A poke around Pinjarra

So today is the pick of the weekends weather so I’ve gone wandering. When I got here I was all and now what. But I found the Roger May museum. This looks like the local store for all the old farm machinery, lovingly restored and maintained. I was welcomed as the first visitor for the day. At 1030. Love it. The boys already had the fire roaring. Old mate had a bit of a chat then Jamie started up the big old engines. I gave up on old mate, he was a pom and hadn’t worked with any of it. Jamie on the other hand, 19 years old, local farmer, and volunteers there most weekends for the last two years.


He has a vintage tractor collection of more than 23 operating tractors. He’s looking for somewhere to put them, a museum or similar collection.

I then kept wandering and met Dennis the menace. Another pom but spent 48 years in Croydon, then visited Perth and moved asap. He made the barriers in the museum. He was making extensions for them because they received a perfectly compliant letter informing them that their current barriers are non compliant by 200mm.
All the lads did not want photos taken of them.


I liked this poem of the Lister engines:


I took a wander through the other arty and crafty places. Nothing particularly interesting. Then lunch at the Pinjarra bakery. Not too bad.

And on to Dwellingup. I popped into the station. By the time I got there the train was about to leave so I took some pics. The train driver waved on his way by.


While waiting for the train to pull out a lovely lady and her kid arrives to wave their friends off. She owned a sweet little shop in town, Gifts by Bec. Her sister is Bec. They had all sorts of handmade and WA made items. Lots in there but not bad.
She has a sweet little poodle cross schitzu pup. Very sweet smart pup.

Lovely day driving about. Got home and it had rained everywhere so my washing is part wet. Oh well, it’s got tomorrow to dry I guess.

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