Week Two Recovery – Snoopy Says It All

Ah, the ongoing fun with the recovery.  Tiredness is the key thought.  Surprising amounts of tiredness.  Very little pain, even when I forgot the panadols for extra time.  This week I’m still on six panadol a day, two each 6-8 hours, and I’ve reduced to two nurofen at night only.  No big drugs for me at all this week.

Friday night we had a really big night……we watched Inside Out.  Okay, I watched Inside Out and Ben and Leanne fell asleep part way through the movie.  Leanne got most of the way through the movie but Ben went to sleep super early.  Look…..proof!!!  Friday nights, they’re brutal.  Inside out is a pretty good movie, interesting concept with the little people living inside a kids head.  Its much less creepy than that sentence makes it sound.


Ben managed to get up fairly early and make me some amazing pancakes on Saturday.  Seriously amazing.  Okay, maybe I have’t had normal pancakes in a very long time, but hells bells they were so so good!  Just look at all that strawberry and greek yoghurt and those fluffy yummy pancakes!!!


Day 7: Saturday Ben had some earthworks to get done for the shed.  Had to be done before the shed and concrete turns up. At the time we weren’t sure when that would be, only thing I knew is the shed is planned to arrive on the 28th and I’ve paid for it.  Anyways, Leanne’s dad Rob was awesome this weekend, he came on Saturday to help with the moving and whacking dirt.  Pa magically appeared a little while later, I don’t know when he arrived because I was snoozing and he snuck in.  He worked like the mad trooper that he is, and showed the young bucks a thing or two to move the process along some.  Fred came over about lunch time and I wrangled him into helping cook the BBQ for lunch.  He brought the adorable Dusta, that dog is a sweet little thing!  Stoked I finally met her.  It was awesome to see everyone, but damn it was tiring…oh so tiring and I really didn’t do anything.  This tireds thing is crazy making.  Look at that great work!


Day 8: Sunday was a little quieter.  I did three walks of increasing length.  Getting a little closer to the park every time.  Oooh, ooh, I did something different – I shaved my legs 🙂  Its the small things.  Silly leg hair was sitting the wrong way under the TED stockings I have to wear during the day.  I was really tired after Saturday so I took it kinda easy.  Mum returned from the Block having had a weekend there so she could compete at the Upper Yarra Dressage Competition, four tests over the two days.  The photos below are thanks to Land of Y Photography hence all those watermarks.  I’ve been watching a whole lot of Dharma and Greg, from the start – loving it.  Sunday night was a quiet one for all, Ben having wrecked himself making a nice dirt pad for a shed and then relocating the dirt with Rob on Sunday.  The second photo below is how Pa taught Ben and Rob to most easily fill the wheelbarrow.  Love it.



Day 9: Monday I had an eventful day.  Mum upped my walks to four in the day.  And I left the vicinity of the house – in a car!  Oh goodness, so fancy pantsy was Monday.  I went for walks to the park and did laps of the triangle, then the coffee that I had was cool with a puppy in the foam.  It may be cuter than Kenzi…okay, not true, but its pretty good.  Mum and Ben were super tired so they had the grumps going big time.  Mum just wants to do stuff to help Ben out while she’s here.  And Ben wants to be a good host.  And I just sit here not doing anything because I’m not allowed.  Tsk.  Oh, I did test myself a little bit.  I made pastry for the chicken pie, which required cutting up the butter, that was actually slightly strenuous…it left me with a small amount of the belly button pain 😐  I sat down and held the area and it went away in about five minutes.  The pain level was only about a two for that time, so all good.  Note to self, chopping even soft butter is a go slow.  *SIGH*  Folding washing isn’t too bad though.  Its on clothes horses so no  stretching to get to it, and I put it on the cabinet so there was no bending down to a basket.  Ben and Leanne had to bring it in though because the piles are heavier than the 2kg lifting allowance.


Day 10: Tuesday was another day of firsts. I put my jeans on (oh boy!!!) and we drove all the way to Mountain Gate, about ten minutes each way, and sat there for about an hour having a yummy brunch.  I was tired but otherwise fine.  Mum says I can push the tired, but only a little bit, so I then sat on the couch and watched two episodes of Breaking Bad before I went for another walk in the park.  So yes, I’m now getting further with the walking, more firsts there, and walking three to four times a day depending on what else I do for the day.  Oh, and I’m timing the walks now rather than going by landmarks – woo! – I did 10 minute walks on day 10 post op.  The days Kenzi picture is of her sleeping on a pillow just like a person, and watching mum head off to work, sure what else am I going to do but play with photos of the puppy.

So day ten was a bit too much efforts.  I also managed to have panadol at a nine hour stretch, which reduces the pain tolerating build up.  When I went to bed I was super tired and my lower belly was all achey.  It wasn’t in pain, but badly achey.  I woke up at 0330 and had panadol with an achey belly still, reduced, but not gone.  By 0530 I was less achey and not too bad.  I guess all other days I’ve gone to sleep then woken up with no aches or pains.  So the day was too much efforts, day 11 was less effort.


Day 11: Wednesday was a fair bit less effort.  I was still tired from Tuesdays extravaganza but I went for my four walks, each eleven minutes, and otherwise sat on my fat arse on the couch.  I woke at 0330 and only really snoozed after so I guess that didn’t help with the tireds.  Daryl did arrive to do the concrete for the shed!  So there is movement there, very exciting.  A little sad to see them break ground on the lovely dirt, but thats the job eh.

Old people being sweet: Mum called Grans mobile and it rang out.  Then she called Pas mobile, and it rang out.  Then she called the Block and they answered.  Why didn’t they answer the mobiles?  Because they were busy arguing over whose mobile was ringing.  I laughed all too much at that story!


Day 12: Thursday was another big and trial day. I did two walks of twelve minutes and one of fourteen minutes. But the big test was the lunch and trip. Mum and I went the Chocolate Dragonfly in the Basin. It has a huge selection of food, plus a gluten free page, a lactose free page, and a gluten and lactose free page. Popular place but the inside was very echoey so I struggled to hear mum and we relocated outside as soon as a table was available. Mum had tuna salad with no tuna plus chicken – she liked the feta and olives but doesn’t like tuna – first time I’ve seen her eat everything on her plate she loved it. I had a Mexican foccacia which could have had much more chilli in the salsa (I couldn’t find any), but was really good. Then we trundled up the 1 in 20 and back down through Kallista, about a half hour drive. It went well! I was tired in the evening but less than Tuesday and not achey. So small increases in tiring activities and I’ll get there! Oh and while we were out Daryl came and stripped the formwork and cut the joint it the concrete. It looks good! Ready for shed install next week.

Day 13: Friday the 30th was day 13 post op :), another lucky 13 day. Mum took me up to the sub station at Mt Dandy and we walked the easy way around to the Rocks. It’s been so so long since I’ve been up there! The walk was only about 9 minutes plus a sit at the rocks, but the drive was about twenty minutes each way. I was a little tired but not shattered. Mum also wondered whether three longer walks a day would be better to increase the rest time, so I’m trying that. I did two other 14-17 minute walks. Feeling pretty good. The spider has the weekend to vacate the letter box else he may scare the postie! And I found this escapee trying to climb out of his yard when I went on my walk, I love it!

Mum left today, so I’ll have to take super care of myself. Mum did heaps of little things, like cups of tea, breakfast, helping with the socks, and stuff. A huge shout out thank you to my awesome mother.


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