Week Three Recovery – Over to Garfield

Another week another long blog thanks in no small part to brain getting more bored.  This week I managed to do a whole lot of new stuff.  Progress is going really well.  I’ve been walking more, sitting much more, and generally doing more but feeling less tired after doing it.  So wins all around.  Recovery notes are for the most part at the end of this post, there are a couple of blood / scar things in there, but the what I’ve been up to and how I’m gently returning to normalcy is within the bulk of the post.

Friday afternoon Ben stopped at the motorbike shop on the way home from work.  He’d said he just needed to get chain oil but apparently they had a sale on and he’s just like a girl with sales – I’ve been thinking about getting this for quite a while and now its cheap so I got it.  In this case ‘it’ was a new helmet.  In an effort to make sure he wouldn’t get headaches from the new helmet when he went for his Sunday ride, he sat on the couch with it on.  At one stage he was snoring.  I suspect that the helmet is indeed comfortable.


Day 14: Saturday we had a quiet day with everyone mostly home.  Leanne went out for a few hours and visited her Mum and then her Dad to organise their trip to New Zealand next week.  Ben, Kenzi, and I sat around here.  Okay, Ben did stuff and I sat around.  We did go for a drive to Boronia Coles and did the groceries, by which I mean I walked and Ben did all the carrying and fetching, after which I felt quite fine.  I did two other walks of about 15 minutes and started the effortful sitting on the stool to train my ability to sit, I did two sits of 15 minutes.  Oooh, Bens faffing about included checking in on his slut.  She was a super slut and turned over the first time despite not being started for over two weeks, darned gingers eh 😉


Day 15: Sunday Ben headed up to Flowerdale relatively early.  He spent hours riding about the place with these mates of a client at work.  Sounds like he had a great time, came back absolutely shattered, and fell in a heap sick on Monday.  But he had fun 🙂  Leanne and I sat around the house and procrastinated about doing the cleaning.  Sure, Leanne procrastinated and I offered excuses by putting movies on.  Ooops.  I did three walks, one of them 20 minutes and I did two sits on the stool, both 20 minutes.  And for dinner I prepared salmon and veg.  I peeled potatoes and put the salmon into its flavoured foil packets and then left someone else to chop the veges.

Days 16 17 18: I had an adventure!  Fred was awesome, he came and picked me up and I went out to the Block for a few days.  He then brought me back on Wednesday so that I could be here for the shed builders (more on that on Thursday).  I love going out to see Ma and Pa, they’re a hilarious couple.  They’ve been married longer than I’ve been alive so I guess they have this living together thing down pat.  These are just some of my photos from the few days.

While out the Block there are many things that get talked about.  I wonder whether topics are so amusing when I’m not there.  Or maybe I’m just so bored that these things were funny to me.  Some of the conversations include:

  • The number of packets of peas in the freezer and why did Ma buy peas.  Pa grows lots of peas, and they’re awesome.  They both do a great job blanching them and packaging them up to freeze for the year.  Home grown peas are so bloody nice!  And at Christmas there is a whole thing of shelling all the peas for dinners.  The issue here is that Gran remembers Pa telling her there are only 3-4 packs left, so she bought some when she went shopping.  Pa, upon seeing bought peas, digs in the freezer and finds nine packs and diplomatically (?!?) points out that there are flowers on the plants in the vege garden so why did you buy peas?  Freds contribution to the conversation was that they’re not baby peas, and baby peas are totally the nicest.
  • How to make a cup of tea, does the milk go in first or second? Ma was unable to enunciate the logic behind her practice of putting milk in before the tea, her mum did it and her mums mum did too, so she’s running with the tradition card.  Pa maintains that milk goes second so you can determine the amount of milk required for the strength of tea.  His point also applies to those who like some cold water in their tea to keep it black but drink it now – which all the cool kids do, Pa, Leanne, and I.  I even tried to consult the Queen, being the ultimate Pom, but I couldn’t find it on Google.
  • To go with the omelette pancake conversation that Ben and I had, Ma and I also had an odd conversation about breakfast foods.  Gran has vivid memories of her mum making her omelettes with orange and sugar (*shudder*).  Joyce has made them for her a couple of times in more recent history and it brings back cosy memories.  I opted for spinach and cheese instead of mixing savoury eggs with sugar and fruit.
  • Pa decided he has double rights to dad jokes and pulled out “berries and ice-cream are berry nice” for dessert.  They were scrumptious with cream!
  • I learnt that Fred is great at scaring off cold callers, he just answered the phone and in his most conversational tone said “G’day Luke hows it going today?” and they hung up.  I put them on the do not call list after the fourth call in less than 24 hours.
  • With my three walks a day Gran started thinking about getting into her walking again.  We had about twenty minutes of confusion between us while she’s saying she counts the steps in her walks and multiplies by four, and aims for 4000 steps a day.  Turns out she counts every right step and only counts in one direction.  The 4000 is actual individual steps at least…that was so confusing!!!
  • Sweet little Dusta gets fed whenever Fred feels like it.  Which I don’t have an issue with, I think a set feeding time can be irritating when you want to go out or similar.  When we were about to eat at 1930 Fred asks if there is time for him to shower first, Gran said yes but pointed out that Dusta needs feeding and it should be before dinner. I jumped up to do it and asked what she gets, then fed her.  Turns out that I’m the first person to feed her other than Fred.  She was a little angel still 🙂
  • On Wednesday morning we had a chat about Grans family.  I  have no clue how it came up but we got to wondering why her Dad was the one to learn all the alternative medicines from his mother.  Grans example was relevant to Ben now, you should wrap a dirty smelly sock around your neck to ease a sore throat.  Ben swears his throat isn’t sore it just wont talk right.  Grans dad was the middle of three boys and owned the corner grocery store, the eldest had a lathe and did steel work, the youngest was a mechanic, remembered as always being in blue coveralls and filthy dirty.  Their dad, Grans Granddad, was a boiler maker at the North Melbourne rail yards.  I don’t think any of that explains why Grans dad learnt the medicinal stuff, but it was interesting.

Day 19: Thursday the shed builders were supposed to come.  It rained.  A lot.  It was that steady, set in rain that went all morning.  My dibs were that neither the shed builders nor Roy would call us but they’d not turn up.  Ben thought someone would call.  Turns out that I was close to right, got an email from Roy at 1430 saying that Joel will be here tomorrow weather permitting (I assume Joel is the shed builder).  Ben took the day off finally.  He was sick as a dog after his ride, and went to work on Wednesday, came home about 1300.  Silly lad is now not able to talk and crazy sick and has thrown his back out from coughing so much.  So he and I are “a pair of crocs” according to mum and we sat around all Thursday and Friday watching movies and Ben gaming.

Day 20: Friday the shed builders arrived!  They’re two kids a few years younger than Ben, this is their first shed for Roy and their first A-Line shed.  The start was very slow going.  Very slow.  I guess the rain didn’t help but they also spent an amazing amount of time doing things, reading plans and instructions, and undoing things.  It was fun to watch.  They’re not coming back until Sunday apparently, hopefully one more day and they get it finished.  Kenzi in the morning was the big protective dog, when she was on the couch snuggling with Ben or hiding behind his legs.  Then things went not so good for her, we went for a walk and she got a huge limp happening – worries!  Shortly after Leanne got home the vet called back and they went down to Dandenong, turns out that she had some sort of bee sting or bite on her foot.  On the plus side they saw the good vet and she looked at her other foot and said it had been misdiagnosed, so she’s got a slightly different drug regimen for a while.  Friday I also had a big new activity!  Ben and I went to Knox City, we went to the big shopping centre!  I have to admit that I caught myself looking around wide eyed a few times, seems Perth is turning me a little country bumpkin.  The trip was about 10 minutes drive each way, five minutes of cruising around the car park, and 20 odd minutes of wandering through to the fruit and veg and the computer store.  I felt fine – win!  I also did two walks, a 25 minute walk in the morning and about 20 minutes in the evening.

Day 21: Today is three weeks of recovery.  Three weeks down and three weeks to go, slightly more than three weeks really as the six week appointment is on the Monday after the six week mark.  The plan is to go slow again today of course.  Maybe take Leannes car for a little drive and see how I go, otherwise do the normal walking and relaxing and so one.  Kenzi is much better, when Leanne got up she got up too and was walking around the place with her trademark wriggle happening, so she’s on the improve and more importantly will be fine by the time Leanne flies to New Zealand on Sunday night.

Recovery Notes

A little bit of recovery news that isn’t for those who dislike the gory style things.

Sunday night I had a tossing and turning sleep and managed to wake up with a bit of bleeding.  At 0130 it freaked me out.  I emailed Doctor Reid and she cam back to me pretty quickly.  She said that being 15 days out it is likely that the bleeding is due to the stitches dissolving and the healing being a little rocked with the tossing and turning.  So that relieved my freaking out.  Doctor Reid said that if there is anything smelly or if the bleeding continued to fill a sanitary pad within any hour then certainly call her.  The bleeding stopped by about 0830 and I was all very happy.

Wednesday afternoon I got tired of having the edges of the sticky plasters coming up and I took three of them off.  The wound on the left is super healed over and looks great.  The belly button is slightly less healed but doing awesomely, interesting to see where that cut was.  The one on the right is a bit less healed, I’m thinking that it must have been one of the main working sites for Doctor Reid because that side has had more aches and twinges than the other side, and I’m guessing that is showing in the slightly less healed look of it.  The site is fully healed over but there is still a scab and it is more red and wider than the best site.  There is a decent amount of redness around where the adhesive was, I think that is thanks to my super sensitive skin.  With some warm and salty water I cleaned off as much of the adhesive as I could, but it was red around the sites for a couple of days.


On Thursday I didn’t take any panadol until later in the day, shortly before bed.  This meant that I was quite a bit more tired and could feel my tummy more than previously.  Interestingly it wasn’t painful, just more achy.  I had a couple of sits at the bar and three walks, one of them was with a drive each way to the Coles in Boronia.  I also helped Ben out with making lunch and delivering cups of tea.  And all without panadol.  Win.  Very interesting to feel how the pain that I’m not really getting much of, it barely registers as a one on the hospital pain scale, managed to tire me out.

I continued with the evening panadols only.  Interestingly I seem to only really poop after the panadol, so I guess that there is something with the pain not letting me do anything.  The other odd thing is that the odd feelings seem to be on the right side mainly.  The left is more healed and the right has more internal aches, so I assume that more work was done through the right.  I felt it interesting at least.  Its also interesting that if my bladder gets too full there are more aches and pains.  The three wound sites look much better than in the photo even, they’re healing good and fast.

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