A Catch Up

Ok, I’m sorry, I got so far behind that it got all too daunting.  So you’re going to get a photo essay of my last couple of weeks, and I’ll put in a bit of a catch up wordy one for things not in this.  Fair?  Okay, I don’t care if you think its fair or not – I don’t have the time to write this weekend, its already 1700 on Sunday night and I’m still cooking and doing washing.  Yep, things have become busy.  Yay.  For context, the long blogs rarely come from one sitting, I usually get time through the week to update every day or two, but without that time, I just got so behind.

So, starting at the beginning, because that is a great place to start eh.  Bummer, the start is all words!  Okay, so the week before last was really quite busy.  I went in to work on Monday, my I-decided-it-was flex day.  Nothing much interesting there.  Tuesday we had the High Performance Program (HPP) kick off.  That was a good day.  Bloody makes me think about stuff too much, but a good day.  The keys to this program are experiential learning and emotional intelligence.  A slight shame, I’d rather see more business acumen in there but we are an engineering organisation after all and men lack in emotional intelligence more than business acumen.  One winner for me was that I was seated next to the project manager for the Olmsted Dam Project – the one that Mark was on for six years, that they thought I may go to, that is the only major project we’ve got going in the water resources group.  As it turns out the person you sit with is your accountability partner – make sure you’re doing the things you should be – so Kevin may get a dose of Rhiannon…he’ll learn 🙂

Wednesday through Friday were days of meetings.  Thursday and Friday were 8 hours of meetings apiece so I felt super behind by the time I got to the weekend.  I worked a bit on the weekend.  Friday I went out with Anna, Wlad, Jacklyn, and Chris.  The latter two  are friends of Anna and Wlad.   We went to  the Comedy Works in the city downtown, saw a guy who was quite funny and somewhat crude.  Gran you would have struggled, so would Pa.  Anyways, after the comedy we headed to a bar that turned out to be a jazz club.  Oh boy the pianist was getting into it!  I dunno whether it was great jazz, but it was live and it was fun.

On Saturday I did the Hidden Mesa walk, about nine miles along the flat, up on to a plateau, then back down.  I guess I jogged more of it than I walked, but it was still hard work in my tired state.  I probably should have done it in the afternoon but I woke up early and dragged my sorry ass out of bed and got it done.  Then I worked.

Sunday I was exhausted so it was a work and rest and try to catch up day.  Didn’t quite make the catching up, but I tried.  Monday morning it was an 0500 pick Mark up ((because he struggles to be awake at that time) and go to the airport.  Chicago here we come.

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Monday afternoon we had meetings with Walsh about the Fargo-Moorhead Diversion (this team made the news!).  We had dinner with our new partners then Mark and I may have played hookey on Monday evening and visited a blues club.  It wasn’t a late night but I’d not have gone if we had another 0700 flight.   Fun night 🙂

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Tuesday afternoon we headed to Paducah.  Where is that I hear you say?  Well its in Kentucky, a nowhere  town in a nowhere state.  You can only fly there via Chicago, despite the size of the other airports in the country, Chicago is the only one that flies to Paducah.  We landed about 1630, no time to get to the project, so we headed to Marks house and visited with one of his long time mate, Billy, who lives there.  Seems they have a similar house set up to Ben and I.  Funny bloke, reminds me a lot of Steve, really sweet family.  another good night.  I guess I learnt more about Mark than I need to in a boss / subordinate relationship.

Wednesday we visited The Project.  Hilarious thing happened.  Mark and I arrived about 0630.  Noel arrived about 0700.  Noels first day.  I beat him to his job on his first day – hilarious!  So I guess you made the connection, Kevin being the PM of this project, I got to catch up with him again, that was good to have a ten minute chat and help cement the relationship.  This project is super impressive.  Imagine setting 5000t shells of concrete into swiftly running water and getting it within 1/8″ accuracy.  Ridiculous!  Those guys are amazing…I need to work out a reason for me to be at Olmsted for a shell setting day.  That would be amazing.

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Wednesday night we had dinner with Noel and saw some of the downtown of Paducah.  Really quaint looking town.

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Thursday we headed back to Denver on another early plane, went to work for half a day, then I crashed.  Friday it was snowing.  Just what I wanted after 80 degrees in Paducah!

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Saturday it was still cold so I headed to the gym for a workout then tried out an English tea house.  I have to admit that the scones weren’t great.  Gran makes better.  Not sure I’d make better, but I’ll try.  They were tiny too, one was about half of what I expect!  Maybe I’m spoilt with decent big scones from Churinga.  On the way back I stopped in at Murdochs, a farming and stock store.  I got a few tops and had a poke around.  Saturday night I had a big totally out there night…J and I started making Leannes paper flowers.  Can I here register just how devastating it is to rip into a book?  Pulling them apart is so sad!

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Sunday was somewhat huge.  Well not really, just a super walk.  I hiked up the Manitou Incline.  Google it.  But some of the statistics: 0.88 mile distance; 2750 stairs; 2000ft elevation gain; about 400 stairs to go after the false summit.  Yep, it was hard work.  Actually, I walked with Aric and he was cramping so we stopped quite often for long stops.  I’d have gone harder on my own but also it would have hurt a hell of a lot more.  Here are the photos.

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So its been a busy couple of weeks.  I’ve ended it with blogging, ribs, and cider.  I like bbq ribs.  Total convert.  And I’m sure I can justify the calories on a day like today.

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