An Ever So Slight Update

When I got in this morning I was greeted with a ‘where are you Coops’ when I got back to my computer from the coffee room.

Mark was waiting on the end of communicator.  He’d been talking to HR about where I am at.  He said it is going through due process.  Of course I let him know I’d been waiting on due process for weeks, that HR had said that they’d be done and ready to talk to me about it 20 July.  Oops, he didn’t realise that 🙂

The issue is that they’re aiming to match my Perth salary, which puts me at the top of my peers and above a fancy bracket in the signatories.  So there is a big long list of people who need to sign this best off before it will get to me.  Its nice to know that they’re close to matching my Perth salary, means I’m less likely to have issues with it and whenever I get it we should be good to go.

The VISA is waiting on input from the contract, and of course that won’t be submitted until the contract is approved by all the people who have a say in it.  So the boss says to just keep on waiting.  Far cry from his initial ‘need you here as soon as possible’.

It was good to catch up with him a little.  He’s finally found a place, six minutes walk from the office, and his furniture is likely to arrive this week, so he’s a happy chap.  Oh, and the kids have started school so Keila can get on with getting into work – no way that woman would sit back and be a house wife, she’s a driven woman.  I can’t fathom how she manages three kids and a career.

So there we have it.  The update.

I was scrolling through the AECOM chatter page, which I do daily at the moment, and I came across this interesting article “5 things you get from working too hard”.  I’m not sure I want to go to Denver now, they have the third highest working hours in the developed world, behind South Korea and Japan.  And they have had to create a word for dying at your desk from overwork ‘karoshi’.  Further: “While it looks like leisure time has gone up, time diaries show that leisure and sleep time have gone up steeply since 1985 for those with less than a high school degree. Why? They’re becoming unemployed or underemployed. And leisure and sleep time for the college educated, the ones working those crazy extreme hours, has fallen steeply.”

What am I getting myself into?

Maybe I’ll just have to implement change.  I wonder whether the last office I relocated to has kept up their changes.  In London I started a coffee and cake, once a month, for the project, then on the off fortnight for the office.  Twice a month was pushing it, they were too busy for such frivolity.  I wonder if that happens at all, I believe everyone enjoyed it, they just needed someone to step up to the bosses expecting approval.

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