International Scarf Exchange 2015

Today I visited the International Scarf Exchange Exhibition for 2015.  At the fancy pants Peppermint Grove Library the WA Spinners and Weavers Guild had set up a lovely display.  Being the Chinese year of the Goat/Sheep they had a cute little set with sheep and so on.  There were three of the girls sitting and spinning in the middle, which was good to see.  One lady was spinning a beautifully soft something (she told me but in  one ear and out the other), but it was candy floss coloured.  Blue red and pink just like fairy floss!  It was spinning up really prettily too…a beanie for her step daughter.  I’m sure she’ll love it.  They were there to explain the gist to people.

For those uninitiated (like I would be if I didn’t know from Mum), one of the spinners and weavers groups in the guild volunteers to organise.  Everyone sends in 150g of fleece.  It can be natural, dyed, all the same or different.  With the fleece they also choose if the crafter is allowed to dye the wool and a choice of what the craft could/should be.  Mums was a big bunch of about six colours plus silver, and she wasn’t to dye it.  She agonised over it for a long time!  The lady who I talked with said that there were some shockers in  the mix, and some tricky things that they gave to people they knew would be able to work with it.  Fox fur?  Seriously?  Yep – it was  in there.  Made a very pretty scarf.  So you have a period of time to mamke something of the fleece you get sent, then send it back and it returns to the fleece owner after the exhibition.

The exhibition was all the pieces that had been returned.  They were set out beautifully, colour coded, pinned to the boards.  The girls did a great job with displaying them.  There were no  names on the tags, just three numbers: the exhibit number; the fleece from number; and the craft by number.  Well that made  life hard.  The girls had a couple of copies of the names and how they correlated to those numbers, but the girl who set it up was out, so working it all out was somewhat tricky.  We thought we had it sussed, but when I sent the photo to mum of what I thought was her wool….it wasn’t.  Pity, what I thought was hers was a stunning!

Here Is a gallery of all the boards.  Every piece that was sent in is on here, its only 16 shots…sorry some are on an angle – bookcases got in the way of good pics.

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