Rattlesnake Reckoning

This week has been both busy and relaxing. Yep, a world of contradictions – you’ve met me right.  The work week was quite quiet, so quiet that I took my flex day on Tuesday.  I got up at normal time and took Andrew to the airport then got home and didn’t leave the couch.  It was blissful and decadent – I may have also stopped at King Soopers and got the zebra caramel popcorn that Michelle introduced me to, so I ate the whole tube of that (oops).  Its been an awfully long time since I just sat on my arse for an entire day.  All I did was watch some movies, snooze, complain at the building maintenance people doing the mowing, watch some comedy, snooze some more, etc.

And that was the extent of the work week, truly, all I did was work, sleep, exercise, so quiet!  Even at work I didn’t have anything particularly interesting or momentous or at all worth talking about, not even in my random musings.

I fixed that over the weekend.

Saturday morning I got my butt out of bed super early, well about normal time, and headed up to the Colorado National Golf Course in Erie.  That’s a little odd for most people to consider me golfing…I’m pretty sure my frustration levels would have me throwing things and then them throwing me off the course.  Sorry – rambling.  I went to the golf course to watch hot air balloons taking off.  The advertised take off time was 0615, the first balloon didn’t take of until 0630.  Then all the others got their cold inflation started and then headed off.  It was really quite cool to wander around in among all the hot air balloons and watch them taking off.  You could touch them all if you wanted, of course you should be courteous and ask the pilot first but you’re totally right in there with all the balloons filling up around you – it was cool!

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Having got my fill of colourful I headed up to Boulder and aimed for a hike up Green Mountain.  I totally failed, managed to turn left instead of right at the key intersection.  By doing so I ended up hiking the Flatirons and the Royal Arch.  Turns out that I’m grateful that I didn’t do the bigger hike, my legs were so tired from my 8 mile run on Thursday evening and my leg workout on Friday morning.  I still got a decent amount of elevation gain, about 1500ft, over the three mile return trip.  The view wasn’t as epic as it could have been, there was a low hanging fog that refused to disappear.  I met a beautiful big dog while up there resting before the return.  The dog was a big solid similar build to a German Shepherd without the colouring.  I told his mom that I’d be happy to take him if she needed a dog sitter, the excitement on her face was astonishing!  I was super surprised that she was so happy to get rid of her dog!  The conversation ended when she found out I live so far away, I guess she needed someone to dog sit when they popped out for a night and stuff.  Insert sad face.

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While wandering along one of the paths I stumbled across a couple of blokes preparing themselves to do a little rock climbing.  They were all roped up and on the way up one of the Flatirons.  While chatting with them a bloke appeared in shorts no top – the surfer dude look.  He stood at the bottom a moment then started climbing.  Seriously, nothing to tie himself off or anything, he just started climbing – so cool!  I dubbed him spiderman.  He made it look so easy.  Sure, I’d consider climbing up, about 5 metres, but he just (I can’t find the right word, the thing I’m doing with my hands is like the spirit fingers moving up, yep – in the cafe making this move hoping the word will come.  Nope – well now you get the gist :))  As it turns out this area is well known for some pretty talented free climbers.  I think they’re quite the insane, but that may be just me.


After what was a much more  intense walk than I needed (thanks to all the stairs) I headed back to Erie.  They had their annual historical fair (thing) happening over the weekend, so I eventually found the right ‘Historical Town of Erie’ and then cruised the streets for what felt like forever looking for a carpark.  Sure, it was likely only about 10 minutes but I’d been promising myself the first decent food I found for at least an hour so I was hungry!  I eventually found a carpark, wandered in to the fair and found a lady selling hamburgers – done!  Sufficiently fed I had a wander around the offerings.  I got a whole lot of bits and pieces, dips, jerky, fudge.  It wasn’t that awesome to be honest.  But the town looks a fun little one for an explore whenever I head out that way again.



I finally headed home for a nanna nap.  Big morning!

After a snooze I discovered a new brewery, Something about Pearl Street Brewery, I met up with Ryan.  The brewery was about the size and type of place that I’d love to discover in Greenwood Village…..I’m still hunting but managing to find the right places much more easily in the quirky little towns and downtown, etc.  A few hours later the sun  was still shining and I headed home to bed.  Exhausting day!

Sunday I got up early again (why do I do this to myself?) okay – it wasn’t super early and I was on a bit of a go-slow as I waited for Jaclyn to wake up and get to mine.  We cruised down to Castlewood Canyon. Now that was a pretty cool place!  Its a little south east of home so its pretty darned flat, but then you have this canyon…sure, its not the grand canyon, but its pretty cool none-the-less.  We went for a 7.5 mile jaunt.  We both agreed that it wasn’t a hike, too easy and cruisey for that, but it was a nice little jaunt.  We popped in to a pub on the way back and got a well needed burger for lunch.  I got a beer called the Woolly Booger Nut Brown Ale, seriously – woolly booger!  My childish mind had a great giggle about that.

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Then home for another nanna nap and now it is now.

***52 New Things***

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget!  This week I saw my first real life rattle snake!  He was sprawled out on the path soaking in the sun when we were strolling around the popular part of the Canyon park.  He didn’t really want to move so we took a wide berth around him and left him there.  I hope no one stumbled across him without thinking, or with a dog off leash.  That would be bad.  I also saw a turkey in real life.  Darned thing wouldn’t stay still long enough for me to get close enough to get a photo of him, but he was a decent sized bird.


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