Sunrise with Red

This morning I got up around the time I wake up…0430.  Off for an adventure.

Yesterday was a quiet day. I did my chores, made some calls, and generally relaxed. It felt like a slight waste of a day, especially because it was an absolutely stunning day, but whatever. I needed it, hotel beds (well the pillows to be more precise) are rubbish!  I mean feather pillows are great for back sleeping, but I side sleep…I’ve got to tell you it just doesn’t work.

Sunday, today, I got my butt out of bed super early.  I didn’t need to be waking up  at 0430, but hells bells, it was worth it.  I kinda wanted to go to Mt Evans but of course the road, which is the highest paved road in the USA, is closed for winter.  I guess they don’t need to be maintaining a road at 14200ft through winter.  I called the tourist info centre on Saturday and asked where a good place to watch the sunrise is – they told me that if I drive along the road to the base of Mt Evans there are spots you can stop and see the sunrise.

She was right.  There were a few spots that were positively amazing.  Its a pity that I didn’t manage to get to the final spot quite early enough, but the spot I initially chose was stunning.  So I’ll go back again one day and watch the sunrise from the spot.  Here are the photos, no words needed.

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Yep – I can’t wait to get up into these hills properly, with less snow and ice.  The drive was great fun up over Squaw Pass (or something like that).  Next time I’ll go straight to Idaho Springs and the view spot then will drive home via the pass so I can see it in daylight.

After seeing the sunrise and cruising slowly, exploring my way to Idaho Springs, I needed something to do until the sops decided to open up.  I found Marion’s of the Rockies, one of the two places open at 0800 and had the better stars on Yelp.  Yelp was spot on, the breakfast was awesome!  I had Carnita Scrambled, which was hash with shredded beef, scrambled eggs, cheese, and green chilli sauce.  I had it with some Tabasco and about five cups of coffee.  Yum yum yum.  Judge for yourself:


*****New Thing No. 7*****

So I didn’t quite manage to while away two hours at Marions, so I headed out and wandered up to Georgetown.  Here I wandered around the historic part of town for hours.  Sweet little town.

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So that was my weekend. I hope you enjoy the photos!



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