Meeting a Medium

So when I told mum that I was going to Alli’s and going to have a reading with a medium she went all quiet like. Apparently back in the day, circa 20 years ago, mum went to one. Okay that’s misleading… Her more-than-slightly mad friend Roxanne cajoled her into it. To this day she remembers it and has noticed that some of the things the medium said would happen did happen.
She also told me that she has an element of belief in that world, even before the reading. She thinks that I’ve got more potential in that area and that I have gone all super logical engineer to buck against the underlying…… ability(?), talent (?), something like that.
So off I went to Allys to meet her dogs and see what this medium has to say.


Last night was a fun night! I know I’m not a highly social person but the occasional night out with a great bunch of people is good fun. Poor Ally looks like she’s got one foot in the grave. Much too much work and not enough getting well. The people there were good fun, they were Ally and Pasha hosting, Onj, Vic, Vic’s mum, Allys mum and aunty (left early), and a couple of girls I didn’t talk to much. Vic’s brand new bf came for a while too, he did great with that bunch of crazies and only been with Vic a week, thumbs up. Ally had said Pasha would hide in the TV room, but it was awesome to see just how well he fit in with the group of girls, I can see how he enjoys travelling with them.

To the medium. Nice girl, reminded me of one of the girls from SKM, similar look. We started at four, the older ladies went first so they could head home, then the two with kids, then the final four. I think of the ten girls, three came back not crying – mostly with emotions rather than necessarily sadness. Vic and her mum had some good information about Vic’s sisters and seemed to be feeling good. Vic was told her new man was her knight in shining armour. Ally had an emotional time with Pashas dad and her nanna. Pasha started the night as a confirmed sceptic, but I think by the end of the night he was convinced. Some of the things that his dad told Ally sounded like they really hit home.

And to my reading. I didn’t record it or write anything, some of the girls did. She started by getting me shuffling a deck of tarot cards to put my energy into it then I choose three from my deck and three from one she was shuffling. While doing that we talked about if I wanted to answer any questions or talk to anyone in particular, both no. The cards went face down on the table until later. Then she started talking. It was all a bit odd for me, she had a lot of names and people that I don’t recognise at all. She then worked out they were on dad’s side, so no wonder I had no idea. She sent them off and got bits and pieces but not from any specific person I know. When I think about it I don’t know very many dead people, all the people in my life are alive and kicking. So here are the bits and pieces that came up.

  • I have some sort of car related bill coming in the mail, maybe I have not paid my rego or similar, it’s due around now. She’s right…I need to check that auto pay went through
  • I should also check the tyres on my car, maybe they are getting bald or flat. Neither but I’ll keep a look out
  • I have a big move coming. And one in the past. The new move will be good for me. Is there a man waiting for me, romantically? He has two kids. Not that I know of
  • I have advanced fast in my career. I get bored easily, when I’ve done it onto the next. I have goals, both work and exercise, and meet them. I’ll not stop until I get to the top. I had decided not the top, but it was a childhood thing to be a big important person in a big important company, no measly doctor or policeman style aspirations for me as a kid.
  • There is another man waiting too, maybe a colleague. We trust each other and work very well together. He and I will go far, we both work hard and like our job. I work more for the people than the company. Sounds like Mark to me
  • I need to be careful in my work, there will be a person or a department who are waiting to drag me down.  I won’t have necessarily done anything wrong but they are waiting to use me as a scapegoat.
  • I have had people in my work hang onto my coat tails and both try to drag me down and be lifted with me. In my new location it will happen again. I’ve dealt with it before and will again.
  • I am well known for saying what I think. I don’t wear my heart in my sleeve but I am open and honest. Most people appreciate it. This is a good thing, it works in my favour.
  • I am stubborn. And can take some risks. I no longer need to analyse every side of things before I make a decision. This is good but also something to be aware of. It comes from my dad’s side. Mum said it could be dad’s dad, who she only met twice.  He had a very stubborn streak. Dads mum is likely to have contributed as well.  We all automatically think of my stubborn side as coming from the Mitlan grit and determination, maybe it is both sides.
  • There is someone in my family who gets a rash. They know what it is and it will never change, you have to avoid what does it.  It was the inside of her arm that she was pointing to at the time. Talking to Leanne, Ben has a recurring rash on the inside of his arm…if I’d known I’d have asked her more about it!
  • I get a sore tummy. She was rubbing hers right where I do sometimes get a sore tummy. It is food related but I don’t know what. I need to keep a food diary including noting when I get the sore tummy to identify the cause. I will also need to simply avoid it.
  • There is someone in my family with heart or circulatory problems, I know the person. They need to remember to take their medicine. I can’t think of anyone.
  • There is a protector, Michael, in my life, like the archangel Michael. She saw him at the four corners of my house. My book has the archangel Michael as a lead character, else not yet.
  • She was seeing pictures of me walking in a more energetic way. Not running and certainly not on a treadmill, something more like hiking in the mountains, not now but in the future. Maybe I will start hiking in Denver, plenty of mountains
  • I’m good at keeping healthy, I eat well and keep myself fit and strong. It’s good for me. I should avoid smoking, it would be very bad for me.
  • I should take up meditation, she said it would be hard to make my mind go blank but if I follow a guided meditation that tells me what to concentrate on that would help look after my mind as well as body.
  • September October I’ll be very busy. I should enjoy the break while I can. She didn’t specify the year.
  • I should also listen to my dreams. She quickly noted, eyes closed, that I don’t remember them now but I should have a pen and paper close and every time I wake up scribble what I’m thinking. It may jog my memory when I get up. Mum says that I used to hear voices in my dreams when I was a kid, she didn’t nurture it then, though didn’t squash it. It was right after dad left so sounds like she somewhat dismissed it as stress.
  • She said I have close friends,  in each place I visit. I don’t have troubles making friends. I have a core few in each city.
  • She says I’ll be away for two years, come back for a short time then leave again.
  • She said she could see my brother with a little boy. She couldn’t say how many kids, but a little boy.

That’s not in order, just typed out as I have remembered it.  Italics are the added bits that I’ve thought of / learnt since.
Then she turned my cards. I can’t recall all of them but there was the archangel Michael, and archangel Raphael. There was one about change. She said things with the cards similar to the ghosts.

So quite interesting.  Didn’t get home until 0130 so time for a snooze. I had an awesome time with the girls and wasn’t put off the whole medium thing…

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