Dastardly Container Delays

This week has been a slightly boring but also interesting one.

The week has been boring because the inflow of work has not been there.  I have managed to keep myself from going absolutely doo-lal-ley by doing training and lots of research, but that doesn’t really help my brain feel engaged and useful.

On Monday night it did indeed snow.  Quite a lot.  Not quite as much  as it did the second week I was here – when I was walking to work from the Hilton – but still quite a lot.  On the plus side, this time they seemed more organised with the clearing and tidying, definitely more so than at Christmas.  I haven’t a big issue with the snow, I tested out my Red Rocket and she does an amazing job in the shallow snow.  I wouldn’t play in deep snow, and in fact I drove all the way around the block because the normal road I take into the car park hadn’t been ploughed for a few hours.  On one corner the snow was relatively deep and I felt a little slide, but it was tiny.  I wouldn’t drive in the snow at peak hour, not so much because I may slide but because I don’t trust the quality of drivers in this area on a good day let alone a bad day.

So Tuesday was a very quiet day at work.  Many people didn’t turn up, those that did are the kinds that have AWD or 4WD or are stir freaking crazy.  I got so much work done that by Wednesday and Thursday I was running super low.  I did all my training and all the required reading issued to date for the HPP, and then I struggled to keep me occupied.  Ugh, stupid over-active brain.

This is what cars left outside look like after a night of snow. I’m glad I have a garage, totally worth it.  My Red Rocket didn’t look quite as buried on Tuesday afternoon at the office but it was close.  I really wanted a button to press that is something along the lines of ‘shake like a dog’…make the clearing off effort that much easier.  Hilariously when I went out to the car on Tuesday afternoon I spent about ten minutes clearing the snow off and a little ice from the windscreen, then there was a little left on the roof (it’ll blow off) when Omar and Errol came out.  They proceeded to save me from the snow – because I hadn’t already done all the work 😉  I gave my brush and scraper to Errol so he could dig his car out as well.  Boys to the rescue.


Thursday I had organised the first Fortnightly Drinks for the CCM team.  It has to be Thursday because many people don’t work on Fridays.  With the 9/80 program that is run here about a third of the office (or more) is away every Friday.  And of those who are around many leave early because they go skiing or live a way aways.  I think the drinks went well.  A decent contingent of those who are here travelling – the estimators from Seattle – and some of the guys who work with Chad and I turned up.  It was a pretty good evening.  Hopefully if we keep doing it a few times we’ll get more traction and more people.

I have got somewhat into the Broncos spirit. This is the fiftieth Superbowl and the Denver Broncos are there, so I really should pay a little attention. I have gone in on a game they call squares. I believe the ideas is to check the score at the end of each quarter. If the last digit of each team lines up with that square, you win the amount scribbled in the corner corresponding to that quarter. Seems to me like the house is highly likely to win, like all gambling.

So if any quarter the Panthers score ends in a 4 AND the Broncos score ends in a 2, I win. I got two squares, so the other option is Panthers ending in a 3 and Broncos ending in a 9.  I don’t know enough about the game to know whether those sorts of numbers are multiples of the scores that you can get in this game.  So its simply:  Fingers crossed 🙂

Friday I tried out a new Indian dinner.  Just up the road, quite close.  The boys put the idea in my head on Thursday, they went to Indian after drinks.  It wasn’t a bad place, I had a medium Lamb Saag, it was quite different to that which we have at home – less spinach and more cream/cheese, but still nice.  The medium was a perfect amount of heat, I was glad I didn’t order hot, but also glad that I didn’t have the mild.  Both these Indian places gave me rice without any asking or charge etc…I guess it is the norm here.  It was really quite yummy and I ate too much and I felt super full, much much too full.  Ugh – when will I ever learn?

Yesterday I visited Boulder. It was a place that the lovely ladies in the cat cafe recommended for a walk around, and it’s about an hours drive from home so a good excuse for a cruise in the Red Rocket. Oh I do love this car! On the drive up it started to get windy, and by windy I mean that I doubt standing would have been very easy if you were outside in it. There was snow being thrown across the road similar to when I was in Iceland. The dear girl handled it like a champ. Just kept on cruising despite the abuse being hurled at her.

When I got to Boulder it was overcast and that wind was horrid so I had a spot of lunch. Glad I decided to wait around a bit – I’d debated heading home – as the sun came out. The wind remained bitter but with blue sky and sunshine it was tolerable. I declared the day a wander through the shops day so I could get out of the wind a bit. First place I saw was a kite shop. So cool! It was a bit of a toy shop too but the kites absolutely steal the show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I then found a baby T-rex in another shop. It was kinda cool but this little walking crocodile was cooler 🙂


There are a whole lot of art galleries in the area. This one had all these quotes around the outside. These two were my favourite.  And can you find why I took the second photo?



There were also a few street performers. One guy was all painted up as an old school cowboy statue and every now and then he’d shoot someone. Another was dressed as a shaggy dog, there were kids having a great time giving him hugs. Occasionally he’d bark, quite the amusing to watch. But the fire juggler drew the biggest crowd. He was amusing and pretty talented. I sat across the road in the sun, so I had a good view of his arse, but it was better than sitting in the shade and freezing my arse off.

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*****New Thing No. 6*****

To finish the day off I drove up to NCAR, the National Centre for Atmospheric Research. They have a great spot slightly up the hill, the views were astonishing. I should have gone for a walk but it was too cold and looked icey. Once bruised twice shy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I did go inside and have a look around. Pretty cool place with some fun interactive stuff too. I had fun simulating making storms and playing with the tornado and clouds and making lightning.

Overall a fun day, I’ll have to go back some time and go for the walks.

When I got home I put together my new pirate ship, yes it is the Black Pearl.  In the kite shop they had these sheet metal models, heaps to choose from. I got the pirate ship, I was thinking about Ally at the time so that makes sense.  It was much more fiddly to put together than I expected, but I think the result is pretty cool!

Container News: Arrrrrgggggghhhhh.  The ship has been delayed and didn’t get to LA until February 6th.  That is indeed disappointing.  When I told Steve the conversation went something like this:

Rhiannon: My boat has been delayed two days.

Steve: Its at the bottom of the ocean.  They are delaying until they figure out the insurance approach.  You didn’t need any of that stuff anyway.

Rhiannon: [insert oh ffs style silence here]

Annoyingly, Steve’s container left Fremantle at the same time, 18 December, but its already arrived!  Hilariously he cannot take delivery until the end of February when his settlement goes through on his new house.  So we’re in a situation where Steve will have his stuff shortly but not be able to receive it.  And I have been ready for it to arrive for weeks but it is not here yet.  Ah the irony.  On the plus side, Friday it came into radar range, its on the way to LA at last! 🙂

I can only hope that this location means the ship is being unloaded. Fingers crossed customs goes super fast and it practically flies from LA to here. I shouldn’t be so impatient.

So next week I have a trip to Fargo booked. Fargo is in North Dakota. It is going to be cold…very cold.  This is what the hotel app is telling me….I’m scared…I don’t think it matters what units this is in, either way it is damned cold.  But it is in Farenheit.  My only saving grace is that I’m quote sure that Mark is more scared of the cold than I am so I’ll survive. Stay tuned for the Oh shit it’s cold comments on Facebook and here.  Who would go to Fargo in February?  I was telling Dan that I wouldn’t be in the office when he’s here this week and his response was I spent a month in  Fargo one night.  Upon further enquiry he was in Fargo to recruit graduates one day in February (quite some years ago of course) and it was a very long very cold night.

Yesterday I went for a walk and was listening to the Horrible Histories again.  Seriously, if you haven’t already looked them up, do it!  YouTube has them.  Or the Dan Carlin website.  So many quotable quotes, so just listen to it already 🙂  On this walk I passed one of the ponds and these ducks are insane!  I’m positive that water is less than freezing…if there weren’t fountains in there it would be frozen all over.  Stunning view though – I cant wait to see it in spring.


And the final word:  Look at that dinner!  Chicken, sausage, and prawns with herbs and spices galore.  I added some sweet potato to make it a meal for lunches. Yum scrum!


2 thoughts on “Dastardly Container Delays

    • The snow looks lovely from here too. As long as by ‘here’ one means hiding inside, toasty warm looking at it 🙂
      Its a pretty cool ship tbh. Surprisingly detailed for a little kit thing.


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