Riding ’round Rottnest

Today’s adventure, Rottnest. Poor of me to have been in Perth over three years and only getting here now. I made it though. I followed all the advice and decided on hiring a bike at the island, apparently those off the boat are crap quality. Little did I know that the guys that run the shop caught the same boat as me over, so it didn’t open until half an hour after I got there. I had a nice little stroll through the settlement while I waited.


Straight off the boat I was walking next to the road when a quokka appeared and wandered onto the road. It stopped in the middle and the coming golf buggy had to stop and wait.  The buggy gave up waiting, little quokka was content in the middle of the road, so the bloke drove around it. Silly thing. I then watched another fall off a ledge as he tried to turn around. He was about two foot off the ground and didn’t realise the ledge was too narrow for his to turn around, duffer. He was fine and quite friendly.  From my experience with Quokka, they’re foolhardy creatures.


So I got the bike and started pedalling.  I don’t know why but I decided on anticlockwise. So off I set.  I was a little worried that it may take a long time and I’d not get a relaxing lunch because everything I read said it takes 3 – 5 hours to ride the full circuit.  And I’m no cyclist so I’d assumed it would take about four hours.  Before I knew it I was at the narrows and what I thought was about 1/3 of the way…it only took an hour, possibly less, and I turned right at every opportunity I got to have a gander at all the beaches.  Pretty place.image

So I kept on pedalling and right to the end of the little spit of land. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride out. There was no one around, it was lovely and crisp air, and as it turns out the breeze was behind me.  After a little stroll out the end I mounted back up and headed towards the lighthouse, into the wind.  It was somewhat more difficult riding back…getting tired and into the wind, yay.  I now realise that I didn’t get any shots of the lighthouse, goose, but the view from the top is still pretty darned good.  Up to the lighthouse was the one left turn I made.


With my super surprisingly fast cycling speeds I managed to be at the lighthouse about half an hour before the first tour of the day. I found a shady spot and had a read. Turns out the volunteers who take the tours were running a little late, five minutes or so. When they arrived we walked up the lighthouse… I didn’t realise that hatters were mad for the same reason as lighthouse keepers, they played with mercury too. It was an okay tour.  The views were great.


Then I kept peddling. I saw how the rich people live and watched some waves. Both with surfers and without. Finally I got back to town. Exhausted and hungry, returned the bike and off to the pub. Sunday roast took half an hour to come out…cold. But it filled the hole in my belly. I also had to defend it from the seagulls. I then had to head to the boat to come home. The boat was roasting so I snoozed and listened to a group who had spent the weekend there for a thirtieth birthday, doing an amazing race style thing on Saturday afternoon.  They looked a little worse for wear on the way back, lucky it was very calm water.


I’m glad I went and saw the place but I’d not go back unless it was with a group or for an event or similar. Good to see though.
Maybe that point of view will change with a good sleep, I’m shattered after my run yesterday (8km) and ride (25km) today. I just put deep heat all over my legs and I’m not sure if I’m boiling or frozen, love that stuff!

2 thoughts on “Riding ’round Rottnest

  1. Thanks for stopping by Displaced Beachbums and following. It gave me a chance to check out your wonderful blog. Rottnest is at the top of my “what to do when I return to Australia” list ~ those quokkas intrigue me! Love this post ~ nice review and lovely photos.


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