Baldwins Bluff

Today’s adventure was a walk up Baldwin’s bluff. The sign says 6km and two hours. My watch said 5.5km and one hour.


There were a couple of decently steep hills, otherwise it was a lovely walk. The flowers are beginning to come out, it’s really pretty in spots.


You can just see the falls in this photo. I am thinking the 14km walk next weekend. It’s out and back which isn’t so cool, but it shouldn’t be too bad along the river.


The view from the top of the bluff was pretty good, there were a few too many trees in the way for the uninterrupted views the website talks of, but it wasn’t bad through the gaps.


When I got back to the carpark I kept going onto the falls, this section of pipes and bridge was pretty cool.


The falls had plenty of water. Looks like a pretty place to swim. I can understand why the website says that you need to be there by eleven in summer or they close it with all the people. It would be crowded.

On the way back I stopped in at Dave’s place and said a quick g’day. He was on the way to the footy, the new gig is already paying off with nrw tickets to the corporate box, mister fancy! I met their lovely new pup Bella. Ann says it’s like having both a toddler and teenager in one, learning but hard headed.

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