A Rainy Sunny Week

This place is so similar to home in some ways, four seasons in a day.  I guess its not quite in a day terribly often, but certainly four season in the week!  Early this week it was a lovely week, beautiful sunshine.  Mid week snow, rain, hail, etc.  Back to Friday – beautiful sunny days!

I guess I last posted on Monday so you got all the weekends mayhem.  I promised a hectic week and yes – it was a hectic week!  I finally paused to draw a breath about lunch time on Friday.  Go Go Go.

Monday we had a few meetings, Tuesday we had the long afternoon never-ending meeting (business development folk can talk!).  On the plus side of Tuesdays meeting we got a go to pursue the next bid.  Another one for the same Californian client, playing in creeks.  Bring on the work!  Wednesday was a day of trying to fill in all the bid start-up information, get it out to all the people that need to make decisions / think about the bid before we can get a full price together.  In terms of getting my normal things done, Thursday was a write-off.  Thursday we had a morning meeting with a client where the local teams don’t seem to have any clue what their scope is (as opposed to the scope from their international teams), frustrating.  The afternoon was a bid review meeting, a very well done job by Dan.  Friday was a bit of catch up and then an early mark.

So that was work.

Wednesday evening was a jam packed night.  Not only did the snow start coming in but also the transport team had a win!  They managed to win a road job here in Colorado, so there was quite some excitement.  Thursday was planned to be the fortnightly drinks, but I changed it to Wednesday night so the guys could have a good win celebration.  Very exciting the first of many is the plan.  So Wednesday evening we went to a place called Maggie Smiths, and Irish bar down the road.  Decent type of place, still a big pub but not a mammoth one.  Pity it isn’t closer to my house, its close but not walk-able (you can see where I’m going with that!).

After a beer with the guys there I braved the snow and headed downtown.  Okay, there wasn’t much braving required to be fair.  I got about five minutes north of my place and it was just raining, then another couple of minutes and it wasn’t even doing that.  So I’m glad I did brave the ‘snow’ because I had a great night with Anna, Anna’s mom (intentional ‘o’) Sandra, Jaclyn, Uma, and Trilce – girls night out.  I just had a glass of wine because, well, I like Red, and my life!  It was lovely to meet Annas mom, Uma, and Trilce.  Jaclyn I’m also glad I got to catch up with again because I’d lost her number in the great phone smashing…so I’m all caught up there now.  Uma is a fascinating woman, 42 (I was shocked), Singaporean, oil and gas sector (on rigs) for the last 15 plus years, lives at Bridgwater (just around the corner from me).  I’ll have to catch up with her some more also!


Friday I had a surprise evening. Aric and his house mates, Jon and Carlos, we’re hosting a games night. I initially pleaded out as computer games aren’t my thing. Turns out Ben and S (?) were in town from a place called Frederick, and they like board games. It was a fun evening. Headed out for Thai first, not too shabby, then I played a round of oh hell then I headed off. I had a great time, but also a mission.
This is a tight knit group, three of them have known each other since primary school in Iowa. Seems they broke away for a while then Carlos came to Colorado. Jon followed, seems they’re great mates, then S missed the two of them too much and moved over too. Ben and S are married so of course Ben came along. Aric fell into the group from chatting with Carlos at Starbucks and eventually ended up living with Jon and Carlos. Carlos is the glue.
Funny story: Ben was writing initials on paper to score oh hell and realised that if Jon and Carlos swapped the initials would spell “carsbj”. I was super impressed by the dedication to amusement when they did swap! I’d have tried for carbjs but hell, the dedication! Thanks Aric, Jon, and Carlos for a great evening.

Saturday I managed to drag my tired head out of bed nice and early and headed up the hill for sunrise. It was a slight disappointment, the spot I liked is no good now, the sun has moved that little bit further north and there is a hill in the way now. Dammit, going to have to go sunrise hunting again. I can’t wait for the Mt Evans road to open, can’t miss sunrise from the highest peak in the immediate vicinity 🙂 Breakfast was totally worth it! I love breakfast burritos, especially when they’re the size of a cat.


So this artsy one is a cool shot if you ask me. My favorite for sure. FYI That is not a handprint. I’m thinking bear.

So after avoiding bears and having breakfast in Idaho Springs I went for a stroll through town, actually did what I was thinking of doing last time I was in this town. I guess with daylight savings the sunrise is still later so there is less time to kill between sunrise and shops opening. I did initially want to walk up Chief Mountain, looks like a good one, but the snow is too deep for me in that area, and it was all of 16 degrees (Fahrenheit) so I stuck with a big ‘bugger that’.

52 New Things:
I then headed to the Indian Springs hot springs. Disappointing to be honest. I guess I have been spoilt by the amazing natural hotpots in Iceland but really, I’m sure they could make this less…commercialised…expensive…and stoopid. Well, I tried. I needed a relax after the week I had. I guess I soaked for about an hour.

After a relaxing hour I wandered on home and had a snooze on the couch. I love weekends, nanna naps are the best! Then of course comes the rubbish part of weekends, the groceries and cooking. I only managed to get the jambalaya on to cook overnight so Sunday morning chores continued. Wash sheets, towels, and put beef on to cook. Site life was so much easier.

By the time I was done with chores it was about 1130, but I had a case of Colorado Guilt so I headed south to check out some walks with the intent of doing one that wasn’t crowded. Fail, they were all rammed with people. Note to self get up, explore, then chores. I did get a message from Anna that saved my day.

BBQ at their place. I headed home and got my togs, popped by safeway for some chicken and went up to Anna and Wlad’s. It was a lovely relaxing afternoon by their pool with good people, good food, good weather. Loved it. Didn’t swim, the breeze was up and as much as the pool may have been a tolerable temperature (though certainly on the cool side), getting out would have sucked. A lot.

I came home, read a specification for work, ate and headed to bed. Now it’s Sunday night and I’m about to start reading The Dirt on the Ninth Grave before I chop it up. Have a great Aussie week all!

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