Coming home and week one

So I’m home.  By which I mean I’m in Boronia with mum and Kenzi to look after me.  My pain is much less than I’d expected.  Sure, I’m drugged to the eyeballs still, but hey, no pain!

Lets start with the hospital experience.  I’ve been on one of the facebook pages for hysterectomies and I’ve discovered that people go home within 24 hours of having the same procedure as me in the States.  24 hours!  Astonishing.  I guess I could have but I would not have felt comfortable, and every one of the new pains would have freaked me out.  And there were a lot of different types of pain.  The gas making stabbing pains through my diaphragm to my shoulders.  My back aching mostly from the sedentary position.  A stabbing pain in the sites (less than the shoulder pain, but alarming the first few times). Then the other gassy aches around the body.  Anyways, having the nurses to assure me they’re all normal and to help show my how to ease them was really good.  The lowest site keeps weeping.  When Dr Reid saw it she said she’d pumped a whole lot of local anaesthetic into it, so that came out first up, then its also the lowest site, so gravity sends any oozing that way.

On Sunday I was mostly laid up.  Wriggling as much as I can and wandering back and forth to the loo. I did have a shower which was lovely.  Dr Reid came to visit and told me that she was pleased with my progress, that there had been no complications.  The uterus was apparently enlarged, certainly larger than expected given I’ve not had kids.  There was some endometriosis so there is a second good reason for the hysterectomy, that can get super painful and hysterectomy is one of the ways to get rid of it, though the most extreme of course.  She also gave me photos!  While she’s in there with cameras she takes pics, so I’ve got all this proof that I’m not a robot 🙂 Its really interesting to see the spaces the gas opens up and the organs and everything.  Oh, she also said that the bladder was slightly adhered to the cervix in the location of the suture from the cone biopsy.  She got it away cleanly and took photos of inside and outside the bladder and its all good.  Sunday afternoon Ma and Pa came to visit.  They stayed for about an hour, then went to get some late lunch, then back for another half hour.  I was absolutely shattered after that visit!  Amazing how the whole ordeal is tiring me out.

Monday I had a quiet day too.  Dr Reid came by again.  She said that Tuesday looked like a possibility to go home.  My bladder was back to normal, and with some solid foods on Monday and preferably a bowel movement then I’d be set to go.  I was given this softener to drink at breakfast, I totally missed having it, my tray was whisked away by the lovely service staff before I got to drink it.  To be honest, I forgot it was there.  I managed to convince Ben that if he was going to take an afternoon off that he should do so at home and relax, not catch a train in to see me.  He’d done Tough Mudder on Sunday so he was pretty tired after dragging his whole team over the obstacles.  Ma and Pa, with a little pushing from me, also managed to convince mum that she was actually exhausted and should not be taking a trip into the city to visit me after driving down from Wang and after a long week of work etc.  I did get a visit from Al.  It was good to have a chat with him, its been a long time.  It was less tiring than Ma and Pa, but likely because it was half the time.

Monday dinner I actually had the sweet sticky softening stuff.  Tasted pretty bad, but I got through it.  I have to say that was a horrible night, shortly after midnight I started moving my bowels….and couldn’t stop.  I will never have that stuff again.  I cannot explain the stuff but hells bells I’ll not forget that taste.  So that set me back I think.  When Dr Reid came around to visit I was not so sure about leaving.  She was happy for me to stay another day, I’m so glad she allowed that.  I could have gone home but I think it would have set me back further.  I really could have gone home Tuesday afternoon but by then mum was heading home and it was just easier to have another sleep in the hospital, so I was ready for discharge Wednesday.  So on Tuesday I lay very low for the morning.  Mum came and visited for most of the day, it was good to see her.

I had a good chat with my nurse on Tuesday afternoon, Kat.  She had a great analogy for my return home, she asked if I remembered multiple choice questions at school and if in doubt pick ‘c’.  The answer to ‘c’ is don’t do it.  Brilliant!  She also told me that the wounds I can just ignore.  When the tapes start coming off, whip them off.  When the steri strips start to come off, take them off, but they should last two to three weeks.

Which brings me to Wednesday. Home day.  I got up and had a quick shower and ate breakfast.  Then I asked the gynae nurse all my questions, her answers were about the same.  Keep the panadol and nurofen up, rest a hell of a lot, if in doubt don’t do it, and off you go.  I got home and Kenzi was a doll, she’s grown up so much since I last saw her, and that’s only about five months ago!  I was lying on the new couch and she kept giving me her hand to hold.  Sure it was supposed to be a ‘don’t stop patting me’ gesture, but it was sweet.  Best part of the day was a longer shower and hair wash…so nice!!! When mum and Ben got chatting about my Saturday Ben was giving me shit about the things I was coming out with.  Apparently I was talking and coming in and out of sensible and he was having a grand old time laughing at me.  Though I wasn’t as bad as when he visited mum when she broke her leg…apparently she had morphine on demand and was all about pressing it constantly and asking when it would give her more and was even more hilarious than me.  I guess the morphine they gave me during the surgery was still doing fun stuff to me until that 1430 time when the fog cleared.


Thursday was a much more restful day.  I did manage to snooze off and forget to have my panadol at six hours so I was in a bit of pain at one stage.  Its a strange sore, tired, sometimes stabbing odd places type feeling.  Just got to take it easier and have the drugs when they’re due, no being a tough guy.  Note to self 😉  I also put on trackies for the first time!  My widest waisted trackies were perfect.  A little consistent pressure across all my belly, they didn’t hurt or irritate much.  Occasionally I had to relieve the pressure by lifting the band up, but else all good.  I went for three walks, one to Alans second driveway.  Thats all of maybe 70m each way, ridiculously short, but so tiring!  Mum managed to drop food for Kenzi all day, okay, a few times, but enough that I gave her some crap.  Savory shapes were just jumping out of her hand!  Kenzi was watching closely.


Today I’ll behave myself again.  I walked to the drive past Alans this morning, wasn’t too bad.  I wasn’t as tired as yesterdays slightly shorter walk, but by the time I do it three times today we’ll see how I go.  I have learnt that when you’ve had this sort of abdominal surgery you cannot hold on to any urges…if you need to pee – go to it.  Letting my bladder fill up is one of the things that creates a pain in my belly area.  So on that note, brb.  Darned silly surgery.  Gotta say I’m super lucky to have the support of mum Ben and Leanne.  I’d be doing so many bad thing if I didn’t have them about, I’m so super thankful…not sure they’ll ever quite get how much so *shrug*.  And Kenzi!  A dog makes everything better 😀

Oh wait, one last thing – a Kenzi story!  When I got home on Wednesday I went to bed for half an hour.  I needed to rest my body after the drive.  Mum decided she was hungry and had some rice cakes with Vegemite, evidently someone loves Vegemite and she started staring and drooling.  Mum sent her on her way, just told her to get out, and she did, all very well behaved.  Mum went back for seconds and Kenzi sidled past the door a time or two, then karma hit…the rice cracker split and mum had it stuck to her face with Vegemite.  Hilarious!

One thought on “Coming home and week one

  1. So glad you are resting and behaving !
    Yay for kenzi dog too !
    Lucy and Sophie send big love too !
    Pashie says rest up coops , also glad to know all the details too , this will no doubt be me next year ! Xxx sending you big love and lots a hugs always xxx

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