Why do I do This?

Its true – why do I say ‘yes, I’ll go on that hike, sounds like fun!’ when its a 9 mile dual summit marathon style thing?  I must be crazy 🙂  It was great fun though, I guess I don’t regret it at all.  But I digress, that is the last thing on a long list of things I’ve done this week.

Monday was a Monday.  It has a fairly low in-built fun limit.  It was a long day with a few frustrations and a quite long day.  I’m getting good at these long days.  On Tuesday I actually thought bugger ’em  and went for a run in the morning, just a lazy 5 miles in 50 minutes finished by 0515.  It was a beautiful morning and made me much more ready to attack the day (go those endorphin’s!). I did not succeed with getting out of bed any other morning 🙂
Wednesday I submitted the bid for Cabin Creek. Big day. Friday we met with Juergen, the Toshiba proposal manager, to discuss it. Nothing

Thursday evening I had a wonderful massage. Stella is Chads missus, we’ve been to a number of games together. Lovely lass, and pretty good masseuse. No wait, massage therapist. Apparently here masseuse has such sexual connotations that anyone not offering or alluding to offer more is known as a therapist. Anyway, I was so twisted up that an hour wasn’t enough so I go back Tuesday evening to keep going. Serves me right for not having a massage for five months.

Friday evening I had another new activity…I went to a Basketball game! It was okay. I guess I’m not much of a Basketball fan, just don’t know the game at all, and the atmosphere was good but not great. The latter may be due to the nosebleed seats we had, but even then you got some atmosphere, just not as good as hockey. Heck, they even needed all the local plus some interstate mascots to try and make it interesting.

52 New Things:
Saturday night … roll on the new stuff.  I went painting cats 🙂  Yep, exactly what it sounds like, at the Denver Cat Cafe they hold occasional evenings where someone comes in and teaches you to paint a picture of a cat, in the place where a host of cats live as they wait for adoption. It was pretty fun. It’s a fairly small group, I think ten of us, and four of the ten were a girls birthday party. The picture we had was the Cheshire cat, and no I did not take a pic of the original, mine is close enough 🙂

Sunday was where things went a little am I crazy.  Michael and Chad finally aligned their schedules so we could go for a hike around Bear Peak, well two peaks. It was a great day, 10 miles of hiking, 3000ft of elevation gain, six hours hiking, eight tired legs. We stopped in for a burger on the way home, damn that was a good burger! Even if it was crap it was great, just what we needed.
Quote for the day I love to summit anything.




4 thoughts on “Why do I do This?

  1. Massive Oxymoron in the second paragraph… You’re talking about your fifty minute 5mile run and you say “bugger ’em” hmmmm, Aussie or American? Make your mind up… 😉
    So how IS the altitude going? Not noticeable while exercising now?


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