Rockets, Dinosaurs, and Snow

I have some terrible news.  Really terrible news.  I left work on Friday evening and I managed to hit a kangaroo again.  I am going to have to quit buying cars because every time I do I hit a kangaroo, even when I’m on the other side of the world.  All right all right, not quite but it was amusing to me at least.  And I’m sure mums Steve had a good giggle…he was around last time it happened to me.  That was so so long ago.  I feel old!


Friday night I sent a call out for drinks.  It was just a handful of us Chad, Errol, Joel, Michael, and myself.  The boys at Greek to Me looked after us very well.  As long as I am organising I’ll choose places that are nice and close to my house so I can walk home.  It was a good evening.  And Giros for dinner was scrummy too.

Saturday morning I dragged my butt out of bed around sunrise and went for a run.  It wasn’t too bad though it must have been quite a slow jog because my phone decided that I was walking not running.  Oh well, the distance and steps remain valid 🙂  After a hot shower I headed to work briefly then down to Marks.

*****New Thing No. 5*****

I headed to Marks and picked up Jane.  We went to the Denver Natural and Science museum.  It was great fun!  We did all sorts of things.  We measured our heart rates – I’m dead – and our run pace, saw the veins in our hands, measured wing span, oh and played in water and dug out dinosaur bones!

We tried out the discovery centre where we both jumped on a Dinosaur.  We were playing with digging out a dinosaur skeleton from the rubbery dirt for a while.  That was fun until  Jane decided her shoes were full of little rubber pieces.  We did have fun climbing the dinosaur and getting some other bloke to take a photo of us.

Oh, and Jane taught me something new.  The flying and swimming dinosaurs aren’t actually considered dinosaurs.  They’re flying or swimming prehistoric reptiles.  The signs all said things like the Pterodactyl was a flying reptile…etc.  Interesting.


Oh funny thing!  When we left the museum there was a giant, no a super giant truck parked next to me.  I realise that the Red Rocket isn’t as big as the beast and is always going to be small in this world, but heck, the thing parked next to me….absolutely over the top!


I also learnt that Mark has been terribly remiss in raising his children.  Jane doesn’t know who Pumba is, though she recalls having seen the Lion King when she was little, and she has no idea what the Land Before Time is.  Tsk.  I will have to remedy that for sure.  I checked Amazon, turns out they have the second Land Before Time on Prime, but not the first – super annoying!  I watched the second movie on Saturday evening…its nowhere near as good as the first.  I’ll have to dig it up off the hard drive somewhere.  Unfortunately the other childhood staple, Mary Poppins seems to have bad memories; Jane had to sing ‘Just a Spoon Full of Sugar’ at school when she was younger and it wasn’t a good experience.  I still feel like we have to watch it, maybe she’ll learn how good the movie is.

Back to Rhiannon’s Red Rocket.  When I headed out I heard a sliding sound in the back.  Nothing in the back seat.  When I pulled over I checked the boot.  Turns out I’d not looked in the boot before I headed off the lot.  In there I discovered the all weather floor mats.  Nice!!!  They were all plastic wrapped so I had a great time ripping through those Christmas presents and swapping out the carpet mats for rubber.  I also had another milestone: I am now storing something in the giant store room in the garage – the carpet mats! Yay.

Reminds me of a story I likely shouldn’t commit to the interwebs, but I will because it will make my family laugh at me (again) and those who know me but not the story will get a good giggle too I suspect.  When I bought the Laser (after I got back from hitting a kangaroo), I was playing with the settings.  The head unit had the markings for a CD player but no player.  I read the booklet front to back searching for where the CDs may go.  I eventually decided that it was a standard not hooked up to a player.  Months later, I recall about six months later, I was cleaning the car out and I found that there was a six disk stacker under the driver seat.  Six months.  Oops, Rhiannon can be a bit of a goose.

I have discovered the world of pod casts.  Well, specifically one pod cast, Dan Carlins Hardcore Histories.  And again to be more specific his history of Genghis Khan, the Wrath of the Khans.  I’m not much of a history buff, I don’t enjoy reading biographies or anything that is particularly real.  But this guy, maybe its because he’s got an engaging voice, but I enjoy listening to it.  There is a great quote in part 1 of Wrath of the Khans, its apparently a Mongol saying, I like it:

An army of donkeys led by a lion will defeat an army of lions led by a donkey.

Dan Carlin really does have a great perspective on an awful lot of thing.  I highly recommend it if you find the time, and even if you don’t, download it and listen in the car or while you’re wandering around the house…just listen to it!  And if Genghis Khan isn’t really your style, don’t worry – there are all sorts of different histories in there, take your pick.

Sunday I had a half decent lie in.  I cannot wait for my container to arrive.  I want to have a decent sleep in in my own bed!  Anyway, I had a sleep in then headed to the supermarket and got all sorted for my week of food.  Then I came home, had a long chat with mum while I did my cooking, and had a nice little snooze on my chair.  Turns out I was sleepy.  A long hot shower and bed.  Yep – that is how exciting my Sunday was.  Oh, and it started snowing – the next storms started to blow in.  This is a pic of the old girl who pulled up by me at the supermarket, see Gran you should get a fun car just like this old duck!

In work news I think I had my first near miss today.  We’ve been talking to a client about a bid.  On Thursday we had our weekly meeting.  We were discussing the questions we present to the client and I tend towards if you don’t absolutely need to know then don’t ask, all the answers go to all bidders and can point them in the right direction.  Then the competitive advantage disappears.  One of the designers, old timer very knowledgeable, is insisting on many questions that really don’t do anyone any good.  He missed that message and continued to send many questions.  I talked to the team putting the questions together and simply said they should review the questions quite closely and only ask the questions they absolutely need.  That made our designer somewhat displeased evidently – he ranted to some of the blokes in the office while I was at meetings.  Then as soon as I got back the guy near me pulled me aside and warned me, but our designer had already headed to talk to Mark.  Five minutes later, call from Mark and a quick chat then an email from the designer to all retracting previous comments.  Well I guess that is one up for me but I really didn’t want to be having these sorts of things happen quite so early in my time in this office.  Grrr.

In other work news…I get to travel next week.  Don’t get too excited.  I’m going to a strange little place called Fargo in North Dakota.  Its going to be cold.  Very very very cold.  On the plus side, Mark is at least as scared of the cold as I am so I’m quite sure we’ll manage to avoid being in the cold too much.  I hope.  There will be a whole lot of chatting with people, the clients, contractors, and maybe our own design people.  Lots of talking.  Lots of cold.  I’ll report back I’m sure.

During the day today these signs appeared on the insides of the toilet doors, right at eye level for a sit of course.  I’m not sure what they can enforce.  This may be a second notice, but if it happens a third time, what are they going to do?  Close the toilets?  Monitor everyone in the toilets?  Film everyone in the toilets?  I suspect none of that will work.  Really – what would they do?  Damned odd I tell you.


And on that illuminating note it is Monday evening and I’m going to bed.  I wonder how much snow we’ll get tonight.  If it is too much I’m not going to work.  It seems that snow is just like water, by all means travel through it but don’t go too deep…less than the door sill for sure.  That said with it not being Christmas I’m sure that there will be plenty of people out and about clearing the snow.

I wonder what new delights we’ll have over the next week.  Have a good one everyone!

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