The Day for Surgery

Today is the day for surgery.  I’ll start with a little backtracking to keep the story complete.

I headed to Melbourne on Wednesday to prepare and settle in to my house for the recovery.  Kenzi greeted me with her pink elephant and a whole lot of wiggles.  Shes a lot more mature looking and more golden.  Thursday we got a couch for the lounge for me. Ben and Leanne only had a two seater reclining super plush couch. With me here and mum I thought that a cheap one from gumtree for six weeks wouldn’t go astray.  The couch is red – i like the colour in the lounge room!

Friday morning I stole Bens car and headed to Box Hill to meet Doctor Reid.  I have to admit, I’m impressed. Shes a lovely lady, and so much more detailed and helpful than Dr Tan.  She had a gander at my recovery from the cone biopsy and said its looking good. She told me all about how they do the procedure, the things that may mean she needs to swap to an abdominal incision, where the laparoscopic holes go. It was great to get a decent run down.
Details…Basically she puts a ring thing on the cervix (lucky there was some left after the cone) to make sure they don’t damage the tube running from bladder to kidneys. Then she went in through the belly button and about three inches below and just inside the hips, four spots, added gas to see everything, and did the chopping. Then pull it all out through and vagina and sew it all up.
Friday arvo I just relaxed on the new couch with Ben and Leanne.

And now we’re at today. I had my last ever pill. Deserved some playing with the photo 🙂

Ben drove me into hospital, we left at six and got here a little early. We’ve been sitting around in dosa, I guess where we’d normally get admitted from. Oh, and by we I mean Georgia and I. Georgia is the girl going in before me, she’s a little younger than me and we’ll be sharing a room. Seems she’s a day patient so maybe just for today.

So we were sitting in this dosa lounge when a nurse came out and sent us to the ward to be admitted. Seems there were crossed wires some place. The hospital here is old school. Long hallways with rooms either side. The walls are about a foot thick. It’s got that old school sort of vibe.

The anaesthetist came and chatted with me first, talked about history and all that sort of stuff, then she set off with Georgia. The anaesthetist was all very good natured and easy going…another good one to be looked after by. I’m so glad I’ve got good people doing this stuff.

And now I wait. I guess a nurse will come sort me out more in a bit so I’ll just chill here until they need me again. I’ll add some more when I have a brain to!

Shortly after Angel Kelly came by and put flight stockings on me and made me feel comfortable. She was quite apologetic about the admission mix up, apparently both ward and reception had been told dosa was open. Oops. Funny but I promised not fussed and she was happy to have anon stressed patient.

A little later a bloke came in to whisk me away. Okay, it wasn’t that exciting, old round Mexican looking bloke. But he and Kelly took me to the holding bay. In the lift when we bumped in was the paper boy (old man) and one of the construction boys. The latter was finishing off a toasted cheese and ham sandwich. I swear I turned vampire and if I wasn’t on my best behaviour I’d have shot across the lift and devoured the sandwich!
Back to the holding bay… I was greeted by the anaesthetists assistant who was a lovely chatty, but not overly so, lady. She went through all the who are you, and history questions, popped all the sticky dots and bands on, then tootled off. My next visitor was Dr Reid, she asked if I had any last questions and how I was feeling etc then left also. Final visitor was the anaesthetist (note to self find that lady’s name!), she asked me the same history questions, popped the needle in, and gave me a snoozy shot. We were partway to the theatre and she gave me a sleepy shot. I didn’t even see inside the theatre let alone start the countdown (sorry aunty Ally).

This is where if you have an aversion to more details, tune out.

Next I knew it was about 1100 and I came to a little. I drifted in and out for an hour and a half in recovery. I had a bit of pain so the bloke gave me endone and that helped some. There was a feeling of need to both pee and poop but the was the catheter feeling odd and bowel reacting to being pushed aside, both also contributed to by the gas they pump in pushing in odd spots. Mister recovery nurse had a little chat about how good Dr Reid is and how she did his wife’s hysterectomy and everyone says she’s awesome (for once that was his word not mine!).

Dr Reid came by and said it went perfectly well and that it’s four holes. She said she called Ben and told him to go grab a counter meal and pint. She’ll visit tmo and have a chat when I can remember stuff! Off she went and in came Angel Kelly and mister trolley pusher to return me to the ward, a few bumps into the lift and I was wheeled to a single room. Nice.

Here is where Angel Kelly really shined. For the next couple of hours she visited super often and made life so so much better. Hell she even gave me a massage! Ok, so she put on and hooked me up to some leg things that pump air around my legs giving them a great massage. It’s to reduce likelihood of dvt while I have the catheter and am not moving much. Her shift was over at three and she handed over to Cracker Kris, but she’ll be back in Monday.

Ben turned up about five minutes after I got settled in the room and sat with me for a while. I felt so foggy and out of it. I’d say sorry, but I warned him. He’d had some adventures finding good graffiti art, seeing a barber, and going to the Vic market. I’m jealous of two out of three of those! He said Dr Reid had called him and said it went well and said something about endometriosis in there. I decided I needed to try to snooze about 1330 and sent him home to his missus.

In the handover I was introduced to Kris and Helen. When Kris came in I thought she was Helen. oops, meant I got a cute story about a kid with the Dad Michael Jackson. Of course there was disbelief until Kris learnt the kids surname! Kris has also been amazing. I’ve been up and down with pain, shoulder referred pain has had to have constant heat packs, she’s been great.

So for those wanting specifics. They pumped in gad and as much as they try to remove it, there is some left. Kris was telling me that it is super variable how it affects you. Kinda like altitude sickness, no rhyme nor reason. The oddest is the referred stabbing pain in the shoulders. It’s just so odd! Oh, and when the gas triggers nausea, that’s no good either, I have had some big burping fits and almost ralfing, but all good at the moment.

The catheter was another pain. At first my body just wanted to get rid of it so there was some small pain there until it adjusted. In the mean time I was barely getting acceptable amounts of pee out so both Angel Kelly and Kris had to milk it some. Now it’s all good, I’m leaking pee like a racehorse!

I’ve had a blood thinner to get me through the night plus the massage is still going. Also to get me through the night a slow release pain killer.

What else… I woke with no knickers on, of course with the catheter, and a pad sitting between my legs in case of a little bleeding. So if you have problems with that, don’t stress it’s normal.

So now I’m about to have 2100 obs, new fluid, and then try to get some sleep. I’ll proof read in the morning, so apologies for all the crappy spelling and grammar!

One thought on “The Day for Surgery

  1. So glad you are ok !
    The catheter will be uncomfortable as they often stitch it in to hold it so don’t pull it ! Haha

    Thinking of you xxxxx


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