Colposcopy Results

I talked to Doctor Wu today, he called and confirmed that the biopsy results showed “at least CIN2 with crypt involvement and possible ACIS”, confirming the current treatment plan.  He said that ACIS means that the glands may have got involved, but it isn’t in the realms of cancer.

I was asked earlier this week to go to Manila, as soon as I can, until the 14th August.  Doctor Wu confirmed that I would be perfectly fine to fly on the 7th, so that’s what I’ve booked in.  He also said I should fill the antibiotic prescription (that he’ll give me if I remind him) and take them with me just in case I get bleeding or any signs of infection while I’m away, though it is more likely to present symptoms around day 7-10, so maybe I’ll be back by then.  I will absolutely do it, just in case.  He confirmed the no exercise for 4 weeks – the most I’ll be allowed is a gentle walk.  If I do anything strenuous I risk opening up the sore and therefore bleeding and infection – I guess it is an open sore, kinda like having your tonsils removed.

Today there has been a flurry of activity from all the people involved.  I guess that they start their booking stuff five days before hand, or maybe its the Friday for next week.  The anaesthetist has emailed me a little info and consent for payment purposes, nothing interesting, just that I’ll be getting general anaesthetic and thanks to private health, no costs for him.  Doctor Wu called with the results and his reception sent them through and included a ‘no need to pay anything for Doctor Wu’, thank you again private health.  And just now the hospital has called to confirm some pre-admission info – a whole lot of information about my health and history, nothing interesting.  She confirmed that I am fit and healthy and that all will be well, oh and reminded me that I need to buy some sanitary pads before I go, they have some for while in hospital but I’ll need them at home – don’t want to have to go out late at night or the next day for them!  Its on the list.

On Wednesday I called Onj and she’s happy to pick me up from the hospital.  I am so stoked she is willing and able.  I totally owe her, big time!  Lovely soul that one, well both her and Ally.  I’m so fortunate to have such amazing people in my life.  I’m looking forward to spending some time with both tomorrow at the Medium reading evening.

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