The Story Continues Pt2

I have to admit there are days that I think this whole blogging this is a crock of shit.  I give you all the fun things I’m doing, the bad things that go on (though admittedly there are few of these), and all I get in return is…well occasionally I get an email.  Oh well…I’ve got to remember that I write these things down for me as well.  That way I remember all the great things I have done and it is preserved in some format for years to come.  The moral of this rant is please engage people!  Some are better than others, but a comment with a what you’re up to or drop me an email, or give me a Skype call after about your noon.  Erk…maybe I’ve had too much Pisco Sour and have been listening to Omar too much (who is terribly homesick and he’s Canadian).  Rant over.

Okay, so where was I?  New thing number nine was a trip to the number one Denver fire station.  Oh yeah, that was cool 🙂

Okay, so we were walking the 1.3 miles between the disappointing sculpture exhibit and the Printed Page II exhibit.  That was an amusing stroll, at least the child to adult ratio was one to one.  Its amusing that we paired off with Mark and Helen, Jane and I, and Keila and young Ross for most of the walking.  Helen seems to be Marks favourite though I suspect that is at least slightly because Jane is at the difficult stage and Ross is so young, and all about Minecraft not anything outdoors and fun (my kind of fun anyways :)).  The Printed Page II was a good exhibit, I really quite liked it, I’m glad that I made it there before it swapped out.  Basically the concept is that the artist use a book format to tell a story.  And by book format, that is quite a loose term.  Some are boxes that fold flat, others are folding versions of books, others again are standard books.  They all tell a story and as long as your hands are clean and dry you can pick them up and interact with them.  I really did enjoy that.  We of course weren’t allowed to take photos but this was hilarious – could you get more phallic for a gallery logo?

DSC_2790 (2)

We then wandered through some adjoining galleries ending up  at a coffee shop and a photo exhibit.  In there I saw a photo of a pomegranate, it was chopped in half and otherwise the colouring was good…but the highlight… … the title was “A Potential Jam”.  Absolutely love that!  So good.  The arts district has a big party thing every first Friday evening and every third Friday they have a more serious opening.  I may need to get to one of the Fridays and see what the go is.  The next gallery was two miles the other side of where we parked the car, so we headed back towards the car.  On the way we passed a whole lot of animal shelters, and a bit of fun art.  Talk about tongue out Tuesday!


We got back to the car and no parking ticket, I suspect the two hours of the ticket was well and truly expired by the time we got back to the car.  The final gallery was called Animalia.  The concept of course being art which includes animals.  This one was a much more upmarket and serious gallery style.  And the children were bored out of their dear minds.  Mark was  in some sort of heaven.  It was amusing to  see the difference…I could totally imagine me being the kids, even now :).  But there were some great pieces of art.  The first one as you walked in the door was a big painting of zebras with a woman in red, the zebras were fighting so there were teeth and hooves striking and the backing was all red tones…loved it.  I didn’t need to go any further.  There were a few other great pieces…one Mark tells me is by a guy who does quirky art that ends up on album covers etc.  This one was an octopus with clocks, a skyline, fire, all sorts of oddities…I could ponder it for days.  Both of those were more than $25 000 USD so there is no chance I’ll be buying them.  But a good place to end the day on.

After we headed home I did a quick grocery run, prepared a slow cooker meal, then headed back to Marks for dinner and another fire.  Their back yard was full of pine needles, and fallen leaves…after three weekends with fires and children, there  are no more pine needles.  This time the Sheltons brought dinner, steaks and salad.  And the Rawlinsons provided fire and a house with furniture, fires, and room for six children under twelve and five adults.  Steve got chatting about his early days with the company (he had a few beers – go the growler). Turns out he was on the same project as Pat in Egypt.  He was the money man.  One day he apparently walked through town with $1.8m, $900k in each hand.  I suspect the likelihood of any of us walking through a city with that much money is slim to none but mister accountant has done it.  He promises it was heavy and he was trying to be all too macho at the time.  It was well known on the project that he was the guy with the money, but he was also the guy who would fire you if you were sent to his office.  I recall something like over 1000 firing conversations in a year – I can’t imagine how shit you’d feel after that.  Makes all the ‘chase this down’ things Mark does to me pale in comparison. 🙂

So the highlight of the night – my first smores!!!  And there is photographic evidence.  Gram cracker, chocolate, and then you have to melt a marshmallow as much as possible without burning it.  You want it super hot so it melts the chocolate.  Thanks Steve for the awesome instructions! Messy but great.


Look at that, 1000 words and we’ve only talked about one third of Saturday.  Sorry Benno!  So much writing 😀  Sunday night I didn’t leave Marks until about 2300, just sitting about and chatting…oops, I can’t handle that!  The Elephants upstairs woke me up at 0730, so I kinda got moving.

Sunday I had one main goal – to walk to the top of Mount Falcon.  Spoiler alert: ***I succeeded***   First things first, I prepared the second slow cooker meal and set that cooking while I headed out to the mount.  The website says there is 2000ft of elevation gain when you start at the eastern car park and head to the summit.  When I look at the topographic map they have its not quite that much, but its close.  When I was talking to mum she put that into perspective for me – that is the elevation difference of Mount Dandenong from the ocean.  I couldn’t imagine walking up  Mt Dandy, but that is effectively what I did – and I’m planning to do it again (albeit at a different hill) next week.  I think some sort of insane worm has got into me.  That is just mad.  Yes, Ben has done it since he was a little kid, but that’s just not the way I was…astonishing.  But true, so there we go, it is what it is. The first four kilometers were hard work, but after that it got much easier.  Here are the good photos from that walk!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Nine miles in three and a half hours.  I think that isn’t bad. Chad agrees.  Especially considering that I ran around the Cherry Creek Reservoir on Saturday morning (seven and a half miles in itself).  Plus walking up Mt Dandy…yep…I’m aiming for these 14ers.  I want to do a few this season.  Fingers crossed I can handle the higher altitude, the exertion I think I’ll be able to handle.

And that was my week!  I hope you had a great one.

I’m tired now, quite tired  I really had a CBF Monday.  Winnie the Pooh says it best (though it may be somewhat interpretative, sorry Gran):


Finally, if you haven’t heard this song yet – you must.  I love this guys voice, and when he sings a classic like this one – the only word I have is epic.  The Sound of Silence by Disturbed.  Plus I get to see them in August.  I should not be so excited about something in over five months…especially something that will render me deaf for the rest of the week.  Happy Tuesday / Wednesday / whatever day it is for you!

Actually finally this time…sorry for the spelling and grammar. I haven’t proof read this post at all. Good luck!

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  1. Okay so I am seriously liking that band methinks though only listened to 2 tracks and now Steve is home. Grrrrrrrr! On 8 Mar 2016 15:19, “Rhiannons Rambling” wrote:

    > arj1984 posted: “I have to admit there are days that I think this whole > blogging this is a crock of shit. I give you all the fun things I’m doing, > the bad things that go on (though admittedly there are few of these), and > all I get in return is…well occasionally I get a” >

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