Flight Fun From Fargo

This has been a tumultuous week. Okay, that’s a little alarmist but there have been changes, and for someone who has a tattoo to remind me to accept ongoing change….well, I guess I accept the change, eh 🙂
Sorry Benno, not many pics this week (I’ll see what I can do). Have fun reading…

Monday we moved offices. I ranted about the inefficient way they did the move out but the move in worked pretty well.  We got in and gave over our old swipe cards and got new ones. Then over to another station to get your welcome pack and breakfast. I did not partake of the breakfast, and the nice little chill bag they gave us will not fit all my lunch in it, but it may be useful one day or I’ll bin it in a move.  When I got to my assigned desk it was all set up. Click the laptop it and spend about half an hour unpacking my 1/4 of a box (the rest was Marks, I left him to unpack that) and job done.  Yep, the move in was much more efficient.  I’ve heard two complaints about the new office, one is simple to fix the other is going to be a long term problem.  Mark is at a desk for lefties, he’s not a lefty. Easy to fix, assigned seating is for day one only, here on out you’re welcome to move about, anywhere in the four floors of 1200 desks.  We’ll see if he does move. Chuck is a details guy, he is good at getting out all the drawings and specs, pouring through them, and finding / fixing the issues…the smaller desks are not conducive to that sort of work.

So after the hubbub of Monday, Tuesday was just another day. Nothing special at all really. Some malarkey with a client who doesn’t read their own documents, but otherwise happy days.
Wednesday Mark and I headed to Fargo for the rest of the week.

Fargo this week was absolutely stunning. The wind was cold on Wednesday but by Friday it was an absolutely stunning day, a slight breeze, blue sky, sunshine, so nice! And now that we have snow storms and really quite cold at home, shudder.  Wednesday we met with MBH for lunch and then a contractor. Happy days. The evening we headed to Spitfire again. Still a decent dinner there, I had ribs and chicken combo this time…I can’t recall what I had last time, but this was decent.  Thursday was a good day, morning meeting with a contractor, board meeting for 20 minutes (then they went to an executive session and 50 mins later they hadn’t got through their first item so we left), lunch with the wonderfully charismatic Milt, a couple of hours at the hotel to catch up on emails, then dinner at the Blarney Stone.


So I won’t go into details of all the contractors we met, but one is an absolute character. He is a strategic thinker, totally switched on, and knows this world so so well. He’s a local boy through and through. We met them last time were up this way, this meeting was to introduce him to our JV partners. I think our partners were suitably impressed and we’ll be doing what we can to get them on our team, they’ll be a great asset. After the slightly more formal meeting just Mark and I caught up with them and had a beer and chat. Good times that.
Tid bit of trivia: Fargo is the most drunk city in America apparently. I guess the Aussies would fit in perfectly 😀 though the cold may kill this one…Apparently it’s not cold until you get to -20. Ugh. Lovely place when the sun is out!

While in our work time at the hotel the boys submitted my second water resources bid as pursuit manager.  This one was different to Cabin Creek. This one was hard bid, awarded to the lowest-priced contractor, bids opened minutes after submission. Omar got to be the bid runner, I’m kinda jealous but know I’ll get my turn, Fargo is more important. The bid runner leaves late the day before the submission then sits at the submission building. About half an hour before submission you get an email with the numbers to be put in the bid, write them in, send a pic back to the office to check for any dyslexia, then drop the bid in the box. Then the hard part, waiting while they open and read out the bid prices. Of course the final job is to report results back to the team sitting chewing their nails back in home office.  We didn’t win. Lessons learned session will be held on Monday, the next bid for this client is due in June so we’ll be looking hard at this one to identify how we win the next.

Sitting at dinner Thursday night and I get a text. Our flight from Fargo to Denver has been cancelled.  We immediately got on the phones and got standby for the 1700 direct flight.  No go, it too was cancelled – Mark tried to call me at 2230 (twice, didn’t hear, I was fast asleep).  At 0330 when I woke up I saw the second cancellation, unfortunately that five hours meant there were no seats on the flight Mark took, so he left Fargo at 1315 to Minneapolis then on to Denver.  I got a flight through Chicago… Because that’s logical, let’s go an hour east to turn about and fly two hours west. They say it’s because there is a snow storm in Denver and the small planes aren’t safe landing.  Hopefully they don’t shut down DIA or I’ll have a night or so in Chicago.  In that case I’ll be better off than Mark in Minneapolis by the sound of it.

One thing I like about the Hampton Inn at Fargo is their coffee cups, and the photos that are teamed with their rooms numbers. I was 10 on the tiremeter by the time I got home!nimage

So I guess its more than slightly obvious that I’ve typed this Friday before I have gotten home.  I’m on the first plane. I guess its supposed to snow and rain through to Wednesday (Fargo is going to be in the 70s all that time) so no hiking for me on Saturday. Booooo. Heck I may even struggle to get my something new happening! We’ll see, I have some thoughts 😀

I got home about 2230 on Friday night. I unpacked and put my washing on then got to bed about 2300. Sunset from a plane. I would love to jump and bounce on that world of soft pillows!

Saturday was a fairly lazy day. I got up about 0800. Okay, I failed to get up, I was tired and the weather was rubbish. I guess I got to the gym about 0830, I did a workout then met a lovely chap for brunch, Jordan. First dates are weird beasts but I’m super glad I’ve taught myself to talk and be social…makes these situations much easier. So we went to The Market on Larimer in the city. Jordan is an interesting chap, one of eight kids, a travelling nurse in predominantly pediatrics. Travelling means he does three ish months in a place then goes to the next. Brunch and coffee were quite nice at The Market, the breakfast pocket is an oversized samosa with eggs, bacon, and cheese…I don’t want to know anyone who would complain about that for breakfast! Yum.

When I got home I had a quiet afternoon, watching the snow and rain outside but also doing a little work and drinking half a growler 🙂 nice way to spend an afternoon! I did watch this movie:

You screw up just this much you’ll be flying cargo plane full of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong.

I do enjoy a young Val Kilmer.

Sunday is going to be a busy day, one which I’m not sure I’ll find the time to post in. So I guess you can enjoy a post ended on a Saturday. Look at me embracing change!

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