Here we go again

So today is cone biopsy day. Here we go again.
I was called on Friday and told that my time had been moved to a ten admission, so fast from seven. That was a big score for me, I got to go to the gym this morning then eat breakfast! So exciting.
Different hospital this time. It’s a different kind of fancy. The rooms are more plush feeling and there is carpet on the floor. Craziness. I had a student nurse work through the admission stuff. Nice girl but it must be quite early days for her, she struggled with efficiency and some of the words…being an international student likely doesn’t help there. They think it will be around midday when they’re ready to take me, so another hour. I’ve got my book.
Thanks to mum for coming over and bringing me in, and in advance for picking me up and looking after me! I hope she gets some shopping in.

At 1245 I got bored of waiting, summoned my nurses and asked if they knew what’s going on. They’d just returned from lunch and thought the same thing so had just checked up. Turns out that I’m case four, but case three had not gone in yet and apparently it can be a long one. So I’ll be waiting quite some time by the sound of it. Dammit I’m starving, and actually beginning to feel quite thirsty and dry. The waiting game continues.

So 1330 rolled around, still in my cubicle. Shortly after though…movement! A nice young lady came and wheeled me to the holding bay where Diane was the nurse in charge. She had a volunteer lady with her who comes in once a week to sit in this room and calm the kids and parents that come through. She was a nice lady, though there weren’t any children there at the time so she sat in her corner and rested. The anaesthetists assistant came out, read the chart and said g’day. Then about 20 minutes later the anaesthetist came through. He said he looked over my case and history and thought I was young and healthy and therefore no need to call earlier. Fair enough I guess. He hooked me up and off I went to lala land.
I woke in recovery with a lovely nurse. I felt quite fine and had a good chat with her before my new nurse whisked me back to the ward. There I started to feel a bit nauseous and had a little chunder, couldn’t be big there was nothing in my belly! So I started the process of getting things done before you can be released. Drink some water and juice, eat a sandwich (yuck), empty my bladder (they check with a scanner!) and reduce pain.
The doctors notes said that he’ll call me on Friday to see how I’m doing, as it turns out he didn’t come visit me before I left. So did it go well? No clue.
I was in a bit of pain, I think mostly from all the exploration the doc did into all areas down there (all). A fancy drug fixed that! I got through enough of my sandwich, had my bladder checks, and headed home. It took three hours for me to get to go home, note to self longer general anaesthetic affects you with nausea.
Mum cooked me up peas and chicken (mmmmmmmm) while I watched M*A*S*H. I’m not sure whether I love M*A*S*H or peas more.

I slept quite well last night. Bleeding has reduced (win). And I woke every four hours so I could have more pain killers. The dratted baby has cried from 0230 to 0400, which I would be fuming about if I had to work today. Someone else in the building was grumpy, hitting the noisy hand rail…because that is so helpful. Fools.

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