Six Month Update

For those playing along at home I’m at six months post op!
Very exciting for me.

So for an update…I have recovered really quite well I believe. I’m not sure that I’m back to where I was before this whole ordeal started, but I’m doing really quite well.

I have been able to hike up the Manitou Incline (Manitou Incline), 0.88 miles to achieve a 2000ft elevation gain, with a total hike of 7 miles.


I’ve also hiked the bear peaks, two going up to about 8800ft. It was a 10 mile hike, with some scrambles and snow, a total of 3000ft altitude gain over the course of the hike.


I haven’t been lifting much yet. I have been keen and doing some body weight workouts. The gym at home isn’t so great for decent lifting.  I’ll get back to that when we move to the new office, it has a gym with some barbells, more space, and some smith machines.  No squat racks but smith will do the trick.  It will be interesting to see how I go with a combo of lifting and running.

There has also been a nice positive I’ve noticed in the last couple of weeks…my hair is falling out less! I realise that I didn’t have any of the evil chemo process buy for the last couple of years I had noticed more hair falling out, lots of hair. It was quite alarming at the time. Now I have noticed significantly less hair falling put. I guess my body is done with the stress and now I can recover.


I think there are two keys to my swift recovery:
1. Relaxing recovery – huge shout out to Ben, Leanne, and Mum for making that’s weeks as relaxing as possible.
2. Being strong and healthy to start with – I doubt I’d have recovered so fast if I was in my old fat and unfit mode.

Huge thanks to everyone who has in one way shape or form helped me through this process.

Okay, so here is a little addition because I totally forgot to write it when I did the rest of the post. I feel like a 14 year-old again! Hang in there, it makes sense in a bit 🙂
I have been on the pill since I was a teenager. I rarely took the sugar pills, only a couple of times a year. Now I’ve got no uterus there is no need to take the pill but I still have my ovaries so the darned things still pop out an egg every month. You know the hormonal malarkey you go through when that happens? Well by 32 I should be good at dealing with it, but I’m not. I get grumpy randomly and only recently realised it’s likely because I’m ovulating. Ridiculous… Learning all that shit again, ugh. Sure it’s better than menopause at this age I guess, but still…really bizarre.

2 thoughts on “Six Month Update

  1. So proud of you mate. I can definitely see how quickly you have recovered, even with all the stresses of moving out there straight after your initial recovery. And your fitness and general health seems to be doing really well now!
    So glad you are doing so well. Cant wait to see you in November!


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