Uneventful update…

So today’s fun was a six am teleconference with HR. Today I learnt that I’ll not hear about package info until at least 20 July. When HR go on vacation not much happens evidently. Oh well.

We did have a chat about what I’m expecting. I sent him a copy of my contract and said I just want to not lose out or go backwards. I also highlighted that leave will be important to me, what with the wedding and family visiting etc. Seems they have a leave based on years service system, so at the least I’d get three weeks. I’m holding out for four.

They also do flexi time. They call it a 9/80 program. You work your 80 hours over nine days then get the Friday off. The day off isn’t bankable so you lose it if you don’t use it, but heck…I’ll just have to use it. And if it is a common program thing many people will do it so it should be easier. Oh, and public holidays are one less than here. Win, or at least not a big loss.

The status of the visa is much more promising. I’ve done my questionnaire and provided all my documents. Now the lawyers are waiting for the company immigration specialist to fill in their questionnaire (she’s good people apparently so should be all ok). I also looked up the interview wait times in Perth, at the moment it is 14 days then five days for document turnaround. That’s when shit will get real.

Some more looking at cost of living turned up that Melbourne and Denver aren’t that different, more expensive rent but cheaper groceries etc. A new thing to look into is continuance insurance, I’ll likely lose all my sick leave when I swap over. They’re so behind the times that they don’t do any sick leave. Madness.

Otherwise I’ve been enjoying the gym and not going too stir crazy just yet.

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