Exciting News!

So much exciting Denver news…its been quite some time since I provided an update regarding the big move.

I got my new passport, its all shiny and clean and I can’t wait to get some stamps all over it.  With the verbal offer on 12 September the swift working visa people at BAL fedexed the paperwork to me and I filled in more forms.  Seriously, I filled in a whole lot of forms online for the US Embassy.  The website said it would take up to 60 minutes, but with my love of filling in forms and answering amusing questions, I got it done in about 40 minutes.  With all the little payments made on the Thursday I had the interview booked for Monday morning bright and early.  I get into the Embassy and I was a little bit early, of course I had my book so no problems there.  When they got their morning happening we were called in one at a time to go through the metal detector and hand over handbags and electrical things.  Everything except the paperwork I need and my wallet.  With everything packed away in a locker and a key in my hand I was taken upstairs.

Upstairs I talked to the first girl who stripped the reams of paperwork BAL had sent me down to the few pages they wanted (in triplicate), pre-filled in all the approval spots so the next lady could sign and hand over.  I then sat for another five minutes and then the interviewer, this was the one American accent I heard, called me to her window asked me a few questions.  Very few questions really:

  • What is your job title?
  • How long have you worked for the company?
  • What is your degree?
  • How long is the assignment?

I have to admit that I was expecting more questions.  Not necessarily lots nor hard questions, but more.  The lady signed my forms, reminded me to bring the two she handed me through customs, and sent me back to the waiting area.  Third window was visited and I paid up for the fraud check, and away I went sans passport.  The passport, including my shiny new visa, was sent to me and got delivered before the week was out.  Win!!!

Now I am thinking about it though, I can’t remember where the hell I put the damned thing.  I remember thinking I should put it someplace safe before I head to Melbourne.  Can’t remember where.  Oh well, I’ll have to rip my place apart looking for it I guess.  somewhere safe.

So that is a verbal offer, accepted, and a visa.  Just waiting for the dratted contract proper.  Waited a really long time actually, nearly six weeks after the verbal offer.

Finally the contract documentation arrived today.  Win!  There are some things from a quick glance that will need a query and or more information for me just because I’m not familiar with these US ways.  But its here!  And Michael is happy with 7 December swap onto the US contract, so that is the aim date for flying ish.  I guess I’ll be booking a flight to Perth on the 31st very soon.  Then will have a week to pack up and head off.  Won’t be too difficult me thinks.  I can do things like tax and give notice on my place and everything while I’m here.  Oh boy, all systems are go!

The other news is that we almost have a shed!  Well, we do have a shed but its still in pieces on the lawn.  The concrete is finished though!  It was a wonderfully eventful day, there was slab preparation, council inspections, shed delivery, and the slab was poured.  Very exciting!


2 thoughts on “Exciting News!

    • Absolutely Ally, I got three check in bags, you can go in one of them! Can’t guarantee a smooth ride, but I’ll put food in the second bag so you don’t starve 😀


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