A Birthday Week

A tiring week was had by me 🙂  I had something happening every night after work.  Yep, for those playing along at home this is the second week I’ve been so super social that I’ve had no nights off.  I’m not a terribly social person so I’m running out of social ability! Its all good, this coming week we’re heading for relaxed-ville.  Oh, and I guess the other feature of this week, I had another birthday.  I guess I’ve had a few of those but this one was my 32nd, bring on year 33.

So, Monday, I had just another day at work…actually, work was fairly quiet.  I had a big group level risk review to get the  current bid reviewed and approved by the big bosses, so we’re allowed to submit the bid on June 1st.  I then went out for a beer with the guys to round out Monday.

Tuesday I had another day at work with no meetings and terribly productive.  I like having no meetings!  So much got done.  Don’t ask me what because that feels like half a lifetime ago.  In the evening I spent a few hours in the park with a cute puppy called Lloyd and Lloyds dad, Jasen.  Lloyd is an absolute sweetheart of a dog.  Got a bit bitey but I sorted that out (oops, a couple of taps to the nose later and he wasn’t biting me any more).  It was a perfect afternoon for chilling in the park, warm and sunny.

Wednesday was yet another day of no meetings.  By then I had been too productive the other days so I was running out of things to do.  Wednesday night I had another night of drinking  Maybe I’m becoming an alcoholic?  I headed into town to meet up  with Jon.  The pub chosen was a British place, so  that was all very familiar to me…much less boring and sterile than the bars around Greenwood Village. Note to self explore downtown pubs more, learn to catch the train.

Thursday I had a few meetings.  The one that always gets me ranting, two hours of talking about upcoming projects where people that are not entirely qualified, or at least exceptionally risk adverse, ask detailed questions about things they’ve never personally dealt with and then decide whether we should go or no go a project.  I had the forethought to review the agenda and realise that the water project were later in  the agenda so I dialled in.  Much better than being there because I can listen to everything going on but I can also start some work.  So much better!  Of course when you’re  not present at a meeting you get all the actions.  I didn’t get many immediate actions, but I was of course nominated the pursuit manager for the two water projects that were approved.  Yep – that’s my job so that’s what I’ll do 🙂  Thursday night was much better…beer and cheese!  There is a small brewery, Copper Kettle Brewery, up north a little way which hosts a beer and cheese pairing evening with an artisanal cheese company.  It was a great night, a few tastes of cheese and a few tastes of beer and some good company.  It was good fun.  We had a new person join the social bandwagon – Michelle.  I’ll tell you all about Michelle later.  We all had a great time…chatting, beering, cheesing, how can you go wrong?  Jaclyn and Stella hit it off, Jaclyn is a beer nut so  that always appeals to Stella 🙂
One of the beers we tried was called Rokaru. It was modelled on a Japanese beer. When asked what the name meant the brewer said that it’s just a fancy word his wife found while googling. A little googling myself and I really can’t find anything other than names…interesting! I’d hoped it was something funny.

Oh, and this was some of the hilarity of Thursday. Why oh why! It was still spelt the same in Friday.

Friday was my birthday.  I have Jaclyn to thank for spilling those beans.  At some stage on Thursday night she said ‘I’ll buy you a beer for your birthday’, and of course the crew perked their ears up at that.  Chad told the world…kinda quietly thankfully but not as quiet as I’d like. Thats okay I guess, makes me feel a little more special.  So to Friday.  Friday I had only one meeting scheduled but Mark decided there were a whole lot of his meetings that I should be in.  I love that – Coops are you coming to this meeting? What meeting?  Etc, its good, I learn a whole lot more, but its bad in that my well organised day goes to shit.  I managed to leave about 1430, headed home for a nanna nap, then picked up Aric and off we went to Dazzle jazz club downtown. The venue was pretty cool, typical jazz club set up with a restaurant / bar side then a performance side. The bar looked good, so I may have to check out that line up and visit more often. The guys we saw were led by a pianist who did a whole lot of talking between songs. His crew included a guitar, bass, trumpet, sax, drums, and oddly a marimba. truly, how often have you seem a marimba in a jazz band? The songs they played were less the bouncy fun jazz and more the mellow style so I didn’t love it. Don’t get me wrong, they were good, but not quite my style.

After a meal and some drinks we headed off to a piano bar around the corner, Charlie Browns Bar and Grill. They have a piano in the corner that you can sit around and a bloke will take requests for songs. The piano was entirely occupied but we got a good table and proceeded to sing and chat. This is Joyce, the birthday girl, and I.

It was a very late night for this nanna. Hell, the real nanna was out later than me!

***52 New Things ***
Saturday was a struggle day. Three hours sleep will do that. Step one for the day, head up to Boulder to pick up Andrew after he’d dropped his bike back. Mmmmmmm, breakfast burritos 😀 then it was home to cook up a quick cheesy bread then headed off to Wash Park for a bbq and volleyball. As it turns out Wash Park is the place to be on a good weather day, and still quite popular on an overcast chilly day. There were about 20 volleyball nets set up and all were well populated. It’s byo everything but evidently people like volleyball and have the nets. Maybe I should get some shuttle cocks and racquets, have a little hit between volleyball games. I was so tired, I sat on my ass and watched / chatted the day away. It was quite good. Made better by Foxy Lady who as soon as she came my way had a lovely afternoon snuggling with me and keeping me warm.
I guess I went home to bed. So tired!

And finally to today!  Today I dragged my sorry ass off the couch (Andrew was snoring so I vacated the bedroom), and headed for a hike with Team Quokka.  Today we walked up the Chimney Gulch to Lookout Mountain.  If you recall Lookout Mountain is where I watched sunrise from on New Years Day.  There  was absolutely none of the stunning views today…it was overcast and by the time we got up to the top, about 7155 ft, we were in the clouds.  It was about 1600ft of elevation gain plus a bit more when we tootled up Mt Zion.  It was perfect weather, I was in struggle town so a hot sapping day would have had me huddling under a tree awaiting the return.  I was simply a combination of tired and under-fed.  Turns out that yesterday all I had was a burrito at 1130 and some hands full of chips. That certainly didn’t help. I wasn’t the only one in struggle town, Michael has been sick the last couple of weeks so he was flagging too. There were two learnings from this week’s hike:
– Chads mum is the sweetest little old lady, the same as Chad. Yep, Chads missus stated he is a sweet little old lady 😉 some laughter followed that little faux pas.
– Hummingbirds like ginger cock. Okay, that sounds a little risqué for a hike with colleagues but Michael was peeing off the path when a hummingbird apparently came and hovered in front of him. Silly bird.

An introduction to Michelle: so I guess Michelle hasn’t featured in this blog yet, and she’s really an interesting gal, I’ll learn more as time goes on. Michelle is a local Coloradoan (I guess I now know two locals), about 35, owns a place to the south east 11 acres, has a horse, chickens, likes shooting and fishing and all those local activities. She’s quite a badass! Turns out she’s also handy on a volleyball court. She works at AECOM in procurement, has been with the legacy companies for most of her career. Switched on, hard working, good fun. I like her! Hilariously Anna totally looks up to her now, all her Midwest ways plus owning an F250, just what Anna aspires to.

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