A Special Case

According to the grandboss, it’s true. We had a discussion at work about pursuit management and I noted that I could handle three to five bids at any time. The submission date and size / complexity would govern how many. I got a couple of ‘what the’ style looks and a ‘well you’re a special case’. Short bus special I’m sure 😀 I guess not everyone can multitask, I’ve got three at the moment plus the Diversion, if I had only one I’d be so so so bored!

On Tuesday morning it snowed again. Sure it didn’t snow terribly much, and it didn’t add to the accumulation, but that’s only because it’s been fairly warm, or at least a little above freezing. Still, it snowed and I was cursing it. I’m done with the snow for now.  I’m not sure I need super hot summer but I am done with sloshing through snow and snow-melt. Oh and washing Red every day (feels like but really week).


Tuesday evening I went for a drink with  Scott. We tried out a bar which is close to my new office, the Dusty Boot. Dave suggested it as a small bar, turns out it is smaller than other places but it is by no stretch of the imagination a small pub. I’m still on the hunt for a small local!
I had some troubles with Mike the bar man as well. Sure I made his life slightly tricky, but still… It went like this: Rhiannon “I’d like a beer please, surprise me. Anything except a stout”. He returns with a vodka cranberry. Not sure how that qualifies as beer but hey, I drank it 🙂 the second try he managed a beer, buy it was quite a dark one, border line stout. I didn’t tip him much that’s for sure.

Wednesday night I braved Ikea. It wasn’t a huge effort but all that bloody walking! You go in and have to walk around the whole of the display area upstairs, then down stairs you go and they make you walk through the entire marketplace before you get to the self serve area. I know, they’re all the same, but I remember Australia having a short cut through… I couldn’t find it.
By the time I did all that hiking through the shop and got home it was about 1900 so I ate and managed to put together two of the bookcases. The third was Thursday nights job. I had so many more struggles with getting the darned doors on than I did with making the bookcases!  Hell, I still haven’t finished the last door, hence you don’t get a photo of that labour.

In more work news, the office is moving. There are about 500 people in my building moving to the new office, which will have 1100 people in it. The astonishing thing to me is that the company had us not work on Friday, and really they encouraged no work Thursday afternoon either. I cannot fathom that 1.5 days of severely reduced productivity for 500 people is cheaper than getting moving people in on a weekend. On Thursday there was: no tea, coffee, hot or cold water from midday; No printers from 1100; The server went down at 1600.image

*****52 New Things*****

So I managed to take my flex day this fortnight, if only because they said we weren’t allowed to work. So I went on adventure. Remember the other week when I went to Indian Springs and I was disappointed? I did some research after that and noted there are hot springs a few hours south, Mt Princeton. I found hot springs, and they are awesome! Finding the door was a little tricky :

But once I got inside, heavenly! And the whole make your own temperature thing in the creek is cool. Hot spring water plus cold snow melt equals mmmmmmm.

After a thorough soaking, where I managed to get quite dizzy, I assume from the heat and altitude creating dehydration, I rehydrated at the Eddyline Brewery in Buena Vista. Chatting with a local couple in the hot springs they gave two lunch recommendations. I went with the brewery. Great grapefruit ale, so good I got me another growler. (I have now put the empty one in the boot so I don’t have to buy a new growler, just get that one filled. Win!)

Wandering around town I also got another whiskey (oops, turning alcoholic) and a goats cheese and ground goat meat. The people at the cheese place were really sweet. They told me all about the super old lady, so old we don’t ask her age, who looks after the goats and started the place up. They do an ash cheese, layers of ash through the cheese, that wasn’t quite my favourite… I got the chilli option, I suspect I’m getting good at hot foods!


I also saw all sorts of signs and statues. I can only assume that the slower night speed is to reduce damage when you hit a deer or elk.
The scenery was so different to around Denver and the hills I’ve visited up this way. It was so open! But also great hills. We were talking today about the 14ers on the plan for this season, Mt Princeton is on the list but I suspect it will kick my butt! It’s 13 miles round trip with something like 5400ft elevation gain. That will hurt. But it looks super pretty!


Okay, so I’m only up to Friday. There is more to go!
Saturday. I planned to sleep in and relax etc. I guess I did just that. Then I headed to the Denver Flea Market. It’s a big weekend long event just north of Denver. I have to admit it wasn’t much flea market and more local artisans. I expect more random junk etc at a flea market…this had very little to none. I got a hot sauce, some hot chilli beef jerkey, and a really cool rolling pin. I doubt I’ll be using the rolling pin for its purpose because it is a bit short. It’s intended for tortillas and I’m unlikely to make tortillas, so it will sit on the book case looking super cool.


I think I was most impressed with the general area, this is where there is really cool graffiti art!


And my two favourites:image

After that wandering I popped in to meet the guy who may become my new tattoo artist. I have booked a consult for Sunday to talk through what I’m after, if he gets the concept then I’ll book in to get started. On the way home I stopped at GBs Fish and Chips. Not terrible fish and chips, though I may be a little starved of them…it’s not a common thing here.

Just leaving GBs and mum calls, she’s in a pickle! She somehow managed to lose her Mud Cake recipe. I have no idea how you can possibly lose the best chocolate cake recipe in existence but she did. Thankfully I have it in my cook book so I went straight home and took a photo of it to email to her. Not sure how it turned out, she said she used coconut flour….now that is odd. Will be interesting to hear how it went. Crisis averted and I popped back put to get my groceries and drop off a letter which arrived in my mail box for Scott at Subaru. That was funny…I just bowled up to his office and said “mail delivery”. The guys he was talking with had no idea how to take it! Gold. Then I went home and crashed out.

Sunday. Well aren’t you lucky? Saturday was fairly short and painless 🙂 Sunday I got a call at 0701 from Michael asking if we were meeting for a walk. I replied in the affirmative. Lucky, he was at my place…I’d thought he’d forgotten and was still at home or something. Chad and Stella arrive about ten minutes later. I’d chosen Mt Falcon for this hike, it’s lower and faces east so less snow. We got to the trail head before eight and headed off. Good hike. It was a 10 mile round trip and according to Michaels tracker thing about 2200ft gain. So decent training for these 14ers. Artsy photo of a seat, red rocks (can’t wait for concerts there!), and the Mercers. Little Franky came with us. Dear soul is about 6 inches high, a dachshund. He did the whole 10 miles with us then just wanted to play ball when we got back!

And now it’s Sunday night and I’m good and shattered. Early bed tonight for sure! This week we move into the new office so Monday will be interesting, then Wednesday we’re off to sunny Fargo!

Have a great week all, and happy Anzac day to all the Aussies.

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