Start of Conversations

So today has been another big day. A morning chat with the new grandboss plus the HR bloke. One action for me and that was to send him my paperwork: passport, qualifications, certificates. Done within an hour of the convo ending.
The hard part, conditions, are yet to be negotiated. Still slight holding pattern until that is sorted.
That’s it on the move front. *shrug*

I then popped down to http:// I finally got the final tattoo, the lyrebird feather. Brodie is a genius, love it.

Only in Perth would you get two 785s tripping down the road at 1300 on a Wednesday. Not a great pic but they’re there.


I went for a run this morning, the air is so crisp at 0530. Love it. My damned calves need to learn to suck it up. Four kilometres with some sprints. Will try and make that a three to four times a week habit. Now to get this sleeping thing happening so I can get back to the gym.  Still too exhausted to consider lifting, don’t want to hurt myself.

Final job today, dentist. Filling done, not painful, win. Bring on M*A*S*H

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