Finally in Denver!

So with everything that’s been going on I feel like it has taken me absolutely forever to get here. I guess it’s only been six months really. I’m here!

I last posted on my way here, sitting in Tullamarine airport waiting for a plane. I had a few snoozes on the plane over to LA, changed planes with an express tag (which put me in short customs queues, they stamped the visa off super fast), and found my way to gate 44. Got on the plane, seat 1A, and waited……


Then the pilot came out and told us there was an issue and mechanics were on the way……


Damned plane was broken! Get off the plane. Wait another 45 odd minutes. Get on another plane. And we’re off. I think it bothered the flight crew most, they seemed like they’d had a long day.  Curious thing on that plane, a Jack Russell was in the cabin! I had a chat with the couple who had her and apparently it’s all okay. They’d flown from JFK to LA then on to Denver and had a drive up to Steamboat to go still. That is super cool!  So this is the view from the plane as we were coming into town.  Blurry because the last forty minutes were bumpy, which was charming…just what I needed after spending so long flying.  When I mentioned it to Mark he estimated 10% of flights were smooth, the wind over the mountains causes all sorts of fun  eddys.


Mark was awesome.  He came and met me in the airport.  When he told me he’d see me at the end of the shuttle I was super confused…shuttle?  WTF?  Turns out there is a train between the three terminals and the fourth building which is check in and baggage.  Mark kindly grabbed my bags and eventually remembered where he’d left the car.  It is indeed super fancy…very super fancy.  Heated and massage seats, more buttons for the passenger than a keyboard.  Pretty cool.  I was a mess, so I had to refuse all Marks offers of groceries or dinner or anything like that – I was simply exhausted.  He delivered me to my room  and I unpacked and went to bed, not enough sleep, but lots of much needed rest.

Thursday I discovered that my room actually looks out over my new office…well that is super convenient!  There is a creek / beautified drain between the buildings and all I needed to do was walk across the bridge and then around the building.  There is a door out back that I can now use since I have my card so its about a three minute walk.


I got in and met Teresa, she was super lovely.  Then another giant red head came around the corner.  Turns out Michael is a 6’6″ red head also.  Lovely guy, mathematician, ten years in  the army, 19 and 15 year old kids.  He’s being quite  the helpful when I stand in front of him…he is planning to  take me to get my social security number on Monday morning – see, helpful!  He actually asked me if I felt comfortable with him taking me, which I guess is very politically correct of him.  I told him I’d much rather have someone with me than not.

I digress.  So we’re at Thursday morning and I’m tired.  Didn’t take me long to be absolutely shattered.  I guess my brain was still on the Australian side of the ocean.  Between Mark and Michael I was introduced to at least 20 people that I need to remember the names of, but I don’t.  I’ll be referencing the name tags on the offices and desks quite often for a little while I think.  As long as I don’t have to make any introductions away from desks I should be okay.  Oh, amusing story, one of my meeting people moments was  in the hallway and I was introduced to Denny, Melinda, and Dan.  Dan hears that I am the infamous ‘Coop’ and off he goes Oh, Coop so great to see you’re here, Coop Coop (etc)…oh dear, Mark has set some high expectations evidently.  Ugh.

I was at work about eight hours then walked out the door and was faced with what looked like 100 geese.  I tried counting but they don’t stay still enough.  Suffice to say there are a hell of a lot!  Friday Dan was telling me that they’re breeding  like mad having been protected for the last few years.  He likes some hunting but he prefers duck.  Different world this.  Hopefully the geese don’t get territorial and grumpy at me.

Friday I started closer to 0700 but headed off at 1500 to get a new mobile number…


wait wait wait


…a new cell number.  I’ll get there eventually.  So I got a new sim card from  a lad called Dan.  At Walmart.  Oh boy, that place is mammoth!  Think the size of our biggest Bunnings but it has a combination of Woolies, Target, Spotlight, Priceline, all those sorts of shops all under one roof.  I realise it was a superstore that I visited, but still…beasts.  I didn’t see any of the facebook classic Walmart shoppers.  Booooo.  I also headed down to the Chase Bank but they need a proof of address, a letter from the company saying this is where I’m staying, even if it is a hotel.  So I guess I’ll be asking Michael for another piece of paper.  Its not a huge rush as I’ve missed the current pay run, so I’ll get paid on 23 December.  To be expected with a payroll change.  This is Saturdays snow looking at the building which is work until about April ’16 when we move across to the other side of the I-25.  There seem to be mixed feelings about the move, it sounds much like the SKM move to 452 Flinders Street – the old boys complaining about space and open plan, younger people less worried.  On the plus side the desks are pneumatic sit/stand, so that could be cool.


This hotel has quite a few uses evidently.  Last night there was a wedding  in the main  atrium.  Not sure I’d do a wedding there, but they enjoyed themselves.  And there is this mega Christmas party here tonight, 500 odd guests.  I can hear them when I’m in my lounge but in the bedroom with door closed I hear nothing.


Today the weather turned interesting.  By which I mean it did not get over freezing and it snowed.  Thankfully it wasn’t too windy so that made the day more bearable, and tomorrow is supposed to be lovely and sunny.  I had a sleep / lie in then caught a cab over to look at Greenwood Park apartments.  Nice place, okay apartment layouts, Tara there was  lovely.  The layouts available this side of New Year are either 2×2 or a small 1×1 (Oak), so I’m not sure about it.  I had called Wendy at Courtney Downs earlier and postponed my visit there, but I got in a cab and changed my mind.  Had a good chat with the cabbie and he said its about 15 minutes from Courtney Downs to the new office location.  There is a big intersection at the I-25 and Arapaho, but going straight through it should be fine.  The cabbie on the way back to the hotel confirmed that estimate so I’m within my 30 minutes each way travel to work.  So I’m currently deciding between the Derby layout which is further away from work, further to shops, but a nicer layout (particularly for guests) and no neighbours; and the Oak which is super close to work, close to shops, but small and middle level.  I suspect I’ll be heading for the Courtney Downs.  Its right by a park which will be awesome when its warmer than freezing and I can start working on running again.  This is the spa steaming up while it snows at Courtney Downs.  Wendy said the pool is heated enough to not freeze the pipes but I suspect I’ll not be getting in until the weather warms up.


So business class + long haul flight =/= feeling awesome at the end of the trip.  Elevation + dryness = drink a hell of a lot of water else you get headaches.  Light switches are backwards (up is on).  Altitude isn’t too bad but it is irritating; actually I feel like this won’t be too bad in a short time.  Oh, and Mark has more work in front of us than I can fathom so I suspect I’ll be heads down bum up for quite some time.


4 thoughts on “Finally in Denver!

  1. Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a second! I was born and raised in the US, and I’ve always believed that light switches are to go up. Then, while having some work done in my kitchen, the guys reinstalled the switches to go the opposite way. (Only on one wall, mind.) Now I constantly turn on the garbage disposal when I want to turn off a light. : / I’d love to know where you encounter more switches that flick down for on, please.

    Thanks for sharing your experience in Denver! I’m visiting very soon, so now I feel like I’ve gotten a real, down to earth account. Please keep writing! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh boy, that’s just annoying if you have both ways in the same house.
      Down for on is the norm in Australia.
      I’ll be exploring Denver from an expats point of view for the foreseeable future, thanks for reading and appreciating my babble!


      • You’re welcome! I’ve only briefly visited Denver and considering a trip back sometime. Nothing beats inside information. 🙂 I’m seeing a picture right now of a kid turning on all of the switches in an Australian home. lol!

        Liked by 1 person

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