So I know this isn’t entirely related to my relocation, but there is a tenuous link. For Christmas I received a Red Balloon voucher, as requested, to be used for skydiving. I’ve always wanted to try but never got around to it. Now I need to use the voucher before I leave. So its booked for today.

A couple of months ago I asked Dan, army skydiver, if he would recommend one of the WA outfits. He said the York crew were good so that is where I headed. An hour and a half away, be there at nine. Oh my goodness I have to get up in the morning. At least it’s not work.


Today turned out to be a stellar day to be thrown out of a plane. Oh boy that was awesome, absolutely bloody awesome. I’ll go do that again.


So I went in the second plane for the day. The individuals from the first jump packed their parachutes as fast as possible and jumped again with me. One of the lads, Jamie, is teaching himself to fly close with tandems. I’m not sure if he was close or not, I was busy thinking fuck this is so cool.


Riss was my tandem boss, instructor?, she was lovely. Been jumping eight years, lives at the drop zone, only regret is not starting earlier.
Riss was saying that they don’t often get to glide through the clouds. It was super cool as we did circles up there through the clouds watching the world turn up. Loved it!

I didn’t do photos or anything, just a cool experience. Came home and passed out for two hours. This jet lag is kicking my arse this time. I left a message with Pat, I’ll try and head into work tomorrow. See if I can find these bid docs at the least…get familiar.

I wonder if I can get another jump in before I go or do I just start afresh in Denver? I would love to learn this stuff and jump solo!

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