An Almost and Actual Arrival

He finally made it!  Yep, my big little brother has finally made it to Denver.  Whose excited?  Maybe me.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we all know I like to go through things chronologically. This week was more interesting than expected – but only barely.  Monday was of course Monday.  I guess the general levels of tired were increased with the added pain of the tattoo clearing up, that darned wearing a bra thing I recall was annoying last time but this time it was worse…maybe it was a bigger area.  Anyways, that added to the general tireds and grumpys, but I persevered through the week.

Wednesday I had a few meetings which broke up the dullness of a desk day culminating in a trip to see Felicia for a wax.  Then there was the grumbling of Bens flight being diverted back to Melbourne.  I mean really, that’s just annoying!  See!  Just plain silly (I love that you can find this sort of stuff on the internet 🙂


Thursday another couple of meetings at work and a beer with JH rounded out the day.  I was supposed to have Friday as a flex day but with Ben not being here and the medium amount of work I have to do I went in.  I’ll have plenty of time off over the next couple of weeks so it will all sort itself out.

Friday I picked up Ben and we headed home.  Showed him around the place briefly (hell, how long can it possibly take to show someone around a one bedroom apartment? ;)), then we headed up to Greek to Me for dinner.  The guys had the look on their faces of oh wow she’s finally got a man with her and we get to meet him!  But then I introduced him as my big little brother and that excitement waned…of course the excitement returned when they put two and two together and realized that now they have two Aussies to shit talk with.  Then another Aussie came in, Tim.  Tim works with Newmont, who have offices just over the I-25 from my place, so he’s staying locally.  Dino was all very excited that there were so many Aussies in the restaurant!  Tim’s a nice chap, we all had a bit of a chat.  I believe Ben absolutely approved of the food at Greek to Me, yep, another convert!

Saturday morning we headed for breakfast at Eggs and I (I do enjoy eating out over the weekends, you’re picking up the theme I’m sure), went to Safeway and got some groceries because the bike shops weren’t open yet, dropped that at home then headed to grab a coffee.  This pair of super cool old cars were at breakfast, I love the toy dalmatian in the passenger seat!

Coffee in hand we went to Performance Bikes and Ben had a great time in that lolly shop.  Helmet, visor, and shoes later we went into Union Station to see what the Farmers market was like and then go to another bike shop.  The farmers market wasn’t bad; super la-di-da (I assume because it is a downtown location), but half decent veges there.  I cannot wait for the farmers market at Landmark to start up (google tells me it isn’t until July, hmmmmm, bummer).  After a brief trot around the farmers market and a cruise through the Union station complex (it’s pretty fancy and new), we headed to another bike shop.  Despite them professing to have what Ben wanted, turns out that they didn’t.  Booooo.

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Saturday afternoon we headed to see Michelle.  So you know we’ve already talked about Michelle, but this weekend I got to visit her place.  Oh boy it is awesome!  She’s got 11 acres out the back of Parker, I guess with traffic it might take her 45 minutes to get to work, with no traffic it was about 30 minutes from my place.  The house is idyllically located just over the hill from the road, so you can see the tops of cars driving by, but it’s set back and a little lower so really all you look at is the paddocks.  There is a pretty big and perfect barn out the back with five stalls and all of them opening to yards.  Her horse that has been a bit stubborn whenever she needs to go out early is really a miniature – little Chloe – came with the place.  Fat little pony.  The chickens are getting bigger, I believe today will be their first day out in the A-Frame all day after a mini-working-bee yesterday morning to put a smaller mesh around the yard.  I could chatter for ages, but the moral of the story is that she’s got a great set up in a great location.

After some wine and nibbles Michelle drove the Beast – her F250 truck – out to Elizabeth Rodeo.  Minor truck side note, the top of her bonnet is the same height as the roof of my Red!  Anyways, the Beast didn’t look out of place in the rodeo parking lot.  The rodeo was great fun.  We had a couple of beers then found our seats.  The whole outdoor setting was much better than the indoors.  I managed to pick the non-sunny side of the arena so there were no issues with being blinded.  There were heaps of sponsors so there were many girls cantering about with flags and some awards for some long time volunteers.  Turns out that Elizabeth Rodeo is consistently voted the best small rodeo in the country…so kinda cool!  Speaking of col it went until about 2130 so it was getting cold as we left.  Should have remembered my jumper.  There were a few close calls with horses and bulls coming right up to the fence.  Oh, and the highlight of the kid in the mutton bustin’!  He was put on the sheep, told to hold on, and he then refused to let go!  The rodeo clown grabbed the sheep and was trying to tell the kid to get off, he wouldn’t, so one of the other volunteers in the arena had to go and lift the kid off…hilarious.

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That was a slightly late evening for us all things considered.  But we got up at 0600 and at 0700 Chad, Stella, Michael, and Connor (Michaels eldest), met at mine and we headed up to Maxwell Falls for a ‘hike’.  I don’t really think that one was a hike…more of a walk.  We had both Frankie and Mango with us and poor little Mango isn’t as fit as Frankie so she struggled to keep up, I think she’s a 2-3 miler dog only.  It was a really pretty 5 mile hike, there were pine trees and aspen, a waterfall, and a cool cliff to wander around.  Sure – we doubled back a couple of times: once for a track that went to a private road only; the second to head back over the cliff trail.  I managed to scare the living daylights out of Michael:  He was standing by the waterfall to take a photo and I called at him and was crouching, indicating to take a photo from down low looking up.  His reaction was to duck…I guess he’s been in combat so seems like a sensible reaction – not quite what I was indicating though.  Hilariously for me I’d just taken a pic of Ben being all scared of the falling rock all of two minutes earlier.

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***52 New Things***

After a brief nanna nap we headed to Dad and Dudes Brewery for a beer and to meet some people.  It was a great afternoon.  Anna and Wlad, Chad and Stella, Michelle, Jac, Che, Ben, and I all went.  They had really good pizza and the beers were quite good too.  I doubt I’ll manage to visit all 350 breweries in Colorado while I’m here, but I’ll sure give it a try.

An early night was in order as Ben is heading up to Boulder in the morning to rent a motorbike.  More on that next week!

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