York Yesterday

The weather was supposed to be horrid all weekend, but again the weather computers didn’t get it right.  Saturday it rained once then was a stunning afternoon.  Sunday there were light showers early, but they disappeared to another lovely day.  I suppose thats what you get when you rely on computers for generating weather forecasts.  Despite the weather indecision I managed to do some catching up and some exploration while keeping up with the gym and running.

On Saturday I caught up with Noel, Andi, Gordy and Norah.  They’re a lovely family.  Noel has been working hard on getting their place looking good and ready to sell.  Andi has been having fun with the kids and trying to get through the cold winter months.  Since Norah’s broken leg waylaid the previous effort, they’re now back on potty training.  Sounds like it is amazingly hard work, especially when one child doesn’t even notice…playing in the sand, oh it became mud…oh well…keep playing.  Chasing two three year old kids around cannot be an easy game.

Yesterday I visited York.  It’s a pretty town.  I’ve been through there a few times on different adventures, but haven’t ever walked down the street or sat by the river.  I did both this weekend.  The town must have been founded in the mid-1800s, many of the buildings are that sort of era – it helps that they all have their date of construction proudly emblazoned on them!  Wandering down the main street it looks like the area relies fairly heavily on tourism.  There are a couple of antique shops (read places with all sorts of quite old junk), a ‘ye olde’ sweet shop, a bakery called Nguyens Bakery and a couple of other cafes, a material shop, and other miscellaneous shops of touristy background.

I went for a stroll along the road and popped into most of the interesting shops.  There was a gallery that had some stunning timber products.  Think huge dining tables made from a single slab of Jarrah.  Stunning pieces of timber, and done really nicely.  One day when I’ve got a house to support a table like that, I want one, timber is such a lovely warm material.  The lady in that gallery was a little chatty, she was a local.  I must have remarked that the area looked so green and was stunning, but she wants more rain.  Apparently they’ve not had much this year and it will make summer tricky.  She did admit that there is no predicting the weather any more.  It used to rain in July all the time, but now it could be any time of year…hard to plan with that happening.

There was another pretty cool gallery, this one had really eclectic art.  Some of it was quite dark, some of it was super quirky.  They also had t-shirts with the some of the art printed on them which were pretty good.  I’d have got one but there weren’t any in my size let alone with a print I’d like.  I wonder if they do to-order, I’ll have to remember that if I get back to York one day.

I eventually got to the river and was walking towards the water when some guy with a camera appeared and started talking to me.  On and on he went, must have been half an hour.  He is an artist, though he calls himself a talking photographer (and oh boy is the talking part right).  He’d been up at Northam for some hot air balloon event and had all sorts of stories from that.  Looking it up, seems to be some National competition.  Seems the events start at sunrise, so it would be an early day, see how enthused I am by the end of the week.  I have to admit at some stage there I was simply nodding and smiling at sir chat-a-lot.  I eventually broke away from him and went for a little stroll along the river then headed home.

Oh, and next weekend is the York show.  I’ll have to read through this page.  If it looks interesting then maybe I’ll combine a morning at the hot air balloons with an afternoon at York.  Maybe.

And seeing as this happened last night – I’ll add it.  There was some sort of hubbub in my building last night.  I went to bed as normal about 2030 and was reading when people started stomping up and down the stairs, thats fairly normal.  I put the book down and went to sleep.  I was woken about 2145 with more stomping, these guys must have been elephants!  I’m not sure if it stopped and started or if it went that whole hours or so.  The baby next door was screaming its head off too.  I got back to sleep after a little bit then was woken again by more stomping!  There were also sounds of wheels being dragged – like a rubbish bin or similar.  Odd at 2345.  I struggled to sleep then, tossing and turning they were actually telling each other ‘shhhh’ at times.  Then there was a girl going by, and she was told to be quiet too.  At 0045 big boot stomping and bright torch light – the baby parents had called the cops.  They went into their place, must have got the lay down, went upstairs and bashed on the door a few times, no answer, then wandered off.  I have a recollection of quiet before the cops arrived so me thinks they got there too late.

Not sure how, but I managed to get up at my normal 0430 and went for the best run recorded on my watch.  Not my best run ever, but certainly best since I got back from Iceland.  9.07km at 9.03km/hr.  Sweet!  I’m working through the gateway to 8km podcasts.  I really don’t enjoy techno, but I really think the beat helps with the running, and the bells to run and walk for intervals are unobtrusive but give me the 1 min walk break.

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