A mad couple of weeks

So I’m on the way, can you believe it?  I don’t! After all those HR issues and then medical mayhem, I’m finally on the way.

Two weeks before my planned fly date of 7 December, I called up Mr HR and managed to throw him a curve ball and also get the whole business moving with an urgent stamp.  He said that he’s working on getting the annual leave days included in the base contract. Apparently the proposed solution was to pay additional for those few days but he was pushing for the PTO allowance. Fair enough…I explained that I’m good with budgets and if that is how it goes, then no worries.

The curve ball was a business class flight. After the huge pushing-too-hard episode of early week six recovery I was worried about how I’d go with thirty hours travelling, vertically. Thankfully Mark chimed in and said given the distance it should just be done. So that’s what I got. By the time we got to this approved state and booking, the flights on Monday and Tuesday were all longer than 30 hours, so I asked for Wednesday, 25 hours. It’ll also give me a nice slow ramp into the USA office – two days to a weekend.

Mr HR got the relocations people approved and moving. They emailed on their Wednesday but due to thanksgiving long long weekend nothing got done. He called me at 0130 on Tuesday morning… I assume he didn’t really want polite chatter….no way he was getting any at that hour. All he wanted to know was dates and to explain the things that could be sent.  I told him preferably the eighth but any time up to the fifteenth as a drop dead date (gives Kris a couple of days to clean the place up and she’ll have to do the supervising). Apparently due to insurances I cannot send alcohol and the removalists must do the packing. To the point of if there are already packed boxes I should unpack them so that if there are any issues I’m covered. Interesting point of view and I’m sure as hell not complaining about no packing! I did do a good clean out of all my stuff. I’d previously done the clothes but the kitchen was the worst offender. I stripped back a little bit of little used crap.

Before I left Melbourne I did a whole lot of setting up paperwork. Only left a couple of things for in Perth, changing my phone to prepaid, getting a phone card posted to the hotel, and adding Ben’s car onto my RACV. Apparently RACV roadside assistance doesn’t do refunds so the suggestion was to put a family car on it so it’s not wasted. Done.  I even registered with smart traveller! Apparently Leanne makes Baileys that both Ben and I can’t wait to inhale!

On Tuesday I caught the early plane to Perth, got in shortly after eight. When I got back Kris had just turned up so we had a good chatter while she cleaned and I unpacked. I then had a snooze and went into work. I only went to work for a couple of hours to see Pat while he was here from Singapore. I went toward Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday…by Friday I did an eight hour day so I’m super pleased with progress (a little tired but not bad).

Saturday I pottered around organising and throwing things out. Then had lunch with everyone I know in Perth. It was a table of 11 though over half were family 🙂 it was good to see Graham and meet his family, catch up with Freebs and Irene, have a chat with Noel and Roly, and see Onj and Vic. Afterwards I drove Vic to her pizza gig, it was way out the far end of Bullsbrook (must be a huge suburb). It was great to drive back with the music blaring… Last real drive in the old girl! She’s been a great car for the last 13 years. Even though she’s not irreparably violated (with WA plates) she still the best car ever!

These are a couple of my final walks. Perth is indeed a great place, pity they’re out of work here.

Sunday I was in preparation mode. The idea is that I needed to be ready to fly by the time the removalists arrived Monday morning. So I went through the house and binned anything unsellable, made sure all items were in the right room (eg I store spare linen in the lounge so I moved that to the bedroom), and packed my bags to fly. Seems early, even for me, but I’ll be in hotels from tomorrow so it is what it is. I have to admit that I was finished before the V8s were finished! This was my bed until about 1300.

So now I’m at the point of no return, on the fancy business class seat of an international plane, and two seats to myself, too good. This is going to be a huge learning experience for me. Bring it on!

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