The Story Continues

First up, I have to apologise. I missed a story from last week!  Probably just as well with that super long post.  So the story is that after lunch on Friday I was walking home and walk right past Sports Authority, though by walk past mean walked in.  The local store is closing down as the company is in all sorts of financial trouble, so the place is a mess and everything is on sale.  I got a pair of runners and a top.  The top is a long sleeve, hooded tshirt, black and white with a university logo on it, the Colorado Buffalo’s.  note to future self, don’t buy university branded clothing in a country that is so devout to its universities. They’re more parochial to universities than we are that is for sure.  So I wore the top on Saturday and experienced a mix of reactions.
1. I walked into my coffee shop and Steven said something like when you walked in I was tempted to send you back out, then I realised you had no clue what was going on. Sweet…my barister didn’t like the top, I guess he went to a rival university.
2. The girl in the model railway thought I was a student and struck up a conversation based around school. Once she pegged the accent I saw the dawning cross her face.
3. While walking through the Rendezvous camp one of the blokes called out go Buffs go, I assume he was looking for an appropriate reaction and was disappointed when I walked over and explained the situation.
So you can see from bad to interested to enthusiastic…quite the array.

And now we return to our regular programming:

This week we’ve had quite a busy week.  So Benno, I’m really sorry, but you’re going to have another long  one and I cannot guarantee there will be Calvin and Hobbs to break it up.  If you’re lucky I’ll break the posts up – lets see how I go eh?

Monday started really quite well…there was a stunning sunrise to start the day.


Monday morning sunrise

So when I was in Target getting my, not groceries but Target things, I saw there were Tim Tams at two for $6, checking the label I discovered that they’re made in  Australia.  So of course I got two.  Couldn’t resist.  I worked out what to do with them too…educate my Stablemates about the amazing nature of Tim Tams.  About 1500 Monday I sent an email for an afternoon  snack, I didn’t have a huge number of takers, but the ones that tried them loved them.  The best was comment was Tim Tam’s are “highly palatable” – CLH. Highly palatable.  Gold.  And I thought I was a genius with the understatements.  I guess I still ate about six of the damned things.  Many people came by asking what Tim Tams are.

On Monday night I went for my jog and I saw deer.  We’re in the middle of a suburban area and there were four deer skittering across the path.  Sure there is a drain/creek running through the area, but the deer were a surprise to me.



Tuesday was uneventful, but I learnt a new local law.  This country sure has some odd ones.  This one is about banking.  I was transferring (via mobile app) some money from my savings account to my checking account and I was provided with a warning that said (and I paraphrase) you are nearing your maximum six transfers from this account, are you sure you want to proceed?  I ticked the ‘no thank you’ and changed the transfer to be a value that is enough to cover my bills until my next pay day.  I also shot an email to dear Sobia at Wells Fargo (love that girl).  She came back to me and said that it is a Federal rule that a maximum of six transactions be made on a savings account.  At this point allow me to explain the bank accounts:  The standard account is checking; I’m also set up with a savings account (which earns 0.1% interest per annum, because that is saving apparently); Finally there is a credit account (linked to the secure credit card).  So now you know the accounts I can say that my habit is to basically transfer all my money as soon as I’m paid into the ‘savings’ account then as I use the value in the checking account I replenish it from the savings.  In Australia this means that the maximum cash is earning interest at all times, here that’s not a big saving, it means that if anyone gets my debit card they have a limited value they can steal from me.  With this maximum transfers law, that puts the kybosh on that practice.  So I have googled the law and simple Wikipedia ( because the language in the other sites is too tricky for me:

In consumer banking, “Regulation D” often refers to §204.2(d)(2) of the regulation, which places a limit of six withdrawals or outgoing transfers per month from savings or money market accounts via several transaction methods. Transactions counted against the limit include “preauthorized or automatic transfer, or telephonic (including data transmission) agreement, order or instruction, or by checkdraftdebit card, or similar order made by the depositor and payable to third parties.” Regulation D does not emplace the six-time transfer limit on outbound savings or money market account transactions initiated in person, via messenger or mail; Over-the-Counter (OTC) withdrawals and transfers, ATM withdrawals and transfers, or instalment loan repayments.

So basically – you can make as many in person withdrawals / transfers as you like, but you can only make six online.  And you can deposit as much as you like into savings.  Maybe it is just me, but this is amusing, especially given that the interest is for all intents and purposes negligible.  I visited Sobia on Friday and got a second checking account so I can use it like the savings I had at home.

Wednesday I made a real car out of Red!  A vehicle license is kinda like a marriage license right?  I got a notice in the post saying that I should go to the Vehicle Licensing place and buy my vehicle registration.  Wednesday I did just that.  I headed in to the office, stood in queue for 45 minutes then when I got to the window the guy was super efficient and I got new license plates.  I got my I’m not a girly girl tool box out and screwed them into place.


Hmmm, Thursday was fortnightly social night.  We had a very low attendance.  About five people came.  Another five or so had said they’d come but for one reason or another they turned into pikers.  Probably just as well, I’d chose the ViewHouse for the venue but it was absolutely packed.  It was only Thursday night but there were no car parks.  There were no tables.  Lucky LeRoy headed early and got us a table early again so we were all set.  It was a good evening full of chatters and laughter.

Friday night we went to the hockey.  There were quite a crew of us, we went to dinner first at the Pioneers bar then we headed over to the Denver University game.  The bar was absolutely rammed…almost as busy as the ViewHouse the night before…so it took us a while to get a table and then dinner.  We were about ten minutes late to the game but that wasn’t a terrible thing, DU were winning already and moods were high.  Oddly there was a gymnastics competition across the hall – there were less empty seats at that than there were at the hockey!  I was surprised that there wasn’t more hubbub and atmosphere, I mean it was good fun, and heightened because DU were winning, but it could have been more rambunctious.


Some time during the week Mark had asked what I was up to for the weekend.  I’d planned to go to an exhibit called the Printed Page II, Saturday was its last day so I finally made the time and found another couple  of exhibits to add to the journey.  The first was a sculpture exhibit in the foyer of a building, and he third called Animalia.  Turns out Mark has a past life in art and decided that this would be a family outing.  I’m happy with that.  I’m not sure the children enjoyed their day but hey – they got a walk in and an arty education.  So first up was the sculptures because they closed at 1400.  There were only about fur sculptures, I was surprised, but it was interesting.  Mark then decided we’d walk  the 1.3 miles to the next place.  Lucky, because we got distracted by the Number One Fire Station in Denver, its now a museum.

*****New Thing No 9*****


It was an interesting museum.  Quite small, but not tiny.  There were some old school carriages from the days when horses pulled steam fired pumps, 1940s vehicles, 1950s vehicles (still used for parades and funerals), and a whole lot of cool stories.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This month Denver has also been burdened with the most desirable place to live label according to a U.S. News and World Report.  The 5280 magazine had the perfect byline.  I guess I’m lucky, I’ve lived in many of the best places to live: Melbourne, Perth, Denver.  Though London doesn’t rank in most lists – too big.

Welcome to Denver. Now Beat It.

Why being named “best place to live” by U.S. News & World Report is a double-edged sword.

5280 Magazine

So this is me over and out.  There  was more  of the weekend but it is bed time and the fire station is a nice place to close out, so I will.  Just so mum has something to read on her Monday night (these time differences continue to throw me).

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