The Scary News

***Read First*** (if you haven’t already)

1050: I’ve been doing quite well.  I have to admit that no exercise has gone out the window.  I’m taking it super easy, especially for me, but I’ve failed at ‘none’.  I have been doing morning body weight squats, pushups, and sit ups.  I’ve been working up slowly and am now at 100, 50, and 100 respectively.  Its been going well, I haven’t noticed any more, less, or different discharge on days when I haven’t done any exercise, so I conclude its not making things worse.  On the weekend I went for two walks and this morning I did a walk with 500m of slow jog.  And today I noticed that there is little to no discharge.  Interesting. Will see how the rest of the day goes.

But I got a call just now from an unknown number.  I figured it would be someone on Nammuldi but alas I was wrong.  It was Doctor Wu.  I had been thinking on the weekend that I should call his office and see if they got the test results.  No need, he called me.  He asked if I’m still in Perth, ‘unfortunately yes’.  Then he proceeds to ask me if I can come in.  Today.  And I quote “we got the results and they’re not good”.  Insert heart rate spike here.  I’m booked in for 1545, which by my previous bookings means 1630.  Hmmm…..I wonder what it is.  Clearly ‘not good’ is just that.  FFS.  I guess it is lucky that I’ve been delayed in the move.  Will update afterwards.


2000: So I went to see see Doctor Wu.  He had the next spin of the roller coaster prepared for me.

Oddly, Doctor Wu wasn’t running terribly late, just a little late, about 20 minutes.  I walked in  and he rolls towards me and tells me that he has the results from he tests  they do on the flesh removed under the LLETZ.  And its not good news.  He seems to like that phrase.

Ok, stop procrastinating woman.  He says that there were cancerous cells in there.  Superficially invasive SSC, according to the test results SSC means squamous cell carcinoma.  It measures 0.5mm x 0.3mm, so its very small, but the LLETZ didn’t necessarily get all the bad stuff out.  The results say there is however involvement of a peripheral block and complete exclusion cannot be guaranteed.

Doctor Wu’s first reaction is that I’d need a hysterectomy.  How do I feel about having children?  To be fair, I’ve never really wanted children.  I’ve had boyfriends, but none that I’ve thought ‘I want kids with this man’.  I asked him if there were less invasive options as menopause at 31 doesn’t sound like fun. He said I could have a very large cone biopsy, basically remove most of my cervix.  He wouldn’t suggest that unless I really want children and the results from the next specialist are favourable.  Doctor Wu wrote a referral to the next guy, a Doctor Jason Tan, a gynocologic oncologist.  I hear ‘dude-who-deals-with-womens-cancers-of-the-nether-regions’.

So I’m off to another specialist.

Doctor Wu said that the fax of the  referral would be sent to Doctor Tans people.  He’ll review and determine testing regimen and then his reception people will call and arrange all the tests.  When the results come in I’ll have an appointment with Doctor Tan.  There is also some sort of weekly council where all sorts of cancer type specialists come together and review each case and determine the best course of treatment.  This was surprising, but mum says its been the case since she was doing nursing training >30 years ago.

I asked Doctor Wu about the weird scatter of results:

  • CIN1 per pap 2013 and 2014;
  • CIN1 per colposcopy 2014 though suboptimal results for definitive diagnosis;
  • CIN3 per pap 2015;
  • CIN2 per colposcopy 2015; then
  • SSC cervix per LLETZ 2015.

It seems that the pap this years gets further  into the cervix while the colposcopy biopsy was further out.  Whatever badness is in deep, hence the difference there.  The SSC is in something that is generally associated with standard CIN, so there isn’t a chance he could have picked it up from the visual inspections.

So I got home, via the drive-thru with a bottle of Bulleit, and gave mum a call.  I have to admit that she was much better this time, I guess she knows more about hysterectomies and cancer than the unknown of the strange CIN stuff.  I also called Ben and told him.  I left the olds until tomorrow.

I am thinking that once I’ve got through all the testing stuff that I might try and return to Melbourne for treatment.  I can do the current work from  the Melbourne office as easily as I do from  Perth office.  It turns out that Pat wants to catch up tomorrow morning, so I’ll ask him his thoughts tomorrow, see if he’s all good with t hat.  Then I guess I’ll have to talk  to Jeff and make sure he has a desk for me.

On a slightly different note I’ve been watching ‘Great Bear Stakeout with Billy Connolly’.  Great show.  I like Billys commentary, and what these guys are capturing is amazing.  The first female had two cubs, one drowned before the first ad break.  In the first episode another female bear was killed by the local big bully pappa bear.  Gruesome.  The second cub has survived to half way through the second episode and to the end of the summer season.  Wonderful show, if you’ve not seen it, look it up!

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