[Re-Insert Winter Here]

This week has been another week, yep another I hear you say!  I guess I’m going to struggle for a big impressive new thing after last weeks hike.  The work week was just another week of work.  Thankfully not the long days of the last couple of weeks.  This week I managed to leave around 1600/1700 every day.  So nice.  Tuesday night I had a massage, Stella is pretty darned good if you ask me.  For such a slight lass she really packs a punch!  Thursday we had the final installment of the Fortnightly Social from Havana Street at the Two Penguins.  Wasn’t a bad night, again only a few of the regulars came along; about half of them had other things come up so it was a small set. Good evening though so happy days.  Oh, and if you’re a fan of home made chips – these are awesome!  (Note for Aussies, chips are cold, fries are hot, whether they’re thin or thick and chunky. I’ve been caught out)

So yes, winter has reasserted itself in Denver.  It is currently about midday on Sunday and it has snowed since about midnight Friday night.  Some big weather system came through and decided that it would hang around, holding on to these big mountains, for a few days.  I don’t like that…okay, I have no problem with snow but I prefer it to be during the week…I am getting this whole addicted to being outside thing going really well.  I can’t believe I have Colorado Guilt on a snowy day!  This is a real disease, and it has infected me with a gusto. Spring to winter overnight.

So, lets start off with another little bit of catch up from last week.  I guess when I posted on Sunday night I missed the whole getting photos from others aspect.  Here are a few.


The Four Amigos: Michael, Stella, Chad, and I


This is where we were going, from the top of the first scramble. You’re looking at the higher Bear Peak South from the slightly lower Bear Peak North.


A decent pic of the scramble to get the Bear Peak (North). A little exposure on this one, don’t slip in either direction!\

Right – so now we’re all caught up, on to last week.  Erk, I’m a bit of a scatter brain today (serves me right for spending the morning curled up on the couch, in front of the fire, with a yummy cup of tea, reading my book.  And by ‘my book’ I mean Leanne’s book which can now be turned into paper flowers.  Favourite quote from the book:

I was dropped as a baby.  Into a pool of awesomeness and badassery.

– T-shirt

I think I’m up to Friday  night…

Friday I went bowling with Aric, John, and Elinore.  Fun night!  I haven’t been bowling for oh so many years.  I opened with a strike!  I offered to end the game right there and then, but of course the others wouldn’t have any of that nonsense.  So we kept playing and we ended in an odd situation where John and Elinore were on the same score and Aric and I were on the same score.  I highly suspect that when John and Elinore tied that Aric decided it would be amusing if we did also, so he only hit just what he needed to make that happen.  We then played a second game and Aric turned up the heat a bit – five strikes in a row.  Yep, he knows how to bowl that’s for darned sure.


Saturday morning I did some of the boring house chores.  Washing, groceries, cooking.  With the snow I felt like stew was the best bet, so a nice hearty beef stew was cooked.  Oh, and I made Pavlova for dessert on Saturday night.  Amusingly no one in this country seems to know what Pavlova is, but Anna and Wlad are certainly converts, even though Wlad isn’t a huge fan of raspberries he still cleaned up his plate full.  About 1600 I headed up to Annas place and she cooked up a southern storm.  I have officially had a southern meal cooked by a southern belle 🙂  We had shrimp and grits.  As it turns out, grits is just polenta, but the word polenta reminds Anna of the word placenta so we don’t say polenta 🙂


Saturday night was Rodeo Night!  Oh boy, I do enjoy the rodeo.  This one was up at the National Western event center again.  The place was fairly quiet.  I’m positive that the sales showed many more tickets sold but with the weather being as rubbish as it was I can only assume that everyone decided that staying home was the best bet.  I love the spectacle of the rodeo, and the ridiculously over the top things the announcers say, for example:

When you talk to this guy it is obvious he is a real man.  His favorite book is the Bible.


Here tonight you realize that this is the best nation in the world.

Last night was a combination of all events, the final of three rounds of rodeo.  They did bareback broncos, steer roping, team roping, calf roping, saddle broncos, barrel racing, and the bull riding.  The steers they sent out for the roping weren’t so good, I think only two teams actually got them secured, the others stopped dead, or sprinted so damned fast the arena wasn’t long enough.  The bulls weren’t so good either, no one managed to get the full eight seconds on them.  No one.  Maybe that means the bulls were too good?  I dunno, it wasn’t so great.  The barrel racing was awesome as usual – 15.8 seconds was about the going rate, though the girl who won managed 14.7 seconds, second was 15.4 I think.  Here is a selection of photos.


I popped Anna and Wlads rodeo cherry.  For a southern girl I haven’t a clue how she’s managed to never go to the rodeo, all the cowboys were from the south / ‘mid west’.  I think I managed to convert them to the fun of rodeo too, though they were very concerned for the welfare of the calves…the rope around the neck worried them by the sound of it.  I just reminded them that all the calves got up looking perfectly happy and that when they grow up they can get their own back if they get into the bucking.  Didn’t quite work, but oh well.

I managed to make friends with a cowboy in the making too.  Before the show started a bloke came by with a lad of about 10, put him on the seat just in front of me, and told him to wait until he came back.  Turns out the dad was one of the competitors, in the roping events.  The kid was a good lad, he was happy to tell me all about how rubbish the steers were and how he’s looking forward to being a cowboy when he grows up too.  He probably would have been good at the mutton bustin’, dammit – I didn’t ask him if he did that!

And on to Sunday.  Well I already told you about the slack start I got.  Then I got myself mentally prepared for the mall.  I probably didn’t need to, the place was dead quiet.  I think I like this sort of weather if it keeps everyone else away from the places I want to be! 🙂  I headed in to Nordstroms and ten minutes emerged with the dress for my best-mans duties.  Its a pretty good dress…as dresses go of course, there is an in-built ‘goodness’ limit, and its relatively low being a dress and all.

Oh, and finally:  52 New Things

I tried a new cafe.  I haven’t ventured out for coffee for some time.  I think Genessee ruined me, it was a great place.  I guess Milano coffee isn’t too bad, but the place doesn’t have the feel of Genessee.  They do have two sets of comfortable chairs, so if you get them, all is well.  Otherwise, the timber chairs I cannot imagine are particularly conducive to a long relax.


Happy week all you Aussies, just dragging yourselves out of bed

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