Ugh, Work

That’s right, after all of six weeks off – maybe more, I’ve lost count – I have finally returned to work. Sure I then have tomorrow off, but I am back early after all. I don’t think I’ve ever had so long off, this will be interesting. Of course, I forgot my login and now having tried three times its locked me out. I decided coffee could fill that gap happily, and off I went to explore the local coffee spots.

Upon my return still no IT and still no boss. Only about twenty minutes wait for the boss.
So it’s on, they want me in Denver. Something about an abbreviated version of an old program called the bullpen. Gist is to learn all about the E&C business and meet people etc. Tomorrow morning I get introduced to the HR guy who will manage the move and the grandboss. Only on the phone of course…silly 14 hours behind Perth time. I hope they have formed a plan for my pay and great things like that. I suspect I’m paid a bit more than they expected. It’s Perth, what can I say? Bring it on.

I had lunch with Hoey and Noel. Good to catch up with those two characters. Poor little Norah has broken her leg, super properly, as in hospital for two weeks in traction. Poor guys, I think they’ve had a major emergency per year I’ve known them: very early twins; heart surgery; bad fracture. Andy is a super strong woman. Serious respect to her.

So today wasn’t particularly productive for the move. I did manage to research a few more things and send in my request for credit history. Otherwise I’ll dally a little until the HR piece is looking promising. The visa hasn’t been submitted yet so there is at least three weeks still.

I did manage to find out that the office is at 7800 East Union St. And that cherry creek is a good area to live, it’s where Keila has chosen for the family. I’ll have to look into areas. Turns out that Pat is from the area so I’ll look up some maps and PT then hassle him about go to areas to look into. Start the circle and cross map that was so so useful in London.

Tomorrow is a big day, meet those guys, get my final* tattoo, and an hour at the dentist. Now to stay awake for another few hours. Damned jet lag.

*note may not actually be final, but it is the last one planned to date. Got to get it before I head off, Brodie at lost city tattoo is too good to lose him!

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