Some Butterflies

So all of this is happening so swiftly, I realised that tomorrow is the day.  I haven’t been too worried during the day or thinking about it terribly much.  But when I wake up in the middle of the night I’m not getting back to sleep.  My damned brain won’t shut up.  I guess one more bad sleep and then Wednesday night I’ll be out like a light with all the excitement, general anesthetic and relief etc.  I was thinking about it and its amazing how fast these things can get fixed.  I went for the pap test on the 13th July, and it will all be sorted tomorrow; assuming results from testing the stuff they remove come in next week, that is only four weeks from go to whoa.  Pity the contract and visa isn’t moving as fast as fixing my health.  No news on that front.  Though Manila has been cancelled so I’m thinking I may as well have Friday off too unless I’m feeling perfect and someone sends me some work to do (ha ha ha).

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