Until your next USA jaunt…farewell


Love this woman. Ally is one of the strongest, wisest, most generous, most amazing women around. She doesn’t wear yellow any more but she’s still on site, in orange. I’m so happy that I got to have lunch with the mad bunch: Ally, Pasha, Onj, and Vic.

I loved hearing her stories of the Koreans calling her Miss Arry and Nonnu. The first because she looks so young and they can’t say ‘l’. The second because she is the best, most wise big sister. Spot on that one.

She also gave me this cutie, he’ll be great mates with Ubie. A little sea otter from New Orleans. He now needs a name. Thoughts?


You boys up at Roy Hill, Pricey, Stuey, Brandish, Shane, DeBarro, Brucey, those I don’t know, you all had better look after her. If you don’t I may be forced to come and sort you out 😉
I’ll make sure I get a super big apartment so that everyone on the grand USA tour of 2016 has room to crash in Denver. I’m excited already!

In move news. I have done a couple of useful things. I got my international license and I cleaned out my wardrobe. I don’t have a ‘normal’ girls amount of clothes, but in the last three years I’ve managed to acquire a fair amount.

Ooooh, new item added to the list, register my car in WA. Vic mentioned that I can’t sell it with the Victorian plates. A little google will ensue then I’ll have to make the appointment. From memory the car is so old that they need to do an inspection of it. May need to get her serviced first, make sure she’ll pass the inspection.

Next stop, a week of work.

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