Where the f* is he?

Oh man, I’d hate to be a mother of boys. Heck at all would be bad enough but if you ask me boys are stressful!  Maybe that only applies to my big-little-brother. So on to the news……

Okay, not the new news. I totally blanked and didn’t convey all the thanks for presents! When Ben got here he unloaded his bag, 50%+ for me. I got a backyard cricket set, as requested by me – let’s educate these plebs; a birthday present from Aunt Joyce (I love the colours!!!!); a birthday present from Gran; and some bottles of pepper jack (handy for a pre rodeo tipple). Huge thank you to Joyce, sure Ben told me many times that the colour is a joke but I LOVE IT! And Gran, the rocks are great, see how well they fit? Perfect. Yes I like the burnished kind, but you have six months to make one for me 😉 and is the ‘roo a one of a kind? Because he’s fair cool. Thank you! And mum, yes, I hear you were so indecisive that Ben brought nothing but really he brought me pepper jack, and that comes from you 🙂


So Monday morning I took Ben up to Boulder to pick up a bike. I think that place needs to give me a discount given how often I have delivered guys to get bikes!  It was an uneventful, surprisingly easy trip up to Boulder and back.  The rest of the day was all good until about 1600 when the storms started rolling in.  I finished up work at 1615 which is fairly normal for me, picked up my post (which takes five minutes so I can chat with post man not-Pat), then got home and the sky turned black and wind picked up.  Then the thunder started up, and lightening,  and rain, and hail.  There were emergency services sirens all over the place and every time I heard them I cringed and checked the phone…that better not be Ben!  Oh boy the I love epic storms was so so offset by the Oh shit is Ben okay?  Well he got home about 1730, a drowned rat shivering with cold.  But in one piece. Yay!


*****52 New Things*****

Tuesday was a day at work with some stuff to do. Ben had a good day of riding and was tired by the time he got home so we returned his bike on Wednesday morning. Then we did a little stroll, up a big hill. It was a 7.5 mile hike up Mt Bierstadt, my first 14er. Ben did a great job, he was struggling on the return trip but he did well.  He was headachey all afternoon/evening but otherwise fine, and today with a rest day under his belt he’s in fine form.  I’m fine, a tad tired but I’ll sleep when I’m dead…Ben just noted that its all my fault that I am tired all the time…I blame the Colorado guilts!

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Thursday I worked. Odd huh, Rhiannon doesn’t do working! But yes, I worked…kinda a lot, only 11 hours but it felt like a lot when I wanted to go home and prepare for a road trip!  Today I saw Michael and gave him shit for the whole I did the first 14er for the season, it will be  interesting to see if he punches one out this weekend – Chad isn’t available so it would be Michael on his own.

So now I recognise that you got a guest post, but Ben gave us about 650 words, and here are about 650 words…and that’s still less than the 2000 odd words I usually throw at you – so enjoy  two posts!  I’ll check back in over the long long weekend where I get to barrage you with the fun  of sand dunes at uber altitudes, cliff dwellings, and pretty bloody big bridges.  Happy pseudo-Friday!!

Quote of the moment “it’s totes hail”

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