Paint Mining and Drives

This week of work was another medium week. I was noting to Mark that if I didn’t have Ben coming I’d be bored out of my brain and be bothering he and others for more work. He laughed, said he’d hate for me to go to transport ūüėČ so I think I’ll have another couple of weeks of reprieve, though next week may be a little frantic early on for Fargo. Then fun later!!

Anyways, this week. I guess Wednesday I was supposed to have a tattoo…dude called just as I was getting there and said he was running very late, morning client had both placement and design issues apparently. Luckily he said he’d come in on Monday if I wanted because he’s booked out through July. I took Monday, even though it’s a public holiday.

The only other thing that happened throughout the week is that I found the right doctor to do my six month post op check up. All looked well apparently and I’ll get the smear results next week. The doctor was running about 20 minutes late, made sense to me because a lady who looked in pain, sounded like post surgery, came in and she headed back before me. I was not at all worried about him being late under those circumstances. Hell, he was still running earlier than most doctors at home! The nurse was amusing, one of those sickeningly sweet people that you wonder if they’re genuine or not because they’re just so so damned sweet. She gave me a hug as we walked out, maybe she was genuine.

Friday night Chad had told me about a wild horse gallery opening. I tried to get a girls night happening (the guys weren’t interested), had four of us going until Trilce decided on a last minute long weekend travel and Patty had some mom issues to sort. So Uma and I headed to DU South. Turns out the venue is more of a museum type place that Denver Uni has set up. They put about 20 pictures of horses up and I have to admit I was slightly disappointed. Sure they were great photos but so few. Then they did the chat thing. Turns out that this collection has been on display in airports the last few years, behind security, this is its first time in a more public space. It’s all about saving the local wild horses, the mustangs and burros. There is a bug thing about them actually being indigenous to the area hough they died out 13000 years ago (so are they really indigenous? These guys say yes). Anyways, the whole chat thing was interesting. On the left the curator, right one of the photographers talking about his pictures.

They also had a draw for a print. I have to admit I nearly died when the guy called my name out. I got this print. Note to self get it framed so I can hang it! Not a great photo of a photo but you get the gist.


And look, they even had this cute Longneck thing Рreminds me of the land before time.  After the surprise win, Uma and I headed to South Pearl street for a drink. Spent a few hours chatting, wine-ing, and assessing / rating men.

I got up Saturday morning with a plan to jog five miles. Failed. I guess not eating dinner destroyed my energy reserves, there was no hangover. So I did a lazy three instead. Then got in Red and headed to the paint mines. About an hour and a half south you find this area which is different and kinda cool.

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Stunning day. Pretty colours in the rocks. Went for a little walk, but the main point of the day was a drive. Success. Red and I had a great time cruising for a few hours! It’s super open when you head east, so different to the west and the hills, but still super pretty. I’m guessing mid summer it will look dry and dismal, but now, awesome!
I stopped in at Elizabeth for a burger and beer for lunch. Cute little town. I suspect it will be rammed this time next week for the rodeo!

Home for a nanna nap and then out with the girls for Jaclyns birthday. Amusing discovery for the night, Ben and Michelle share the same birthday! Michelle is five years older, but still, 29 June, so cool! ¬†It was a good night. ¬†We had drinks at Corridor 44 then went wandering looking for somewhere with some people to be social with. ¬†We tried a place tat was literally empty, then another that was full to the gills…of pot smoking people in their thirties wearing clothes a hooker would turn her nose up at…that was a one drink spot. ¬†Then Uma and I headed home. ¬†Our Uber driver was cool, she was a New Yorker and does driving literally for fun, earns big but enjoys the driving so does, just on weekend nights. ¬†Crazy lady, I’d prefer to be asleep on weekend nights!

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Sunday I slept quite late for me. ¬†I guess I didn’t get home until about 0030 so it was late and I was tired. ¬†AV stopped by on his way to work and we had breakfast at my new favourite breakfast place, Egg and I. I had some great pancakes, and the eggs I saw other tables get looked awesome! I’ll be back to try some eggs.
Amusing thing happened. A little old lady came over, put her hand on my arm and said something like “you are really pretty, every time I looked over and saw you I was struck by how pretty you are. I just had to tell you”. ¬†AV piped up with a damn I want to be pretty. Moral of the story, little old ladies think I’m pretty. ¬†Pity age appropriate blokes don’t.

Home for another nanna nap, this time in the beanbag on my balcony. ¬†Mmmmmmm, beanbag! ¬†It seems that around 1300 the clouds roll through and there is a little storm for an hour or two, then the sun comes out again and it’s a stunning evening. ¬†Lying watching the clouds roll in was detrimental to my nap but kinda cool.

Nap time over and I headed to pick up J. ¬†I gave her the choice of visiting the botanical gardens or going to see Through the Looking Glass. ¬†She chose the movie. ¬†I guess that’s fair enough…the wind was not conducive to playing outside really. ¬†That was a good movie.¬†¬†Johnny Depp is crazy as always in the best ways.


Then guess what I did? ¬†I had another nap! ¬†This one I actually got a nap instead of getting distracted watching the clouds and storm. Final stop for Sunday, a drink with JH at the ViewHouse. ¬†I got to get my rant on quite a lot, the servers here really do like to be constantly bothering you. ¬†If I want something I’ll catch your eye or call you over, no need to come over every ten minutes! ¬†Then as they were getting to closing the upstairs area the manager type came past every ten minutes too…we got the hint and headed home. ¬†We would have chatted and drunk more beers for another couple of hours of the staff hadn’t made us feel unwelcome by trying to be overly welcoming. ¬†Actually I’d have had more mules ūüôā my favourite drink is now the Colorado mule: whiskey, ginger beer, lemon, and when I forget to ask them not to a little syrup. ¬†The syrup is not needed if you ask me. ¬†As an easy drinking quite nice alternative to beer that is a winner.

Home to sleep.  Boy oh boy I should have slept more this weekend gone.

I got up on Monday morning and headed to Safeway. ¬†I thought I’d pop by the car wash on the way. ¬†Great Idea, but it was about ten to nine and being a Holiday they decided to open at nine. ¬†Now I haven’t an issue with that, except when I went onto their website before I left, specifically to check that out. ¬†How hard is it to update your website? ¬†Erk. ¬†Anyways, I popped across the road and got a coffee then joined the queue for a car wash. ¬†ten past nine and Red was clean and I headed to get groceries then threw together a meat / veg bake for the week of food. ¬†Cores done and I sprinted off to the tattoo shop. ¬†I should have realised there was no rush from how late he was and how he’s previously cancelled on me. ¬†The appointment was 1100, he didn’t call me back to start the talk about the pic until about 1200. ¬†Awesome.

So about five hours later I was exhausted and knew more about this guy than I ever needed to. ¬†He’s all of 29, had a slightly messed-up upbringing, has three daughters (they’re ridiculously good looking kids and he says the eldest is mad smart). ¬†He’s been to jail for aggravated robbery, which seems like the least thing he got caught for. ¬†He was a drug seller so has never wanted for cash. ¬†He likes big jiggly butts (he’d do a double take when one woman walked by us but the other, just a glance), and he is a typical American in that he is somewhat prudish. ¬†The latter makes me laugh all the time. ¬†When I first got a massage here we were talking about what was hurting and I started to get undressed – no go, wait for them to leave. ¬†This time he asked if I had a halter top or similar, I told him I’m used to just lying there topless, no harm no foul…he put a dentists style piece of paper stuff on my front. Hilarious. ¬†I haven’t ant worries with that sort of stuff…he’s tattooed a signature around a nipple, how is it possibly so odd to him that I haven’t a care that I lie around topless for a few hours? ¬†Funny days. ¬†We talked about all sorts of shit, I guess five hours with a stranger and you can cover a hell of a lot of ground.

Anyways, new tattoo acquired and exhaustion, that was a long session for me, and on ribs it wasn’t pleasant. ¬†It burned until about 0200 so I didn’t get a great sleep. ¬†It looks like it will look pretty bloody good when the redness calms down and healing clears up. ¬†I can’t wait to see it properly like that!

So today (Tuesday) I headed home from work early so that I could take my bra off. ¬†I’m not sure whether getting some chocolate or taking the bra off was the best part of the day. ¬†Rest assured it was one of them. ¬†Tonight I should sleep like the dead and I’ll be good to go tomorrow. ¬†And guess what?!?!?!? ¬†Less than 48 hours and Ben will be here. ¬†Damn I’m excited!!!

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