Guest Post from Benno the First

Well what a warm welcome to Denver thanks to my awesome sister and friends.

In such a short trip we have done so much and seen even more in just under two weeks… Rest? Well maybe not this holiday! Haha. Too much fun!!!

An awful start due to a plane being totally redirected an hr and a half into flight, was not the beginning I had intended. All in all I lost about 36 hours I’m Denver, but what can you do about it.


So after heading straight to Rhiannon’s awesome little home that she has made for herself, we headed out for dinner at her local Greek restaurant. For those of you that don’t know, it’s not just a restaurant, it’s an experience and a meal…in that order! I’m writing this sitting in the sun after having an hour plus chat and laugh with the boys, a couple of beers and a feed. Bloody perfect for an afternoon.

So from the top. We had, a farmers market in Denver city, at Union Station which was nice to look around. and a mad proper country Western rodeo evening on Saturday after spending the afternoon at Michelle’s lovely property.

A little hike into the hills with some of Rhiannon’s peeps. Then to lunch at a pizza and brewery down the road, with a few more, with a few more mates on Sunday.

Monday Rhiannon took me to Boulder to pick up the bike for two days. Amazing epic awesome scenery ensued!!!! Out through Golden, then Great Lakes, then up through the hills above Rocky Mountain National Park. Brilliant…… Only problem…afternoon storm set in. And who was caught 50 miles from home on a motorbike with no wet weather gear in bumper to bumper traffic….yep, this dopey drowned rat!! So by the time I got home, I was tired, cold, wet, but the awesome day was not totally washed away!!

Tuesday was all but the same amount of epic riding and scenery….PIKES PEAK. Yep I’m a motor nut, and had to see the famous mountain road. And my God was it surreal! It would still be awesome in a car, but on the motorbike was just incredible… The hills, the road, the altitude, the hills…yeah the hills. Pictures cannot give you a depth of the word that there is here at 14+ thousand feet. But back down to earth and through Manitou Springs and a quick ride through the garden of the gods was great. Then I set the GPS for East of Colorado Springs to get a feel for the outer reaches of the East. Nice open land, with lots of country miles as fast as the eye can see.

Wednesday…well Wednesday was supposed to be an early start to the Manitou Incline…..well. That miss Rhiannon Cooper had other plans for her Lil’ bro. And after dropping off the bike in Boulder, we headed out west towards the hills…and coincidentally BOTH of our first 14er. I like to think I’m kinda fit. But by the time we hit the summit, made our way back and got home to Greenwood Village, I still had a headache. It was bloody hard work, but totally worth it for the experience. That’s a long way up when you aren’t driving!!!!


So now to Now…its Thursday. Poor Rhiannon is at work, and I’m sitting outside in the cool breeze and warm air drinking beers after a bloody good hearty Greek feed…

With 5 days to go, a road trip and another flight with United…..who knows what kind of stories and chaos there is to come!!!

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