First up here are a few catch up stories from last week.

On Friday I took some biscuits and one of the jars of Nutella into the office.  Two of the quotes were ‘that could be habit forming’, I think Chuck was a convert, he went back for thirds and fourths.  Don, who is quite the quiet most of the time, actually got a little animated!  His comment ‘that’s outrageous’.  I suspect that one is a winner.  Note to self for the next pot luck I organize – people like homemade Nutella.  Well no shit Sherlock, that stuff is amazing!

While at Olmsted I met Tom.  He is from  Dorman Long.  He sent me this link to his site with some info about the work that they do over there.  Tom is on my left and Glenn on my right in the photo below.


I went and saw Don on Tuesday to get Red washed nice and properly.  We of course got to chatting.  He was telling me that he met his wife on the dance floor.  They were both at the Stampede (some Country dance place in town) and they were there with their respective partners.  Jennifer was on a first date and Don was there with his bimbo girlfriend, but they had a mutual friend there.  The story goes that the friend and Jennifer were sitting at the bar and the friend says If you could marry anyone who would you choose.  Jennifer’s response was That guy as Don danced around the bar with his bimbo. A couple of nights later Don gets a call from the mutual friend.  After some chatter mutual friend says When you’re done with the bimbo let me know, I’ve got the perfect girl interested in you.  Some pushing the ‘who’ didn’t work, mutual friend stood firm.  No details.  A few weeks later Don was done with the bimbo and called mutual friend.  Jennifer and Don have been together ever since.  In his words “She parked me”, I understand this to mean that he was a little bit of a player in his past and when they got together he changed.

I’m going to jump around chronologically, but continue this story.  On Monday Don called while he was driving, with Jennifer in the car, they were on the way to dinner.  So the purpose of his call, to invite me to Easter Sunday brunch with his family.  I agreed – can’t complain about brunch and meeting some new people.  So Sunday I went to brunch.  Seems like he may have been quite the cad before Jennifer ‘parked’ him.  It was a lovely brunch.


So the beautiful little old lady is June, Dons mum (Don is the guy to my right).  So June has the same car as me, she calls hers Ruby.  Love it.Brian is on my left, I guess he’s 29 ish, then Jennifer, June, Donny (they like to recycle names), Rachel, and Don Jnr.   Don Jnr isn’t so junior, but he’s younger than his dad (der), Don Snr,.  So lovely June prefaced my easter basket with the easter bunny had a hell of a time finding me, but he heard that I was having brunch with the McIntosh’s so he sent this.  Love it, pity that I was sitting so far from her, she’s a lovely little old lady.  Lucky for me I’d made some Rocky Road (which they’ve never heard of, though they have had Rocky Road Icecream – go figure).  Jennifer is a pretty fascinating woman, she’s been the physio for Colorado School of Mines (or one  of those colleges) for nineteen years, thats pretty cool.  She gets to travel with the various teams and aims to not have to do anything, means the kids aren’t injuring themselves.  She also gets to wear trackies to work every day (yes, I had to explain the ‘trackies’, not a yankee word), she refuses to be bled on her normal nice clothes…and that happens approximately every day.  Charming job.

52 New Things:
Funny story about the Peep (the pink thing on the fruit plate).  On Sunday  morning Chad and Michael were throwing around some barbs – because we can – and Chad said he was going to spend the day eating peeps and chocolate.  I thought he just threw out a typo, turns out they’re a super typical yankee thing for easter.  Peeps are obesity waiting to happen, they’re marshmallow covered in pink sugar.  It was great fun ripping his head off and then his ears! 🙂

So back to Monday and Tuesday the moon was up when I was running and it was pretty awesome, setting while I was finishing up my run.

Wednesday was quite an interesting day.  I got up at my normal time and went to the gym, it was  raining so I wasn’t running outside.  By the time I was done with the gym it had started snowing a tiny bit.  Shower, breakfast, etc., get to work and its snowing a fair amount.  I checked the weather and realised that they’re predicting possibly some decent snow.  I made the call and decided that being stuck at home in mad snow is better than being stuck at work.  I was in the office all of half an hour and I had to clean about two inches of snow off Red before I could head home.  It was still early enough that there weren’t many people and the snow was not great to drive in but by going slowly Red and I were perfectly fine.  I got home and set up my office on the floor in front of my fire.  I have to admit that a lot of the day I spent trying to convince myself not to get mesmerised by the swirling snow.  I believe it was about a foot of snow here.  The city was totally shut down.

Thursday was an icy day.  After the wet snow and a tiny bit of melt plus a freezing night, equals really really frozen and slippery.  It was an uneventful day at work.  Thursday night, on the other hand, we went to the hockey.  Flyers versus Avalanches.  Long story short, Flyers won – kicked butt!  It was a fun night.

Friday was another day of work.  Just another day.  It was hard work because I was tired after the late night at the hockey.  It was quite busy though because Mark finally made it back (the airport was closed for the storm) and had heaps to throw my way.  I love it when he appears and says Coops you’re late.  Always means that there is something he’s forgotten to forward but needs to be done super fast.

Saturday I did a workout then I headed to the mall.  Cherry Creek Mall this time, it is much less over the top than the Park Meadows Mall, its more like Chadstone in that its modern etc.  There I met with Alejandra and she gave her opinion as I tried on a few dresses for the wedding.  I’d give you photos but that would ruin the surprise now, wouldn’t it?  Suffice to say, they’re black 🙂  We also went to the cinema and watched Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.  That was a decent movie, oddly.  I wasn’t expecting a whole lot, Tina Fey is bloody funny but I’ve never seen her as serious.  Turns out that she can be serious.  Good movie.

Sunday we’ve already covered…there was a workout then brunch and then some snoozing on the couch followed by a little work.  Yep, a typical Sunday afternoon.  This is threatening to be quite a busy week…so lets see how we go!


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  1. So friendly rabbit gets to keep his head and ears, but poor little peep is lost in battle along side….fruit salad? Whats a rabbit to do…..
    And surely Don Snr should know you don’t make friends with salad!

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  2. Just lovely to read again, thankyou – even though I have heard most of it when we talk. xxx

    On Tue, Mar 29, 2016 at 12:27 PM, Rhiannons Rambling wrote:

    > arj1984 posted: “First up here are a few catch up stories from last week. > On Friday I took some biscuits and one of the jars of Nutella into the > office. Two of the quotes were ‘that could be habit forming’, I think > Chuck was a convert, he went back for thirds and fourth” >

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