Dastardly Denver Delays

Oh boy do I adore all alliteration!

Okay, so I realised, reading through the titles of this blog thus far that I’ve neglected to update what this is intended for – getting to Denver.  I guess that is because nothing is happening.  If only I were exaggerating.

So the current state of affairs is that Michael isn’t responding to my email request to arrange a phone call and discuss the status of my contract, and the visa is yet to be submitted (as confirmed by the BAL site).  So I’m no closer than I was three weeks ago.  This is frustrating for me and I hope it is getting damned annoying for Mark – he’s my only hope for expedition at the moment but he’s very distracted with the Charleroi bid.

Last week I sent an email to Michael and he responded saying that there were more checks and balances to do before he could talk me through it.  Pat took that up with Steve R who apparently said that there is nothing amiss from his point of view.  Upon further investigation one of the signatories was on vacation (not holiday, they’re American) from 4th July until this week.  So I guess I’m low on his list of people to sort out.  I believe he is also holding up the visa…he’s the signatory listed in the BAL system.

But after more chats with Pat and Steve S it sounds like they’re still keen.  I guess HR is going through the motions.  So I started to get organised.  By which I mean I thought about the things I could sell now and have advertised them:

  • Freezer – sold
  • Dresser – maybe sold this weekend
  • Book case
  • Couch
  • Bike – sold
  • Red chair – sold
  • Car
  • Washing machine – sold
  • Tools – sold

Okay, so I can’t live without my car, but I put $2k on it and no one has even enquired about it, so its over priced.  I’ll leave it like that until the time gets closer.  Actually, I told mum and all she said was ‘no no no no no no no’, over the top of me.  She is adamant that I should drive it back to Melbourne and Ben can sell it there.  Her argument is that this will be the only time that I’ll get to drive the Nullabor.  She’s probably right.  When I know how this whole visa thing needs to go then I’ll look into it.  If Ben didn’t live so far from the city I’d ask them if I can go back now and work in the Melbourne office until its all sorted.  May just float that with Pat later this week (if he comes back from Singapore).

I also mistakenly had the washing machine on that list.  I can’t believe how fast a 14 year old top loading machine disappeared!  When I moved it from its spot in the laundry a whole lot of rust was all over the floor.  Not sure how much longer it will work with three blokes using it.  On the plus side the machines at the Laundromat only take 25 minutes.  I can put the washing on, do my groceries, have a little read then all done.  And now I’ve found that the Australia Post around the corner will give me change all is well.

The bike was sold to a bloke on the weekend.  Older guy from Albany, though he’d spent the weekend at Mundaring.  Sounded like he wanted it for a gift for someone.  He was super hung over and his brain was all over the place.  Of course I had to take it outside and ‘show him in the light’ then I had to ride it around and show him the gears all changed happily, shockingly they did.  He’d have been a perfect fit for it (he was about my height), but he was too hung over to ride apparently, I should have put shoes on.  He had printed out three bikes to visit but really couldn’t be bothered driving to Fremantle so he bought mine.

The tools went as a big box to a kiwi lady.  Lovely lass, she was not happy that she had to come so far (all of half an hour, pft) but she was starting out in the furniture upgrading pursuit.  Sounds like the drill and sander at least will come in very handy for her.  After she got home and opened up the box she found all the paint and asked some questions about outdoor / indoor etc.  Seems that is going to a good home.

The red chair was amusing.  I’d written it up as being a ‘red comfy chair, super comfortable’.  The guy who came to get it said it was for his daughter.  She is a reader and would love it.  I guess she did love it because he sent me a text later saying just that and she hadn’t got out of the chair for thirty minutes.  The dresser I have a lead on.  I guess I need to empty it out now.  Its got a home to go to if the lady turns up on Saturday.  I’ll have to be up and sorting out the clothes in there nice and early.  Maybe it will be Friday nights job.  I’ll call the girl before I embark on that challenge as I’d hate to have it fall through and have all my clothes all over the place.

The other ongoing job I have is eating all the foods in the freezer.  It was also sold the day I advertised it.  A lovely older couple came to have a look and put a deposit on it.  The advert did say it wouldn’t be ready until mid August, so I’m not feeling super pressured.  She did say that she would like it as soon as possible (shock horror) because she’d like to do what I’ve done – cook up and freeze meals.  So I’m eating all the frozen meals and last night cleaned both freezers of all the things I’m not going to eat, so when there isn’t much left in the bigger freezer I’ll transfer to the fridge freezer and give the lady a call.

And you know what the car did?  The day after I put it on gumtree she decided to protest, I shit you not.  The central locking has always been sticky when its cold and damp, that is nothing new, but its always worked.  Friday morning I went to the gym and the locks were being difficult, like the central locking didn’t want to do its job at all.  I locked and unlocked a few times and it evened out again.  I thought no worries, checked that both front doors were happily locking and unlocking and did my workout.  I don’t know when I eventually checked the back doors, but I did, and they wouldn’t unlock.  Its like the central locking is set on locked and won’t let them unlock manually even.  Terribly odd.  At least they’re not unlocked, that would be worse!  I checked the fuse and pulled the inside handle off but can’t see how to make it move.  My next thought is that hopefully Sunday is a nice day, or at least not raining, and I can remove the inside door panel on the drivers door.  See if the central locking motor is jammed and I can wriggle something loose.  I can’t get the back doors open to do the same, so this is my only hope!  Bring it on 🙂

So that is the Denver update.  In the meantime I may be headed to Manila.  There is a bid happening for a job over there and I’ve been involved with the risk review type works.  It sounds like they need as much help as possible deciding what level of involvement they want let alone actually getting the work done!  It will be interesting to see how it all comes together, if it comes together.  They’d have me in Manila this week but I’m unable to thanks to a trip to hospital next week, so they’ll have to wait until late next week.  Knowing my luck the visa will get submitted and I’ll have to send my passport off somewhere and the whole trip will fall through for me…but Denver is the (current) end game so that takes priority.

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