Finding 60 Foot Falls

Friday I found that a place called sixty foot falls exists. It’s a walk just out of Gosnells along the Ellis Brook Valley. I’d planned on going yesterday but I got absorbed in my book, darned thing there are 21 books in the one kindle volume, each addictive.  Anyway I ignored the book this morning and got out of bed. It was about 0700 when I left and a half hour drive down there, so the sun was just coming over the hills into the valley. I was the only person there when I arrived.


It’s a 2km walk, confirmed by the walk watch that Ben got me a few years ago. There were steep sections, but not too bad. The falls themselves may have been 60 feet high, but the water volume wasn’t impressive. Maybe after a big spring rain I should return and see them again.


There were some wonderful views of the city. With a good fancy camera, a little talent, and good timing you’d get some amazing photos. Pity I had none of those things. The view I saw was fabulous 🙂 The pics don’t do it justice.


There was a quarry there. Not sure what they were digging for. It was a fortress of security… The gate wide open and six foot cyclone fence extremely broken. The sun was in the wrong spot to get photos that look like anything other than a blur. Here is a remnant of the quarry activities.


Both the local signage and google have failed to tell me what the quarry was for. It didn’t look big enough to be rock for significant construction. Hmm.

After the stroll I was rewarded with an eggs benedict breakfast at Rifos with Andrew. Always food to catch up and chat with him. I then headed to Morley to get my week of chicken. I also managed to find my favourite style trousers at Jacqui E. Yay to more than one pair of trousers that fits! I hadn’t noticed the changes to my arse from so many squats while I was FIFO.

I did have some news about Denver. Mark hunted down HR and discovered that due to the salary my contract needs more signatures than normal. I guess they’re aiming to get close to matching my Perth salary. I’m unlikely to have issues with that if the rest of the conditions make sense. So it’s going through all the steps. It will be eight weeks on Wednesday since the first phone call with Denver. They need to hurry or I’ll have a mammoth shock going from Perth heat to Denver cold, I’d hoped to get there in summer and ease into winter. Oh well.

And bonus, the recipe for Baileys and for Nutella, all written out and in my recipe book. Mmmmmmm.


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