An Announcement!

So, where did I leave you last week? I guess I had a bit of forethought and left you on Saturday night. I currently feel like that was the last time I had a moment of relaxation.  For the purposes of keeping my brain straight, let’s start with Sunday!

***52 New Things***
Sunday was still a really yucky day. Cold, super cold (think freezing), and alternating snow and rain.  I started my day at a breakfast institution, “Snooze, an AM Eatery”. Yep, Denver has a chain called snooze. I sat there for a few hours, the lass serving me was a sweetie, tea and coffee appeared before I asked and had some lovely chats. She got a good tip.
Phew, it was slightly difficult to get a new thing last week thanks to that pesky weather, but we did it! (me, myself, and I version of ‘we’ :)).

I went from Snooze to the new tattoo place. I met with Merck, a black and grey tattoo ‘specialist’.  Last time I talked to him he didn’t know what the Tree of Life is, he’d done a little homework and was ready to chat…very happy with that.  Well, I had to remind him that I was the Tree of Life person not the Lighthouse person, but after that he was good!  We spent about half an hour with my inspirations and photoshop and got a rough outline of what I’m after. We then had a chat about placement and how to tie in with / cover the puzzle piece.  Overall I was happy and have booked in for mid June. Look up his work if you want: Merck.

From the tattoo I headed to the bosses and picked up J.  We had awesome ribs for lunch (I really do like Yazoo) then watched a movie.  I finally tried a Bob at Yazoo.  It’s an award winning chicken kabob, wrapped in bacon, with the seasoning.  I enjoyed it but really do love BBQ ribs.  Zootopia, the movie, was decent.  One of those kids movies that really needed more adult jokes though.  Maybe I just missed the adult jokes (which to be fair is not unlikely knowing me) but I miss the days of Shrek when the whole thing is full of hilarity on all levels.

And just because the day wasn’t busy enough…Nammuldi reunion! Pat was in town for a few days, landed 1300 Sunday then headed out again on Tuesday aiming for some family time in Idaho.  On the way he, Steve, Mark, Keila, and I headed to Maggie Smiths for a beer. It was good fun to catch up with Pat.  He’s doing some fun stuff in Singapore still, sounds like they’ll have 22 TBMs drilling at peak time.  That’s a lot!  I hope they don’t get stuck, that would be super painful in a place like Singapore, its not like you dig down wherever you like and get the darned thing out.
After a few beers and a good chat we headed to our homes.  Given that Pat had flown in from Perth earlier in the day I wasn’t the only one really keen on getting home.

Monday I had my one productive day for the week.  There was only one short meeting and I crammed a whole lot of work into the one day.  I then had dinner with Aric, uneventful, and got home about 2030.  Tuesday I had meetings, all except for half an hour…it was easy for Monday to be productive when you have a day like Tuesday.  After work I had a massage, that was great!  Wednesday was annoyingly similar to Tuesday.  I managed to get about 2 hours of work time, it wasn’t hugely productive.  Then I had a date with a guy who there was no click with, so that one isn’t going anywhere.  Thursday I had to get Cabin Creek submitted finally, before 0800 so I could sit in a bid review for 10 hours.  Toshiba had requested that Cabin Creek be submitted on Wednesday but with all the meetings I only got it out for internal final seal of approval at 1600…legal  were flying so I had to wait until Thursday morning.  Thursday I headed to see Felicia for a wax then over to the Dusty Boot for a debrief beer with the boys.  Another big day.

I guess all that work stuff was that much more tricky because I had Friday off for a combination of a flex day and some volunteering.  There was an email calling for volunteers a few months ago, the job – to guide ten 6th and 7th grade girls around a GESTEM event.  I guess ‘GESTEM’ means Girls engaged in science, technology, engineering, and maths.  It wasn’t a bad day despite being with ~1050 teenaged girls.  The day started with an orientation and half an hour for the girls to get through the doors and find their tables / groups.  Once the guides had found their group of girls we headed out to three different demonstrations.  The demonstrations were in groups of 30 girls and were run by various companies part advertising their company and part engaging the girls.


Our first demonstration was making a rocket.  It was a foam rocket with a rubber band for propulsion.  The aim was to get it to fly across the room.  I have to admit that the presenters of this one weren’t so crash hot…they talked too long and didn’t give a good enough explanation of how to make the rocket.  So I spent so long helping the girls in my group that I didn’t get to make a rocket…disappointed!  Okay – I guess me joining in wasn’t really the intent.  There was a hilarious moment when the ladies asked “what shape does a rocket remind you of?”…I don’t think the dirtiness of that statement was lost on many of the girls.

The second demonstration wasn’t quite as cool, we made little decoder wheels and encoded and decoded some messages.  The final demonstration was the highlight for me (and I suspect my group as well).  We made solar cars!  It was pretty fun, and I got to help make them run straight and explain why some went forwards and others backwards.  Thankfully the weather held out and we could test them out as well.

The Convention Centre was kinda cool.  There is a giant blue bear.  This place seems to like giant animals, and blue is quite a popular colour for this city.  Anyways, the giant bear.  I mean he is giant!  And the coolest part is that he’s standing at the main windows looking into the lobby.  I love it.


The  carpark was one of those spiral ones that goes on forever in circles, but they have this cool sign just to reassure you that you’re nearly there.


In talking to some people about the giant bear I was informed of the evil horse statues history.  They call him Bluecifer, and for good reason.  He’s a giant, 32′, bronco, intended to represent the wild spirit of the American west.  Before he was finished a large part of him fell and struck his creator, severing his artery and killing him…Bluecifer isn’t far wrong!  This is an amusing article about him.  I’m unlikely to get to visit him to take my own photos, so here is a googled image 🙂


Friday night I picked up Andrew from the airport.  I warned him….he flew with Spirit…the flight was delayed by two hours.  So to home and to bed for me.  Saturday we headed up to Boulder.  It was quite the amusing, Andrew was saying that the hills were quite impressive…to me I was disappointed.  The weather was overcast and drizzly, the first day that I’ve seen that was quite like Melbourne winter.  We could see the hills, but only the very first set, we couldn’t even see Mt Falcon.  On the way back it started raining, and it got worse from there for a few hours.

***52 New Things***

Saturday was Kentucky Derby day so Jaclyn had found a Derby party at the Governors Mansion.  That was cool not only for the fun people and party but also for the whole mansion thing!  We had quite a group of us along so it was quite the fun.  Drinking Mint Juleps, chatting, and giving hell to the people that were most amusing.  By the time that wrapped up I was exhausted and I headed home to bed…the others kept on going…I don’t have the social stamina for spending that long out and about.


L>R: Wlad, me, Chris, Anna, Brian, Uma, Andrew, Jaclyn


The Girls: Jaclyn, me, Uma, Anna

The other reason that I headed home to bed was that we had a hike to do on Sunday.  I didn’t really feel like hiking with a hangover.  Poor Stella had a few too many Margaritas on Saturday night so she was in struggle town.  Sweet little Frankie came with us again…it was only a seven miler this week.  We did one of the loops at the Deer Creek Canyon Park.  The changes in scenery were good, it went from winding evergreen forest, to open dry cactus filled areas, to rocky outcrops.  In honour of the absent Elfering we didn’t do any significant summits.  There was a big rock that we climbed up, but that’s it.


I went home and had a hot soak in the bath…I hope the water has heated up by the time Andrew gets back, else he’ll enjoy a cold shower after riding through the snow up the hill!  I did warn him about the afternoon storms, its just rolled in rainy and stormy…they seem to be short lived normally, so hopefully he’s not too soaked through.

And to address the subject of this post…..An Announcement!  On the way home from the derby I called the block and they told Ben about his pending trip. So exciting!! He seemed to genuinely not know, so kudos to everyone for keeping it a secret! the last couple of times I’ve talked to Ben I’ve been super struggling to chat properly with Ben because I’ve been so excited. Today I booked tickets to Elizabeth Rodeo and had a gander at a bike for Ben to tool about on.  So exciting…need a list of things Ben wants to do else I’ll fill the time up with stuff that’s on my extensive list!

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