LLETZ Recovery week 3

***Read First*** (if you haven’t already)

I guess with all the other kerfuffle I’ve forgotten to update about the recovery from the LLETZ.  I have to say its gone really well.  Its week three today and I’m no longer wearing those horrid panty liners, and the bleeding is all gone, and I guess I’m all healed as long as I don’t do anything silly to open any of the wound up.

I have to admit that I’ve been naughty with the exercise.  I told you all about the squats and sit ups in The Scary News.  I kept that going.  I dropped down the push ups because I could feel my chest muscles over powering my back, which has been ongoing issue, so realised that I shouldn’t exacerbate it just because I’m not allowed to go to the gym.

I started walking last week.  When I walk I don’t stroll, I walk.  The watch that Ben gave me tells me that on the paths around the flat area I live in I average 7km/hr on my walks.  So I started walking.  I then also started jogging a little, just 100m the first time, then 300m, then 500m (twice) etc. I think on the first couple of jogs there was a slight increase in the blood content of the discharge, but nothing major, nothing that warranted even a light pad, and nothing that didn’t go reduce to previous levels by the evening.

By the 21st I was jogging the 2-3 x 500m in a walk of 3km and no worries.  Phew.  On Tuesday (the 25th) I did 3×10 mins of jogging in the 5km loop.  No worries no changes, nothing at all.  So I now deem myself right to jog as normal!  Of course three weeks off and my calves have forgotten their previous training and yesterday they were sore!  But they’re fine today – they’ll be good to go again tomorrow.

This week I’ve also ventured back to the gym (at freaking last!!!).  I’ve done two full body workouts now, Monday and this morning, and there haven’t been any changes at all.  I’ve gone ridiculously light.  So light that I only felt a little tightness on the triceps after Mondays workout, and today I can feel a little fatigue in my upper back, but its barely there.  I’ll do another super light on Friday then next week start to ramp up again.

The recover from the LLETZ hasn’t been all that bad.  I may have been lucky.  I may heal faster because I’m young and healthy.  I may even heal faster because I don’t have erratic things in my life (thinking a kid that runs up and wants picking up or a dog that suddenly runs off after a bird or similar scenarios).  Truly LLETZ is not something to be worried about, even when they take fairly large areas.

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