Royal Perth Show and some Showjumping

This weekend was a long weekend for Perth, the Queens Birthday weekend. Yay for a Monday off. I wonder what Garfield thinks about Tuesdays as the first day of the week.

It’s been a quiet weekend. Saturday I rekindled my addiction to plague inc. All I did was try to destroy humanity. I did a few things, well two really. I managed to do my washing and go for a walk down to Piccos Kitchen. Yes mum, I was wrong all those times you said Rico’s and I corrected you to Rifos. But you got the first letter wrong at least. Piccos. Yummy sweet-potato fritter with poached eggs and avocado for lunch, and the coffee wasn’t bad either.

Sunday was a little exploratory. I went down to Matilda Bay for a coffee with Onj. I hadn’t ventured down there before. Quite an interesting area with the uni and the bay. The coffee was a good catch up with Onj. Though the afternoon was marred by the smoke being blown up from control burns down south.
I stopped at the sexy salmon fisho on the way home and picked up some scallops and prawns for seafood noodle fry up. Yum!

Today I decided that a trip to the show was in order. My hope was get there at the start of the day for less people. It wasn’t a bad theory, the train was quite packed but the show was quiet. No line for a ticket unlike when I left. To be fair even at midday the lines were nowhere near as long as I’d have expected for the public holiday.

The purpose of today was the long list of showjumping, you can just see the course in the background. It was either showjumping or games and the games that would have required a day off work. I’ve had enough of those lately.

When I got there a young rider table C was in progress. Not bad. I wish I were that good….kinda. Then I went for a wander. I found cattle on auction. 400 odd kilo of steer for $1500-$1900. Coles were regular buyers. The only trend I found for the difference was days in a feedlot. Over 120 and the higher prices came up.

I tried to wander thru the cattle pens but they were all closed for the auction. The stables were also closed off for all the jumping and the show classes on. There were many sheep. And some alpaca I could visit. But then I got back to the wood chop. It was interesting watching them prepare their logs: drawing their marks some use hand spans others measure; chopping their foot holds; and putting in nails. What? Nails? Why? Thankfully there was a bloke wandering through the crowd answering questions. The nails are put in on the second side to help prevent a longitudinal split. They started on a handicap style timing. First finished was this kid. He’d previously been preparing his high up log…didn’t look like the easiest way to get a solid Jarrah log up high.

Then I wandered back to the jumping. The jumps were up to 1600mm high, and decently wide. I got too many good pics! Bottom left is the winner, top left second, and right third. Though the rider of first and third was the same guy. He took some tight lines in the second round, took heaps of time off and smashed it. The grey had the fastest time, but had a pole down in his first round. The girl who got second took her time and got one time fault in the second round but two clear rounds were good enough for second. First place was 13 seconds faster than second, only those two horses got clear rounds at 52 seconds, the others got fast rounds and poles down.

Black and red was jump three and the blue was the last jump. I haven’t a clue how the top pole in the first picture didn’t fall, but the second clearly shows it still up. Astonishing. The upright was the tallest on the course, and second last jump.

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