietness at work. The odd times that Mark has made it into the office he’s been all stressed and commenting that there is a lot going on. I keep reminding him that if I can help he needs to press forward… I cannot read his mind and he doesn’t give me access to his emails so I can’t help unless he presses forward. I think he’s also a little distracted at home, on Thursday he signed off on his new house. He actually moved closer to me, when the underpass is finished J won’t need to cross a road to visit me.

On Tuesday I headed up to see Jac.  I guess I haven’t blogged her story yet.  This is the lass we celebrated a 26th birthday for all of three weeks ago.  The Tuesday Ben was here I texted her to see if she wanted to hike with us Wednesday. I didn’t get a response, thought it odd but figured she was distracted. On Friday I got a text from Anna saying that Jac is in hospital,  she’s had a stroke.  Ben will attest, there was a lot of what that fuck and other curses from the passenger seat.  I couldn’t go see her in hospital, I was down south!, but I visited her last week and again on Tuesday.  She is doing really well. She’s amazingly lucky that her body is fine, it’s just her speech that is affected.  Poor girl can listen, comprehend, and mentally knows what she wants to say but it won’t come out. Example, trying to say dad started with mom, brother, and ended with bad and I got what she meant. There are some letters and words are just can’t get out properly.  it is so frustrating for her! But her point of view is that it could be worse so she’s doing well.  I am absolutely blown away the upbeat attitude. Once they get her off blood thinners (so she can drink) and let her play volleyball again she’ll be a happy chap.  So Tuesday I headed up to visit Jac, I took her out to Wash Park… It’s super close and one of her favourite places, we just sat on the park bench and watched the volleyball.  She did super well, last week when I saw her she was tired after thirty minutes, this time she was still doing quite well after an hour.  So super proud of her, she’s a great girl and we’ll be here helping her every step!


On Wednesday I went back up to Wash Park. This time to meet with rb and try my hand at fishing.  They have a pond there that they stock wishlist. Rb catches and releases but others take, but the council (or someone) replenishes the stocks regularly.  This time, less fish….at least less on my line!  I upheld my dismal fishing record and only caught leaves, grasses, and a giant… Stick.  I continue to have the opinion that the best part of fishing is beers and chats.  After about an hour of fruitless fishing we had a beer and dinner on Gaylord street (yes, there is a place in this city called Gaylord street, they have some decent restaurants).

Thursday was uneventful. Friday after work a mob of us headed up to downtown (that is an odd part of a sentence – no wonder I prefer using ;up to the city’) and went to the comedy. I picked up Mark and Keila on the way; Chad, Stella, Errol, and Nadisha joined us there. The headliner, Arj Barker. He is difficult to get tickets for at home, but here the club was only half full and no one I have talked to knows who he is…really surprising. He managed to get through his set without picking on people constantly and without talking about sex for half of it – this surprised the others, though I expected it. Maybe there is something that American comedians do one or both of those things, I dunno, but I expect more of my comedians for sure. Anyways, it was a fun evening, and I think everyone else enjoyed Arj Barker also.  Win.

Saturday I got up nice and early. Too early.  I got up and headed up to Idaho Springs for breakfast before rafting. I went to Marions because I like that place, it’s decent food, good service, and the locals seem to frequent it. Both times I’ve been there I’ve sat by the same table of elderly folks, the eldest lady must be 80 plus, the youngest I’d put at 70. Maybe I have happened to be here on their monthly catch up, but both times, same group. They’re a sweet bunch.
After a good breakfast I headed into Idaho Springs with the intent to walk from the town across to the water wheel.  Alas the construction works happening along that path are not completed, I tried looking for another option but there wasn’t one. Boo. I did get to see the wheel though. I headed down to the rafting place and hung out for about half an hour, it is a mad zoo like place with groups going in and out every hour or so. This trip we had eight boats, all of them with six to eight people, so they were fairly full up. our guide was Leo, I did not enjoy Leo’s banter. Plus it was difficult for me to hear him call when he needed us to paddle because I was tuning out all his shit talk. The rafting though was fun, a shadow more challenging on the class iv rapids, so that was good. Oh, until Alanah fell out of her boat…we were right behind them so paddling backwards furiously and trying to work out which side she’d end up on. The hero beside me brought her in. We got a little way down the rapid and then tried to transfer her back to her boat. She was shake and shivering and hyperventilating, she wasn’t going anywhere. I spent a few minutes calming her down enough to send her on her way. Our boat was full so Leo did not want an extra passenger. Lucky the guy did bring her in or she would have had five boats land on her head! Oops. The rest of the trip was uneventful, it was actually the last decent rapid so the rest was fairly calm.

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When I got home I had a relaxing evening, I was tired!
***52 New Things ***
Sunday I got up early again and went for a drive out east. I’ve not been out to that area, it’s all rolling hills and (at the moment) green grass. Turns out its also at about 7500ft, so not low lying, just looks it! I had a little fun driving the gravel road out to the Mustang Sanctuary. Michelle and her husband bought the property five years ago. They now have a couple who look after the place and also train the horses. The thing is that there are many wild horses out there, and when an area gets overpopulated the powers that be round a whole lot up and put them into holding pens. For years. So sometimes they get adopted, sometimes they die, sometimes they get taken to long term holding, a slightly bigger field. So Michelle gets some in and those they can train they do, and sell to people. They make pretty great horses by the sounds of it. I think they’d make great games ponies!

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When I got home…nanna nap time! Oh boy, I love my nanna naps!

For some reason putting the rafting photos up at work has worked with no issues…terribly odd.  Happy Monday! (Or Tuesday if you’re in Oz).

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