Snow on Australia Day

Saturday afternoon I combined meeting people with celebrating Australia Day.  I headed up to the ViewHouse bar up in  the city.  No wait, at Downtown.  At Downtown?  In Downtown?  Ugh – I don’t know…Here there doesn’t seem to be a city, the area with the tall city-esque buildings referred to as downtown.  Strange.  I digress.  A group called Oz Denver put on a fun Australia Day afternoon.  There was footy for the kids outside, a raffle full of Vegemite, TimTams, and chocolates.  I didn’t win the raffle – some guy who had on a perfect green and gold outfit won, so I guess he deserves it.  They did a Vegemite eating contest just for the Americans.  Quite the funny watching about ten Americans try to eat three Vegemite sandwiches as fast as possible.  Most were fine but one woman threw hers back up.  I like to think that is due to the swift intake of three sugary white bread sandwiches rather than the Vegemite.  I’m sure she was just being melodramatic,very sure.

They also did a dance like Peter Garratt contest.  There was an appropriately tall, bald guy who gave it a try.  He wasn’t Australian so he didn’t really know how to dance like Peter Garratt, so he did his best.  He got second.  A shorter also bald guy won, he was pretty good.  For the first time since I’ve been here, and in  a very long time before that when I think about it, I sang our national anthem.

I guess there were about 100 people there, which was actually surprising to me.  I was talking to a couple who have been here for eleven years.  Their theory is that Aussies only come to Denver for work, the place just doesn’t register in the Australian psyche unless you ski.  There are a whole lot of transient Aussies in the mountains in winter  something about the love for skiing.

On the way home I tried out a new restaurant.  I thought I’d try out some Indian food; see what the going Indian is like.  Turns out that the butter chicken is oddly sweet.  Seriously, there is sugar in it, or maybe some sort of ground raisins.  There were no raisins, but there was certainly the taste of it.  Ridiculous that there is sugar in everything.

Sunday I had another fun day.  Well, I started it off with less fun, I did a 7.5km run around the neighbourhood.  I was pretty happy with the progress, sure it took me a whole 54 minutes (according to my phone), but hell, I thought I did pretty well to jog that far…its been quite a while since I ran vaguely properly.  I was super lucky at one stage that I didn’t fall on my arse.  Ice is astonishingly slippery!  I saw it and had started walking, baby steps, to try and get across it safely.  Baby steps weren’t enough, I nearly slipped over.  I did not need another bruise after the slipping and bruising of Saturday.

Then I did another fun thing…of course this isn’t a designated fun thing 🙂  Its just more  of a thing, one that was new and slightly interesting but not enough for me to classify it as a new thing.  After all that build up, all I did was go to the mall.  Yep, just the mall.  It is quite the huge, and super fancy looking like the nice parts of Chirnside Park.  I was not at all in the mood for shopping but I really needed a second pair of trousers for work.  I wandered into one shop and they had some nice clothes – I’ll go back when I’m in a shopping mood – but they didn’t have any black trousers.  The second shop I wandered into had the right sorts of clothes, I was having a look at a few things and a lovely woman came over to help me out, very convenient.  She pointed me to the right kinds of trousers.  I was riffling through the different sizes when she asked what I was, I gave her the I have no idea in  this country, what do you think I am?  She then went into sales mode, which actually worked out super well for me.  I headed to the dressing room and Tracey brought me clothes.  I tried on most of them but only got a top and trousers.  Tracey asked me what I do, engineering, turns out she is an engineer too.  Okay, she only worked as an engineer for a couple of years then she fell pregnant and her life was put on hold.  She doesn’t regret the move as her so is now more than half way through a neurobiology class.  That is quite cool.

I popped into Starbucks on the way out – this is the result of asking for a flat white for Cooper.


Sunday afternoon and Sheltons and I headed over to Marks place for BBQ.  Of course my mind went to why in blue blazes would you want to be outside bbq-ing in this weather?  (It had got considerably colder by the time the football game started).  Turns out by ‘bbq’ he meant bbq ribs, from the place around the corner from me.  Its a little divey hole in the wall style place but they do good ribs, to my sensibilities at least.  Funny moment, the cooked green beans had jalapeno in them, young Steven (Steves son) had some of the beans and the look on his face was priceless.  I have to admit that  it reminded me of the face that Warren pulled when he ate a chilli because he thought he was tougher than mum (in London).
I found this bottle of wine. Had a cool label and turned out the be quite drinkable. The little story in the bubbles goes:

Step right up, come and see, The greatest duo in history, Petite Sirah Petit Verdot, Pachyderm Brothers…Stars of the show!  One can dance, One can sing.  Both do juggle fiery rings, One can dribble, One can dunk, Both do brag of very large trunks, So step right up to centre stage, And prepare yourself to be amazed!


So I celebrated Australia Day in style.  This is the flag at my desk at work.  Noels point was ‘tacky’.  He’s not wrong, but how else does one fit in when you’re in the USA?  It also snowed on Australia Day – the American version of Australia Day (aka Monday night).  The bushes were super pretty.  I headed to Target today, needed a hair dryer.  Ally – do you know what I’m supposed to do with this attachment?  Truly, what the?

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And one final this for today’s post.  A poll.  Ohhh, how much fun this is.  A poll!!!

Oh no, this may be final 🙂  I watched a Sarah Silverman movie from a while ago.  She told a terrible joke about cumming when she’s giving a blow job (is this normal?).  Then she says Oh no, I meant shit, taking a shit. Then she laughed, because apparently she’s at a show too.  The start of the joke the women are frowning and men smiling, then the smiles flip.  It’d be true – watching people while you’re being a funny person would be quite the funny.  Sarah Silverman is quite the funny, but certainly not PG rated.


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